Why you should work from home

10 Best Reasons You Should Work From Home #workromhome

Have you ever thought of leaving your nine-to-five job to find an online job? There are so many work from home jobs out there now, it is very tempting.

In fact, I decided to leave my teaching job after going back for a few months. You see, I had my first baby boy, and working the hours of an overloaded special education teacher just wasn’t working for me and my family. Unfortunately,  I was missing out on valuable baby time completing I.E.P. paperwork, lesson plans, and grading.

Not to mention, my baby was sick. After attending daycare, we went full force against chronic ear infections that lead to tubes and a lot of misery and sleepless nights.

This was the final straw in my decision to not go back to work in the fall.

However, since I decided to stay home, I still wanted to earn an income and that is where online jobs came in. I started doing a few things here and there and after a while, I was making my own money from home.

If you are a mom like me, consider the benefits of working from home. You won’t have to pay for daycare and you can be more flexible with your time.

Keep in mind, my husband still works a fulltime job; however, I am able to supplement our income with my online jobs and have money for myself and my kids.

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Here are the main reasons you should work from home:

#1 Hours

If you want more family time and you are sick of the regular work schedule, working from home is the perfect opportunity to set your own hours especially if you take on a job such as blogging or become a virtual assistant.

#2 Travel

We are considering homeschooling my kids next year which will leave a lot of time for travel. This will save us money because we can travel during off times and not have to worry about paying peak school-break travel prices.

#3 Stay with Kids

If your job is taking up most of your life, you may want to consider that those babies are only young once, and once that stage is gone, it’s gone for good. If you feel like you are missing out, working from home will help you spend more quality time with your kids.

#4 Earn more

Depending on the type of online job you choose, you may be able to top your earnings. Many bloggers are making double or triple what their nine-to-five job pays. Many Etsy sellers earn a full time living doing what they love. If you are creative, you can find something that you are passionate about and turn it into a fulltime career.

#5 Run the Household

Running a household while you are working is a chore. Hey, it’s a chore even when you are not working. But if you are at home you will be able to make the phone calls for doctor’s appointments, clean, organize, and manage meal planning and social activities.

Not sure what type of job you can get from working at home? You can use this training to help you find the perfect work from home job for you and get started! Click here to find out more…

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#6 Plan for Events

If you like to host family gatherings or help other family members, you will have more free time to do so. Perhaps you can host Thanksgiving this year or Christmas. I have done both and they both require a lot of hard work and planning. If you work from home, you will have more time to do things like this.

#7 More Time for Excercise

If you have more time, you can stay healthy. You will have more time to work out and take care of yourself. If you are eliminating drive time, work staff meetings, and unnecessary “gossip time” with coworkers, you will have plenty of time to get in shape. You can set up a workout habit tracker and watch free Youtube workout videos to save money on a gym membership.

#8 Save on Gas and Car

If you work from home, you have a super short commute. Most days, I get up, get some coffee, and walk back to my bedroom where my computer sits. Since I don’t need to leave the house, I am saving on gas and car maintenance. I get less frequent oil changes and I don’t fill up my gas tank as often. This definitely saves money on gas. 

#9 Avoid unproductive co-workers

Let’s face it, it is hard to get things done, when your co-workers are constantly taking breaks and want to catch you up on the latest work gossip. You will get more done at home if you are disciplined and stick to a schedule.

I will admit, talking to my coworkers was one thing I miss from being a teacher. Yet, I still keep up with most of my friends from my teaching career on Facebook, and two of my best teacher friends decided to stay at home with their kids too so we have playdates!

#10 Accomplish more

It is definitely possible to get things done and work from home. Maybe you have always dreamed of writing a book or creating a business. Now is the time to get started on your dreams.

You will have more time to pursue your dreams and you deserve this!

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Reasons to Work From Home Conclusion…

If you have been considering leaving your nine-to-five job to work from home it is possible to find online jobs and make money while you are at home with your kids. If you dream of having more time for yourself, I am hoping this post will help you make the right decision. Working from home may not be for everyone, but it could literally change your life for the better.

Why you should work from home

10 Best Reason You Should Work From Home. #workfromhome

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12 Comments on 10 Best Reasons You Should Work From Home

  1. Yes, to all of this! I started working from home in 2015, and we homeschool and life is so flexible. It is wonderful! No commuting, I earn more and work less, and it’s just amazing. You shared some of the biggest benefits of working from home!

    • Yes, I love not commuting! I am about to join you on a homeschool journey in the fall and I can’t wait! It is so nice to have my kids here again! That is awesome that you are earning more too! Congrats!

  2. There are SO many benefits to working from home that I never want to go back to the corporate world! Being at home making less money than corp money still makes me way happier! Even when I worked for a company I still worked from home a couple days a week which made life that much better. My fave part has been that I’m able to spend much more quality time with my family. Great post!

    • Thank you so much! I am also making less money working from home, but the potential to make WAY more is there! Here is wishing you the best and I am glad you get to spend more time with your family!

  3. I love working from home! I started about 4 years ago and can’t even imagine commuting again…! Love being able to set my own hours and take off when needed

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree, commuting is the worst, and setting your own hours when working from home is the best! Enjoy!!

  4. What a great post! This is something I was considering for a while but hesitating to take the decision. My company terminated me about a week ago and its the best thing ever! Now I have to work from home and focus on my blog and these are helpful ideas on what I can do and the benefits. Exercise and time with kids is top of my list!

    • I am so sorry your company terminated you. I am glad you get to work from home and see your kids more! Here’s to you making your dreams come true!

  5. I have always wanted the opportunity to work from home. COVID Has provided that for me and I’ve definitely learned a lot from it. I am not looking forward to going back to a commute and not being able to throw laundry in at the drop of a hat!

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