75 Side Hustles to earn extra cash – Use one or a combination of these side hustles to earn $100 per day.


The Ultimate List of 75 Ways to Earn More Money
The Ultimate List of 75 Ways to Earn More Money

Are you in need of a side hustle? Do you work hard but can’t seem to catch up?

Are your bills piling high like a stack of pancakes at IHOP? It may be time to find some worthwhile side hustles to help you increase your cash flow.

What Is a Side Hustles?

They are many ways to earn extra money, on the side as opposed to your regular nine to five! As we talked about in Budgets 2019 you may be spending more than you are bringing in. Unfortunately, you will always be at a deficit if this is the case.

You can slash your grocery bill for starters (learn how here). Yet, if you are still living beyond your means coming up with a sensible budget and supplementing your income with a side hustle will be the trick to putting you back on track.

Why side hustle?

  • Pay off debt
  • Save for a purchase (car, home, wedding)
  • Catch up on bills
  • Save for a vacation
  • Earn extra spending money
  • Learn a new skill
  • Work from home
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Put away money for retirement
  • work hard now so you can retire early

Whatever the reason for needing extra cash, you will find something on my 75 side hustles list. Use one or a combination of the side hustles below to earn up to $100 per day. This extra money will be life-changing!

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 75 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Money

Note: This list is broken up by groups to make it easier to find your special talent.

Tech Savvy Side Hustles (1-9)


  • Blogging – Creating a blog is my favorite of the side hustles listed. Yet, it is often a long process to monetize a blog, but creating one is fairly simple. Learn how to create a blog here. This is a creative outlet and a great way to build your writing skills. Everyone has their own story and voice and if you are passionate about a specific niche’ you will gain followers that want to hear from you. I use Bluehost web hosting service. Check them out here.
  • Testing websites – Many websites need people to test and report back. The best part is they will pay you to do this. Check out User Testing to get started.
  • Virtual Assistant – Become a virtual assistant and help others ease their workload for money. My blogging friend Kristen Larsen over at Believe In A Budget has an awesome Pinterest VA class where she shows you the ropes on how to do this and earn money. Check out her class here.
  • Typing – Can you type fast? Many companies will pay you to type from home.
  • Web design – Are you good at coding? Are you tech-savvy? This is the perfect job for you. Even if you do not know how to web design but are handy with technology, you can take a few classes to get started.
  • Affiliate marketing on social media (Some great affiliate programs are Amazon, Target, Shareasale, and CJ affiliates) – If you have a high social media following, companies will pay you to post and/or recommend their products. Just make sure you use companies you would really want to recommend to keep your integrity.
  • Create classes online – The two most popular platforms are Udemy and Teachable. I am working on creating an online class on teachable now, so I will get back to you on this one. One reason I like teachable is they offer free video training.
  • YouTube channel – Create your own YouTube channel and sell advertising space to make some extra cash.
Tech Savvy Side Hustles & Apps
Tech Savvy Side Hustles & Apps

Grab that App Side Hustles (9-13)


    • Ibotta – I love Ibotta! This is a great way to earn money back on your groceries. To sign up and earn $10 click here. To read my review, click here.
    • EbatesEbates is one of my favorite sites to earn extra money. Anytime I shop online, I go through the Ebates site and I receive a percentage back on what I spent. To start earning click the button below and receive a $10 sign up bonus. To Read my Ebates review and learn more click here.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

  • Surveys – I used to fill out surveys often until I started this blog. Now I don’t have time, but I highly recommend Pinecone Research. (Read my review here) They are a legit company that will pay $3 a survey. I am recommending them because I think they are great and I have personally used them. The surveys take about 15-20 minutes and you can redeem points for cash or gift cards. This will not make you rich but it is nice to have the extra cash when you decide to redeem your points.
  • Swagbucks – This is another company that has a point system for filling out surveys, but offers other ways to earn points, such as watching videos and answering a daily poll. They also reward you for searching the Internet. To sign up, click here.
  • Viggle – This app rewards you for watching television. I used to love Viggle, but I feel it is harder to earn points compared to when the app first came out. You can earn points for watching T.V. and participating in challenges or partner programs.


Learn How to Sell-Side Hustles (14-28)


  • Poshmark – I have earned over $500 selling new and used clothing on Poshmark. This is my favorite way to side hustle because I can do it from the comfort of my home. (Well, I do make post office runs but if you schedule a pick-up through USPS they will come to your house.) To receive a $5 coupon when signing up use code NXUIA. To read my Poshmark review click here.
  • Craigslist – This is a great way to sell larger items and avoid shipping fees. However, I feel it is always best to meet in a public place when using Craigslist.
  • eBay – This used to be one of my favorite side hustles until I discovered Poshmark. I still sell on eBay now and then, but Poshmark allows you to promote your items easily.  Yet, on eBay most items are found through searches so people are less likely to see your stuff. Nonetheless, you can list your items on all three sites: Poshmark, eBay and Mercari and increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Mercari – This is like an online garage sale. You can sell anything and ship it to your buyer. You can use USPS, Fed Ex or ship the item yourself.
  • Thredup – This is another way to sell your clothing. Thredup will send you a prepaid bag to ship your clothing and list items for you, then send back or donate items they did not deem sellable. To sign up and receive a $10 credit click here.
  • Teacher-Pay-Teacher – This is a website worth mentioning because I used to be a teacher. You can post your teacher creations and sell them to other teachers – Useful and beneficial to both parties. Register for free here.
  • Mom to mom sales – These are great for moms looking to get rid of baby items they no longer need. Check your local churches or schools. You often have to pay a fee for a table, but the rest is yours to keep.
  • Airbnb – Going on a trip? Put your house up on Airbnb and earn a few extra bucks while you are away.
  • Upselling – Buy items at garage sales and flip them for more money. You can really do this with anything you buy and are able to fix up. Also, try buying an item for a very low price and selling it for more money.
  • Garage sale – Need to declutter? A garage sale is an awesome way to declutter your house and make some cash.
  • Sell Avon – I tried this in college but realized selling is not my forte’! However, if you love make-up this would be an amazing side hustle. Furthermore, the teachers at my school used to buy from a fellow teacher’s daughter and we loved the products. To sign up click here.
  • Sell Rodan & Fields – This is a popular skincare company and a few of my friends sell this and love it. Best of all, you get your own website and can promote your products on social media. To sign up or find out more, check out my amazing friend Julie’s Rodan & Fields’ website by clicking here.
  • Real Estate – A friend of mine just took a class, got her license and got a Side Hustle as a real estate agent all in a matter of three to four months.
  • Sell on Etsy – This is the site for the ultimate DIY-er. Etsy if a very popular site for crafters to sell their products. If you have a knack for crafting, list your items on Etsy and turn it into a side hustle.
  • Selling Wine – This might be one of my favorite ideas yet! To learn more about selling wine, check out my fellow mommy blogger’s post “Why We Decided to Turn Out Love of Wine into a Business” over at Mommy: Home Manager.
Sell and Earn
Sell and Earn Side Hustles

Use Your Skills Side Hustles (29-61)

Suggested Money-Making Posts:


    • Proofreading online – Proofread other’s work. Check Fiverr or other writing websites for jobs. Learn how my friend Caitlyn makes over $50,000 proofreading. Sign up for her free workshop here!
    • Pet Sitting – Pet lover? This is an amazing way to earn extra cash. Please check out my fellow personal finance blogger Douglas’ post over at Start Saving Money Today, which will explain this side hustle in more detail (Click here).
    • Dog Walker – People will pay you to walk their dogs while they are at work. Post your dog walker profile on Rover.com.
    • Babysitting – All parents need childcare at some point. If you love kids or are looking for playmates for your kids, this would be an amazing side hustle. List your services on Care.com or check local Facebook neighborhood groups.
    • Mystery shopping – I have not yet tried this but it is on my “To Do” list. However, I have read many blogs about Mystery shopping and if you find the right company, you can make a nice cash cushion and score free food! In fact, here is an awesome post with some mystery shopping recommendations from my fellow saving-money blogger, Kayla, over at Earning by the Sea. Check out her post, “Supercharge Your Extra Earnings with Mystery Shopping” and start earning more today.
    • Tutoring – Are you an expert in a skill or subject? You can freelance tutor or join a tutoring company. There are many companies online that offer tutoring services or check with your local school district.
    •  Lyft – This is a company that pays you to drive people around. Sign up and start earning with your own car and create your own schedule.
    • House sit – People will pay you to watch their house while they are away. This is a great way to earn and feel like you are living somewhere else for a week.
    • Grandparent sitting – My grandma did this for an older gentleman. She would buy groceries, cook, and check in on him. She made some extra cash and felt she had a purpose by helping someone else. Moreover, many senior citizens are alone and family is willing to pay to have someone look in on them.
    • Voice overs – Anyone that has an interesting voice or accent would be a perfect fit for a voice-over job. Check Fiverr for listings.
    • Amazon drop shipping – This is a way to earn cash from home. You do not need to keep inventory. Amazon will ship products on your behalf. Here is a post from Oberlo that explain drop shipping in more detail: Amazon Drop Shipping Guide.
    • Amazon customer service – Amazon hires people to answer phone calls and handle customer service. This is a great option for a Holiday gig.
    • Holiday part-time job – Check your local mall.  Many stores need extra workers around the Holidays. The mall also hires people to gift wrap during the Holiday season.
    • Clean houses – Have a knack for cleaning? Other people will pay you to clean their house. This was my side hustle as a teenager. My grandma would pay me to clean her house bi-weekly.
    • Handyman – People always need a good handyman. If you are handy, this would be a wonderful way to earn while fixing people’s garbage disposals or garage doors.
    • Yard work – Many people do not have time to do their own yard work. If you are not into landscaping, don’t worry. People will gladly pay for yard jobs such as mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and raking leaves.
    • Coaching – Sports lover? Out of my list of side hustles, coaching could be the job for you. Personally, I know many teachers that make extra money coaching. Nonetheless, you can become a coach even if you do not teach at a school. Check the school’s website for available positions. Also, check your city’s youth leagues in need of coaches.
    • Substitute teaching – In Michigan you need 90 semester hours of college credit hours with a 2.0 GPA. Check your state’s education department website for requirements and make some extra cash while helping out a teacher.
    • Organizing – Yes, people will pay you to organize their closets or areas of their house.
    • Get a renter – This was my husband’s ultimate side hustle until he met me. He owned his place but always had roommates. It is a great way to help pay off your mortgage early.
    • Fiverr – You can sell your services on Fiverr and make money. Are you into graphic design or writing? You can sell these services and more on the Fiverr platform.

  • Freelance writing – There are many sites that will pay you to write. Check online magazines and other publications. To learn more about becoming a freelance writer click here.
  • Try Task Rabbit – This site will pay you to complete a task for other people. Are you handy? Do you usually put together all the furniture in your house? Other people will pay you to do tasks such as this. To find out more, click here.
  • Wash a car – Advertise around your neighborhood and wash or detail people’s cars for cash.
  • Become a DJ – For this “side hustle” you would need to invest in some equipment, but if you already have it, start searching for gigs.
  • Haul away people’s junk – Yes, this is a thing. I know this because I saw it on Shark Tank! What a great idea to make extra money if you have a truck or a trailer. No one wants to haul away their own junk!
  • Modeling – You can check local agencies or search on modeling sites. Many but not all need a headshot to get your started.
  • TV/movie extra – Check your local film agency for jobs. Often the local news will fill you in on big movies being shot in your area, but for smaller jobs, search by state film agency or casting calls.
  • Personal trainer – You can do this from the comfort of your own home, hold classes in parks or visit your trainee at a mutual location.
  • Teach music – This is an amazing skill to share! If you know how to play a certain instrument, offer lessons for a fee.
  • Yoga instructor – This is another “side hustle” that requires some training, but once you are finished, you can start your own classes or find a side job at a local yoga studio.
  • Advertise on your vehicle – Ever see those cars with big ads on the side promoting a company? Most people aren’t sporting ads out of the kindness of their hearts. They are paid by a company to advertise.
  • Cut hair from home – If you have mad haircutting skills or can barber with the best of ’em, try working a few nights a week to make some extra dough.
Sell Your Skills to Earn More
Sell Your Skills Side Hustles

Get Creative Side Hustles to Make More Money (62-71)


  • Musicians – If this is your thing, you can make tips and/or paying jobs. My Dad has been doing this for years. He is a one-man-band and also works in group bands.
  • Sell photos – If you have a  knack for photography, you can sell your shots on sites like Shutterstock.
  • Farmers Market – If you have a product, try selling it at local farmers markets. Some ideas are handmade soaps, homemade lotion, and knitting baby items.
  • Create an e-book – It is easy to publish a book in today’s world. You can create an e-book and sell it on sites like Amazon.
  • Create a product – Think of a product that would be useful to others and go for it!
  • Create a podcast – If you have the gift of gab, this would be a great side hustle for you.
  • Tailoring or alterations – If you know how to tailor, why not offer your services right out of your home?
  • Party plan – Do you have a knack for throwing awesome parties? Does your decor look Pinterest worthy? If so, this could be your side hustle.
  • Baking – If sweet treats are your thing, start selling your cakes, cupcakes, and candy. Facebook is an excellent way to promote yourself locally.
  • Home Decorating – If you have always had a knack for decorating, throw up some pictures on Craigslist or Facebook sites and sell your skills.

If you are interested in photography and making money by selling photos you will want to check out this bundle. It will teach you everything you need to know about taking great pictures and learn how to turn your hobbies into profits:


Takes Money to Make Money Side Hustles (72-75)


    • Selling calls and puts – My husband could tell you more about this, but it involves buying on the stock market for a set price and if the stock goes above that price, you sell your stock and earn a commission for doing so.
    • Acorn – Acorn is an app that invests your spare change. After making a credit card purchase, it rounds up to the nearest dollar and invests the money for you. For more information on this app, check “A Review of the Acorns Investing App” over at Smart Money Nation.
    • Invest in the stock market – This sounds so simple, yet so many leave this option off the table. It is not best for quick money, but if you have some money to invest for the long run, a trusted mutual fund is the way to go.
    • Ultimate Work at Home Bundle – Learn how to work from home with awesome resources included in this amazing bundle. To check it out click the picture below.

Ultimate Side Hustles Conclusion:


There you have it, my friends. This list of side hustles has something for everyone, whether you are a dog lover, techie, or just love watching your neighbor’s kids, there are ways to earn extra money.

Be creative and find a niche you are good at and offer it as a service. You can list your services on Craigslist, Facebook, and Fiverr. Learn how to sell your stuff on Poshmark, eBay, Thredup, and Mercari. Also, hang up flyers on local boards such as the library, grocery stores, and other businesses with permission to promote your services. If you put in a little effort now, you will thank yourself later.

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Do you have a side hustle you love? Share it below in the comments so we can all learn from you! Thank you!

75 Side Hustles to earn extra cash

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  1. Wow such an eclectic list. I love that you’ve included techno jobs like blogging and web site testing, but also some more down-to-earth jobs like grandparent sitting. #blogcrush

  2. This article must have taken you days! It is so thorough, I appreciate all thede tips. There are msny thst I didn’t know about before and thatvI will be looking into!

    • Thank you, Corey! I had that problem with a few survey site too but Pineconeresearch research doesn’t make you do a pre-interview for every survey. They send you surveys you already qualify for. (And I’m not an affiliate and I’m still recommending them:). Give Ibotta a try! It’s so easy!

    • Thank you, Danielle! I love Ebates and Ibotta and doTerra is one I did not think of! Best of luck to you with your side hustle!

  3. Great list! I have thought of, and tried some of the ideas listed. There are a few that I had not thought of . . . now, finding that extra time!

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