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Easy Jumbo Stuffed Shells

picture of jumbo stuffed shells on white plate

Did your mom make special birthday recipes for you as a child? One of my favorite requests was jumbo stuffed shells.  Little did I know, this recipe is easy to make, but a thoughtful way to express love through cooking.

Jumbo stuffed shells are also hearty and filling. What a delicious comfort food to keep warm on those chilly winter nights.

If you are interested in making these yummy jumbo shells, keep reading to find the simple recipe below.


5 Best Frugal Meals for the Family


Best Frugal Meals for Your Family
Best Frugal Meals for Your Family; whole chicken


What are the best frugal meals for the family?

Are you worried about your food budget? Lately, the price of everything is on the rise and as gas goes up, food prices follow. However, you can learn to save money on food and continue to feed your family on a budget, no matter how big or small.


Frugal, Healthy Meal Ideas When You Hate to Cook


Cheap, Healthy Meals When You Hate to Cook - hardboiled eggs
Cheap, Healthy Meals When You Hate to Cook – hardboiled eggs

Do you want to eat a healthier diet, but hate to cook? Not to mention, food prices are on the rise and one can spend an entire paycheck on groceries alone.

Also, many times cheaper foods are loaded with carbs, fat, and preservatives. Therefore, it is essential to find frugal healthy meals that are also easy to cook.

Finding easy, healthy meals can be difficult but don’t worry. You can save your budget and your health with these easy options below.


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