Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs


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Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

Are you a stay-at-home mom that would like to earn some money? Here is a list of 21 stay-at-home mom jobs to get you started on your journey. Most of these stay-at-home jobs require little training and can be done from the comfort of your own home – unless you chose dog walking! Many do not realize there are legit online jobs for stay-at-home moms and you can work from home in your pajamas while taking care of your kids. 

Maybe it was a hard decision to decide to leave your job and stay home. You may need to supplement your husband’s income to be able to afford to stay home.

Maybe you have enough money but you left a well-paying job because you wanted to be with your kids and now you would like to have money in your pocket instead of asking your husband. -This is my current situation.

There are stay at home jobs out there for you mamas! 

Many of these stay-at-home mom jobs are totally doable with kids at home and don’t take up too much extra time. They may not pay as much as the job you left, but I always feel some money is better than nothing.

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Why Work From Home

There are many great reasons you should work from home, but having your own money helps you feel more independent and confident. Although I believe finances should be a combined and shared effort in the household, there is something about having money in your pocket and bank account and not having to ask for money as an adult.

Let’s face it, being a stay-at-home Mom is a job in itself. My four-year-old has A LOT of energy! And he always wants mommy to play with him!

Yet, I love that I am able to be here for both of my boys instead of going back to work. In fact, I went back to my teaching job for three months after having my first baby and it was hard. I mean ear infections for three months – Hard! None of us were sleeping and teaching special needs children with no sleep is not as fun as it may sound. Therefore, I decided to leave my teaching career of thirteen years to stay with my baby.

Since then, I had my second baby boy and he is now four! Boy how time flies!

If you are struggling to find time to work with your kids there, check out my mommy blogger post, and use the concepts for any stay-at-home Mom job. However, with my list of 21 work from home jobs, you are sure to find something that interests you. Some are online jobs for stay-at-home moms and others are for the crafty mom. Yet, these options are legitimate work from home jobs that will allow you to stay at home with your kids.

Here are some “at home” jobs for you as you find your way through motherhood.

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21 Best Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs

#1 Start a Mom Blog

This is my number one side hustle. Blogging is a wonderful way to work at home in your pajamas. If you like to write then this is the side hustle for you. Blogging is an inexpensive way to start your own business. The startup cost is very low and you can get hosting for as low as $3.95 per month. If you are thinking of starting a blog then head on over to my How to Start a Money Making Blog tutorial and let’s get you up and running.

Many ask how do I actually make money from home with a blog. There are six main ways bloggers make money:

  • Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts – A brand pays you to write and publish a post on your site.
  • Affiliate marketing – Recommending products you love to your readers and getting paid a commission. Amazon is a popular choice for new bloggers.
  • Creating a class (see number 2)
  • Creating an e-book – You can sell this through your blog or on Kindle or Amazon
  • Opening up a store – Some bloggers have a shop on their blog where they sell printables or other items.

Today you are in luck! There is a flash sale on the Genius Bloggers Toolkit on Jan. 20-21st. What is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit? A jam-packed bundle with 86 eBooks, eCourses, and printable on how to start and grow an email list, make money with a blog, create graphics, handle technical and legal challenges, and so much more. And….All of this for 98% off!!!! (Yes, I’m excited.) You can see the full list here. If you are wondering how it is possible to get 86 blogging classes for one low price (click here to check the price), it is because my friends over at Ultimate Bundles are helping promote the creators of these classes and books to get their names in front of new readers.

Click here to check out the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and start your blogging career off the right way!

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#2 Proofreading

Did you know you can make money proofreading from home? Yes, there are companies, bloggers, and businesses that need proofreaders. You can make quite a bit of money with this mom side hustle.

If you are not sure where to start, this amazing class Proofread Anywhere will help you get started.

You can build an amazing work-from-home job using the skills taught in this class. If you are interested in becoming a proofreader and working from home, click here to learn more: 

She even offers a free workshop to help you decide if this is the right mom side hustle for you:

#3 Social media influencer

Have you heard of social media influencers? YES, this is a real job.

However, if you want to take part, you need to start building up your social media following now. Some ways to build up your following are to create engaging posts with good graphics on the platform of your choice. And those choices are usually Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.

When a platform such as Facebook sees your post as more engaging, the post will be shown to more people and they will be more likely to follow you. Nonetheless, you can start campaigns with companies with as little as 2,500 followers. Two companies I work with are IZEA and Linqia. These companies will connect you will brands that are searching for influencers for advertising campaigns.

Am I an influencer? I don’t make big bucks like some but I have gotten paid to tweet and post on Facebook and Instagram! It feels amazing to be paid for your time on social media!

Check out my favorite company here

There are many other companies out there but these are the main two I have worked with. (Update: I have gotten the most paid opportunities from Activate thus far. It is a great platform for new influencers. You can check it out here!)

Obviously, the more networks you sign up with, the better your chances are of finding brands to sponsor you.

#4 Shopify store

Got something to sell? Open up your own Shopify or Amazon store. Sarah Titus of has done very with her Shopify store. Check out how she did it in her post here: Learn How I Earned My First $52,060 My First Month On Shopify

This is something I am totally interested in down the road. If you have a knack for making online printables that help people, this is the work-at-home job for you.

Update: I currently sell printables on Teacher-Pay-Teacher! You can check out my printables here!

#5 Poshmark as a side hustle

This is an online job you can do right from your phone. No experience needed.

Do you have a lot of old clothes you are looking to get rid of? Open up your own store on Poshmark and make money by selling your old clothing. You can build up a following and after making so many sales, you can apply to become a boutique seller and buy wholesale right from the app.

I have done this and one easy way to sell clothing or flip clothing is to buy clothing from second-hand stores or buy cheap clothing on eBay and flip it for a profit. I was doing really well on Poshmark until I started blogging and lost my focus. If you love clothing and have always wanted your own clothing store this is a legitimate work at home job you can make real money doing.

I sell on Poshmark and it was super easy to set up. It takes a little legwork in the beginning but once you get set up, it is super easy.

I like Postmark better than other online sales platforms because the app allows you to share your products with your followers. The more you share, the more people see your items and in turn, you will make more sales.

Read more about Poshmark here: Poshmark Review

#6 Teach English Online with VIP kid

Is English your forte? You can teach English online to Chinese students right from the comfort of your kitchen table. This stay-at-home job requires a bachelor’s degree. Yet, your degree can be in anything, not just English.

I have a good friend that does her teaching every morning. She wakes up early before the kids to teach. Early morning hours are common because there is a 12 hour time difference in China.

She enjoys this company because you can set your own schedule and do not have to work on vacations if you do not want to. You can make up to $22 per hour or more with bonuses.

Update: I am currently teaching through VIPKID and love it. This is the perfect side hustle for me because I can create my own schedule (keeping the time difference in mind) and I can still take my kids to school, pick them up (we don’t have bussing) and I have already volunteered in their classes twice this year because this job is so flexible. I was going to sub this year, but I can make more money with VIPKID in less time and teach one-on-one as opposed to having an entire class of children.

Do you need to be a teacher to work with VIPKID? No, you only need a bachelor’s degree and you can take their training courses for an English Second Language certificate (through them). I had to do this because my teaching certificate has lapsed since I am staying at home for now.

If you have any questions or need any help with the highering process contact me through my blog contact form or send me a Facebook message.I would love to help you get hired and start earning money!

Check out one of the highest paying hourly online teaching jobs here

#7 eBay Store

 Another side hustle I recommend is selling on eBay. Selling on eBay is so easy if you have a smartphone. You can take pictures of your items and list them auction-style or have a “buy now” option. I’ve sold an old Game Boy, silver necklace, coach purse, and other items on eBay. I made around $1000 in one summer from this side hustle.

Start by looking around your house and find items you want to get rid of, but are still in good condition.

Organize them into an eBay box and start snapping pictures and listing your items. You can also try flipping items you find at thrift stores, garage sales, and/or estate sales on eBay and make a good amount of money from this stay-at-home mom side hustle. 

#8  Cakes/bakery

Are you a baker or do you love to make sweet treats? Then this is your work-at-home side hustle. You must have a steady hand to do cake decorations and have a knack for baking.

Start by creating a Facebook business page and promote your work. You can also become popular on Instagram!

Make sure to take pictures of everything you make. Create cakes and desserts for family parties. If you are good, word of mouth will help get your business going.

Not to mention, Pinterest is also your friend. You can use Pinterest as free advertising. Just upload pins with your work and join group food group boards to promote your work for free.

You can also start a website for your company. It is not as hard as it sounds and I have a free tutorial in this post! Check it out!

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21 Ideas for Mom’s to Work from Home

#9 Freelance Writing

Do you love writing but do not want the extra responsibility of running a blog? Then freelance writing is a great job for you. Elna Cain over at Twinsmommy has some great posts to help you get started. Check them out here:

I can’t say enough good things about Elna Cain. She provides free information to help you get started, but she also offers classes that are totally reasonable and she should be charging WAY more for, in my opinion.  She makes a side hustle from blogging and freelance writing so she knows her stuff.

If you are serious about freelance writing this is a jammed packed course that will get you started. Learn how Michael went from freelance to making 5k!

✅Are you interested in working from home? Freelance writing is a phenomenal way to make a side hustle or fulltime income while working remotely. However, starting your own freelance writing business sounds overwhelming, right?
✅Today my blogging friend, Michael from Inspire Your Success, is releasing his course to walk you through step-by-step showing you exactly how he generates 5k per month with his methods. Whether you are a blogger or stay-at-home mom, this class will help you start your freelance business.#ad
✅By the end of this course you will know how to create a freelance website/portfolio, land clients, scale your business, and start generating monthly income. To find out more details and added bonuses check out the course here: Freelance to 5K

#10 Babysit for extra money

You can work from home babysitting. Yes, this is an easy gig if you love kids and you have kids at home. Your little one will have a playmate and you will make some extra cash. Let your friends, family, and neighbors know you are babysitting. You will start to build up a list of kids and make steady money. This was my favorite side hustle as a teenager!

Another way to find clients is to add your name to or neighborhood apps. Let people know you babysit and the jobs will come.

#11 Teachable – Create Your Own Class

This is a platform that allows you to create your own classes. I’ve taken several blogging classes on teachable and I love how easy it is to use this platform. If you have a skill in any given area, you can create your own class and sell it. You do not have to be a blogger to sell a class. You just need to have a skill you are willing to share with others.

You can choose to do a text-based class or a video-based class or a bit of both. If you chose to use video you may want some professional equipment, but some people just use their smartphone or the video on their computer when starting out.

Also, you do not have to put your face on camera if you are an introvert. You can use your computer screen and Powerpoint (or similar presentation software) and still narrate your class. How you chose to create your class is up to you, but this is a great way to create a passive income stream.

One thing I learned in blogging is if you aren’t embarrassed by your first product, you put it out too late. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. The great thing about Teachable is you can update your classes if you feel they need improving or you want to make your information more current.

#12 User Tester

This is another online job for stay-at-home moms that pays pretty well. Test websites and earn up to $10 per test. You will need video to complete your tasks, but this is a pretty simple way to earn some money using your computer.

Click on “Get Paid to Test” to get started

#13  Mystery Shopper

This is a great side hustle if you are looking to get free food. I tried mystery shopping and realized it does take time and effort but once you get the hang of what the companies are looking for it is easy. It does take some time to fill out the reports, so keep that in mind and some companies require you to pay first and then reimburse you after your assignment is approved.

Some companies have online jobs where you order items and send them back, so you don’t have to leave your home.

There are also jobs that allow you to bring kids and it will state on the description whether this is allowed or not. You can make a decent amount of money if you are willing to do the work and/or get free food.

Here are my favorite legit Mystery Shopping Jobs:

Northfolk Research

A Closer Look

If mystery shopping isn’t your thing, you can become an Editors for Mystery Shopping Sites. Mystery shopping sites also need editors. Every time you complete a shop, you fill out a report. Before the company submits the report and you get paid, the report is checked over by the editor. If you have vague statements the editor may call you and ask for clarifications. Most editors start out as mystery shoppers and learn the tricks of the trade first.

#14 Survey Sites

I used to do a lot of survey sites before I started blogging. I don’t have the time I used to buy my favorite by far was Pinecone Research. The surveys were interesting and paid $3 for one 15 minutes survey. You could also get paid in cash instead of gift cards like some other sites. If you are interested in taking surveys I am going to point you to a few other posts on my site to help you out and get you started:

Click here to learn more about my favorite survey site

Swagbucks is my second choice money-making site. There are so many easy ways to earn money with Swagbucks. You can choose to take surveys you qualify for or earn points by searching the Internet plus more. Redeem points for gift cards or amazing stores, my favorite being Target but Amazon is also an option plus way more. The payout if $5.00 so it is totally obtainable. One reason I love Swagbucks is that it is easy to earn points. You can complete the daily poll, watch videos, sign up for offers, or find Swagbucks codes to earn even more. Sign up for Swagbucks here.

#15 Data entry as a stay-at-home mom job

This will require a bit of training but if you like working with numbers this is a great job for you. You can set your own schedule and work from your couch.

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#16 Medical Coding

This job will require you to learn some medical coding and insurance terms, but doctors’ offices will gladly pay you to do the work.

#17 Virtual Assistant 

Many blogging friends of mine started out as Virtual Assistants and were making around $3000 per month. There are classes you can take to get started and you can place your work on sites like TaskRabbit or Fivver to start building a client base.

#18 Etsy Shop

Are you a crafty momma? Then why not turn your hobby into a business. Start selling your stuff on Etsy and get paid to do what you love all from the comfort of your own home.

#19 Fiverr

Fiver is a platform where you can sell your services starting at $5. After you build up a following and people can see you provide what you offer, you can start charging more. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere!!

#20 Upwork 

This site allows you to show off your skills. Companies and people will pay you for your work. Do you have a special skill? You can become a freelancer on Upwork. Create a profile and find some jobs.

#21 Amazon Store

Have you always wanted to own your own store but do not have the capital to start a brick and motor store? Then an Amazon FBA store is exactly what you need. In fact, there are many families that are making BIG money with an Amazon store. What does FBA stand for? Fulfilled by Amazon! So you have no inventory. Amazon fulfills your orders and all you have to do is create a storefront and add products.

Just like any business, there are tips and tricks to help you become a top seller. Here is a book to get you started:

(4 More mom job’s just added)

#22 Cash Back Apps

Make money using cashback apps. Sure this won’t make you rich, but it is nice getting a little extra money from shopping. I earned almost $300 dollars last year on Ibotta alone! Not to mention, I earned around $90 from Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates.)

These apps are ways to reward you for shopping. With Ibotta, just scan your receipt when you get home from the store and earn money back on items you find in the app.

Ebates or Rakuten is more for shopping online, which most of do nowadays. Just add the extension to your browser so you never forget to use it.

The best part is you can earn a signup bonus for each.

Click here to find Ibotta’s sign up bonus

Click here to find Rakuten’s sign up bonus

#23 Learn Ads

You can learn how to do Facebook or Pinterest Ads and become an ads manager for a business or blogger. Many businesses do not know the ins and outs of ads and can waste thousands of dollars if not done right. If you take some classes, you can become a pro and start your ads manager career today.

#24 Senior Care

My Grandma did this into her 80’s. She was in good health and wanted something to do. She found a job with a family friend grocery shopping and making food for another senior that was homebound. This was a great gig for my grandma because it gave her purpose (even though she didn’t need the moeny.) but if you find someone you know that is in need of senior care, oftentimes, you can bring your kids with you if you clear it with the family. If you have a soft spot for seniors (like me) this would be an amazing side gig and also really helping someone else out!

#25 Rent Out Your Car

If you are at home with your kids and you are a two-car family, consider renting out your car. You can connect with people on Turo, a peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace who are looking to rent a car.

Stay at Home Jobs for Moms Conclusion

There you have it, mommas! 21 Best Stay-at-home mom jobs so you can stay with your kids.  I hope you find a job that works for you! 

I know how important it is to stay at home and be there for your kids, but still feel like you are an adult with your own money. Budgeting as a couple can pose a problem when one person makes all the money, so it is good to have your own money to contribute and have spending money so you do not have to ask for it. You will feel empowered, be with your kids, and have a better relationship! 

Did you find a job on the list you are interested in or do you have a stay-at-home mom job that was not on my list? Please leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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