Do you need to make money fast in 2022? Do you have an upcoming bill you need to take care of to avoid late fees? Perhaps you need a down payment for a new apartment or car but haven’t been saving. And many of us spend too much money over the Holidays and need to catch up on bills.

How to Make Money Fast - Earn over $100 this weekend
How to Make Money Fast – Earn over $100 this weekend

Hey, we have all been there. There comes a time in most of our lives when we need to learn how to make money fast.

It sounds daunting at first, especially if you are trying to pay a bill, but making money fast isn’t as hard as it seems. And yes, there are many money-making ideas out there that can bring some quick cash. Making extra money IS easy if you put in the effort.

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25 Ways to Make Money Fast in 2022

#1 Sell stuff to make money fast

This is the fasted way I have personally earned money fast. I have earned over $200 in one week selling clutter and old clothing online.

My best places to sell fast:

  • Facebook Garage Sales (Search virtual garage sale sites on Facebook to find groups in your area.)
  • Facebook Mom to Mom Groups (I have had the most luck selling my kid’s old toys and clothing on these sites.)
  • Poshmark (I’ve made over $400 total on this site selling old clothing and shoes. I was also able to become a Top Seller and sell wholesale items from Poshmark’s portal. Find out more about Poshmark here.)
  • Mercari
  • Declutter
  • Threadup
  • Craiglist
  • eBay

Facebook is my favorite way to sell out of the list above. It is so easy and I really haven’t had any issues except for someone changing their pick up time – But hey, this happens in mom-land so I totally get how life can be unreliable when you have kids.

Porch pick-up is awesome. I have sold both ways and it is always difficult to arrange a time when my husband is home because I do not want to let anyone in our house when I am by myself with the kids. Yet, I sold an old couch on Craiglist for over $200. Just be sure to put what you are willing to do in your description. I added that the buyer would be responsible for transportation and that I only accepted cash. This seems to work best for big items so you don’t have to ship.

For smaller items and clothing, I have made the most with Poshmark and Facebook groups. I have made over $500 to date selling old clothing, kid’s clothing, shoes, and purses on these sites.

I love selling my kid’s old toys knowing that I am helping out another mom out by giving her a super discounted price. This helps me feel better about letting go of the sentimental stuff.

I have mainly sold my old clothing on Poshmark. It is best to sell items that are in good condition or gently used and be as honest as possible in the description. You will need to print a shipping label and you can use free boxes or envelopes from the post office. If you need to make money fast, be sure to de-clutter your closet and sell at a more than reasonable rate! With this app, you will get the money in your Poshmark account as soon as the buyer accepts the package or within three days, whichever comes first.

I also used to flip purses on eBay and it was fun, because I love purses, but it was work finding purses that were below cost and then reposting them to sell. However, I used to buy purses from the Coach Outlet and resell them for more money. Yet, I made more money buying purses on eBay and reselling them. I made over $500 one summer doing this.

Pro Tip: If you are looking to buy purses on eBay or any other item, check for spelling errors in the description and many will have no competitive bids. Also, check for bad quality pictures which usually means the person is just trying to get rid of the item and not look for the best price.

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#2 Proofread from anywhere

Are you ready for one of the best side hustles out there? If so you will want to check out Proofread anywhere..

My friend Caitlin Pyle over at is one of the most talented proofreaders out there… and she has compiled all of her knowledge into a comprehensive course: General Proofreading: Theory & Practice™.

She’ll teach you the basics of proofreading to make sure you’re a word-skills SUPERSTAR. After you master the skills, she’ll show you how to turn this newfound knowledge into a profitable business. You’ll learn exactly how to find clients, structure your workdays, and run a successful proofreading business. Pretty valuable stuff, right?

But who is Caitlin?

Caitlin Pyle is a former freelance proofreader who lives in Florida. That was her primary income ($40k+ per year!) — until she realized that she was just as good at teaching proofreading as she was at actually doing the proofreading itself (so pretty darn good!).

So why not check out her free class to see if this is the side hustle for you! This class could be life-changing!


#3 Online Surveys for Quick Cash

Online Surveys have gotten a bad rap in the past. However, if you find the right company, you can definitely earn a little extra income. Here are five questions to ask yourself before taking online surveys. My best advice is to sign up for a few trusted companies so you will have more earning potential. If you only sign up for one, you may not qualify for all survey opportunities and only get one paid survey every few weeks.

My favorite survey sites:

Pinecone Research

Inbox Dollars


Vindale Research

Global Test Market

Suggested Reading: 5 Questions to Ask Before Using Survey Sites

#4 Babysit

I used to babysit every weekend for extra cash. This was a great side hustle for me because I love kids! Many parents just need a night out, which I totally get! And I was looking to earn extra money. It was a win-win for both of us.

If you love kids or just need some extra money, babysitting is a great option. Even if you aren’t great with kids, you could look for jobs where mom and dad want to go out after the kids are asleep. You can curl up to a good book or movie and get paid for it!

Use sites such as to find jobs or search neighborhood apps if you need to stay close to home. You could even watch kids at home with your own kiddos so they have a playmate and you get paid.

This is a great way to earn some good money. If you have two families you could double your income. Think six hours a day (two days) at $10 an hour. That would be $20 per hour for two families times 12 hours – That is $240 just in one weekend!

#5 Sign up for stuff and make quick money:

Do you need money now? You can earn a total of $36 just for signing up for the following surveys and promotion sites:

Inbox Dollars: $5

Rakuten (Ebates): $10 after first purchase

Ibotta: $10 after the first rebate (Read my Ibotta Review here)

Swagbucks: Varies but at least $3 in Swagbucks gift cards

Check out my Swagbucks Review and learn how to increase your earning potential

Shop tracker: $3

Acorns $5

#6 Become a Lyft or Uber driver

I wrote a review on Lyft and you can check it out here. Yet, I have not driven for Lyft or Uber but have been on the other end as a rider. I was able to interview a few drivers and they gave some good tips to help your earning potential. You will earn more if you are able to drive at peak times such as Friday and Saturday evening – think ride home from the bar.

#7 Search the Web and earn money

This sounds too good to be true, but there are legit companies that reward you for searching the web. It is true, they are offering you points or rewards to track you, but if you don’t mind, why not?

I use Swagbucks web search to earn points for gift cards.

Another legit reward site is  Bing Rewards and Inbox Dollars.

You will not become rich using these sites, but it is nice to have a few extra bucks that come in handy for a reward gift card to save on shopping.

#8 Gazelle: sell old phones and make quick money

Sell your old cell phones and make some cash. Do you have old iPhones, iPads, or Androids you no longer use? You can sell them to Gazelle for some quick cash. Gazelle is a trusted site that has paid over 2 million in cash. Check them out and make some fast money.

#9 Fivver is an easy way to earn money from home

Sell your services on Fivver. You can really build up clients if your work is legit and start charging more than $5. It is a great way to get your foot in the door. Some services I’ve looked up include social media management, coding, creating logos for companies, and more.

#10 Become an Organizer: Home/Closet

Do you love to organize? People will pay you to organize their homes and closet. Kim Kardashian used to do this as a side hustle. I am sure she doesn’t need to do it anymore, but what a great way to earn money fast if you have the skills and don’t mind going through other people’s things.

Put an ad up on Craigslist or create a flyer to add to your local bulletin board.

More Fast Cash Money Making Ideas

Make money fast - over $100 this weekend
Make money fast – over $100 this weekend

#11 Sign up for bank accounts for more money

There are many banks out there that will pay you to sign up for their services.

Here are a few offering sign-up bonuses now (check the bank stipulations before signing up. Some require a minimum balance or spending balance):

KeyBank $200

PNC $300

Fifth Third Bank $200

Check them out and put fast money in your account for bills.

#12 House Sit

This is an easy side hustle, but you may need to travel depending on the opportunities in your area.

Check for more information.

#13 Sell Old C.D.’s and DVD’s

Do you have a bunch of old CDs and DVD.’s sitting around that you never use?

A great way to get rid of your old CDs and DVDs is to sell them on

Not only will you make some quick cash, but you will declutter your house too!

#14 Sell your old books on Amazon

I love getting a good deal, which is why I usually never pay full price for books. I always check Amazon before I buy to find the lowest price. That is where you come in. List your books and make some money.

#15 Advertise with Car Wraps for easy money

If you don’t mind having an advert on your car, you can make an extra $100 per month.

Here are a few legit sites to check for opportunities:


Keep in mind, any car advertising site that is asking for money and not checking your insurance or driving habits is probably not legit. Never pay money to sign up for one of these sites.

#16 Dog walk or pet sit for fast cash

Yes, people will pay you to walk their furry family members. I met a few people at my local park that were dog walking for money and they had more than one dog from different owners so were making twice the money on the same walk.

Check sites like Rover to find job opportunities.

#17 Tutoring for extra money

This was another side hustle I used to do, being that I was a teacher. I would tutor kids after school. I was paid in my bi-weekly check because it was a grant through the school, but if you are freelance tutoring you can ask to be paid in cash or PayPal and get your money fast.

Do you have a skill that is worth teaching? Put an ad up on Craigslist or a flyer up on any local bulletin board in stores and libraries for your tutoring services. Whether it is math, English, science, or music. Your skill is sure to pay! You don’t even have to be an expert. Just stay a few steps ahead of your student.

My brother did this with surfing. As he became better, he was able to teach beginners how to surf and make a side hustle!

#18 Start a Freelance Writing Career

Starting a freelance writing career isn’t as hard as it sounds. With the proper training, you can really amp up your income and even make a full-time job of it. If you like to write, this is the job for you. If you aren’t sure where to get started, check out this phenomenal course that will walk you through step by step, by someone who has successfully done it. Check the freelance course our here.

#19 Pawn your stuff for quick money

Pawnshops are a good way to make money fast if you are in dire need. You will not get the best value for your items, but you will not have to do the work of selling it yourself. At times, selling things can be a waiting game, so if you need the money consider selling your items to a pawn shop for quick cash.

#20 Flip vintage clothing for cash

You have to be willing to do the dirty work and sift through thrift store clothing or search for cheap clothing on sites like Poshmark and eBay.

There are pros and cons to flipping vintage clothing, but if you do it right, you can make some good money.


  • Easy Money
  • Low overhead
  • fun


  • Requires visiting vintage clothing stores and digging through the clothes
  • takes some time
  • listing items
  • storage of clothing

If you can deal with the cons, it is a super-easy way to make cash fast. Visit your local vintage or antique shop and see what you can find. Look for items in good condition or name brand, as they will sell much faster and you will get paid faster!!

#21 Task Rabbit for a side hustle

Are you handy? This might be the side gig for you! Sign up for a profile on Task Rabbit and get paid to help others do jobs most of us don’t want to do like putting a shelf together – seriously, this could take me all day or lifting heavy items. Task Rabbit will match you with people in need of your service and pay your hourly rate. You can set up a time and chat with your client right on the app.

Check out Task Rabbit and see if this is how you will make money fast this weekend!

#22 Sell unwanted gift cards for extra money

Do you have a gift card lying around that you never used? Maybe it was a card to a restaurant you don’t particularly like. You can sell it on Cardpool or other gift card sites. I’ve used Cardpool and they have amazing customer service. I even lost my check – mom-brain again- and they mailed me a new one with no hassle.

#23 Teach English Online (pays well) – (Unfortunately this company may be coming to an end due to new laws in China.)

If you don’t mind getting up early or staying up late, this may be the job for you. Depending on what service you use, you may need some level of education.

For example, if you work with VIPkid you will need a bachelor’s degree (it doesn’t matter if it is in English).

Another option is Magic Ears. This company does not require a bachelor’s degree.

You can make up to $21 an hour and the lesson plans are done for you. From time to time you may need to use props of your own, but for the most part, this is easy peasy.

I teach for VIPKID and love it. This is my favorite side hustle. I made around $20 per hour teaching online from my home. I can stay at home with my kids and still make money. I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

VIPKid is hiring now, so apply here to see if you qualify.

Head here to find out how to get hired

(update – Unfortunately, due to new laws in China, GogoKid is no longer in business.)I also teach for GoGo Kid, which is offering a great teacher bonus right now. You can earn up to $300 extra when you pass your interview and start teaching. You can check them out here

Teach English online and earn up to $25 per hour! Apply to be a GOGOKID teacher

#24 Deliver food for fast cash with Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a new one that is easier than taking people, because you are only delivering food.

#25 Get a Roommate or rent out your place for easy extra money

When I met my husband he was still paying off his student loan. He owned our condo, but he was single and had a three-bedroom place for himself. At the time, he had a roommate to help cover his costs and pay down debt. If you have the extra space in your house, why not use it to help pay the bills.

Another idea is to use Airbnb to rent your house if you are going out of town. Let your guest pay your room fees for your trip. Learn more about Airbnb renting here.

Make Money Fast in 2022 Conclusion:

If you need cash fast and are looking to make over $100 this weekend, use some of the 25 tips above to put that money in your pocket. You may not be willing to do all 25 so find an idea you are willing to do and start earning.

The ideas above are super easy and will help you earn more whether you need money for a bill or want to save up for a vacation this year. Use these tips to help you earn more this week!

Do you have a tip for earning money fast that is not on my list? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Take care – Sarah


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  1. This is a really great, comprehensive list. You mentioned a couple things that I’ll check out, like Gazelle and I already use Ibotta, so I’ve got that going for me! Another one to check out, if you live in the Greater Seattle Area, is User Research International. They offer gratuities for participating in research studies. I completed one last week for $75 and it only took 90 minutes.

    • What an awesome tip on how to make money fast! I will definitely check it out. Thank you for sharing and commenting!

  2. I love the variety of ideas on your list! I’ve loved using Uber Eats for delivery, and the program is expanding in my area so that’s a great one to look into for extra cash!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! Uber Eats seems like an easier way to earn than driving people around. I am glad you have found it helpful!!

  3. These are great! I have had the most success with house sitting. Super easy and low maintenance. I usually look on NextDoor for postings. 🙂 Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for sharing too! There are ways out there to make money fast, and house sitting is a great choice and fills a need! That is awesome that you are successful with it! Thank you for recommending NextDoor!

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