Is Lyft worth your time?

Lyft - Earn Money with Your Car

Lyft is the new Uber! It is the same concept, but different company. Do you own a car? What about a smartphone? You could be making some extra dough on your free time! The beauty of Lyft is that you aren’t applying for a job (although they will do a background check). You are signing up to drive and making your own hours. It is an easy concept!

What if you were already driving to the airport anyway? Why not pick someone up and help pay for the cost of your gas and make a little on the side? You could use this reasoning anytime you go somewhere – if you feel like it. You choose your own hours and keep your tips!

I do not drive for Lyft, but I have had the pleasure of using this service around ten times and talking with the drivers each time, so I am going to give you the skinny on what drivers are saying and why you should consider using this service as a driver (think more money) or a rider (think cheaper than a taxi). I’m also excited to announce one of my best friends just started driving for Lyft so we will hear from her as well!

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A person needs a ride. I have a car. I sign up with Lyft and the technology takes over! I use my smartphone to find my rider (you must own an iphone or Android). The said person is waiting while watching for the car on their Lyft app. Simple concept but less money and wait time than a taxi.

Frequently Questioned:

1. Question: How does the Uber driver know it is me?

Answer: They have an app that locates you using the app on your phone.

2. Question: How will I know it is my driver?

Answer: You are able to see the color, make and model of the car as well as the driver’s name and photo.

3. Question: Is it safe?

Answer: The drivers are all tracked through their phone and it is just as safe as a taxi, only you are paying less money.

4. Question: Can I really make money using Lyft?

Answer: If you own your own car you can make this your “side hustle” or if you are out of work you could make this your full-time job until you find something else The abler you are to drive during peak times (think bar hours, rush hour) or by areas people need rides such as an airport, the more money you will make.

The amount you get paid depends on two factors:

  • The time you are driving (If it is a peak time, you get paid more). For example, driving from 1:00-2:30 A.M. on a Saturday night will earn you more money because people need a ride home from the bar and hopefully are not going to drink and drive. That’s where you come in!
  • Your car and how many people you are picking up. If you have a larger premium (think Lexus or Acadia – We were picked up in both) car, you can make more money.

Unfortunately, if you do not own your own car, I do not recommend you to drive for Lyft. You can rent a Lyft car for around $180 a week so unless you can make bonuses giving around 90 rides, it is not worth your time. We saw a few Venezuelan immigrants driving for Lyft because they could not find permanent work; however, they had to rent a car and Lyft takes a huge chunk of earnings for the rental.

5.Question: How can I get a good driver?

Answer: After you have completed your ride, you are able to rate your driver. So before you choose your ride, pick a driver with a good rating. This will make sure you are getting someone who is a customer approved. I will have to say, out of the ten rides we took, all of our drivers were nice, social, and had clean cars. One driver was also very forgiving of our son having a tantrum and crying in the back of the car. He empathized while talking about his grandchildren, and yes, we took our kids in a Lyft several times too! We brought our own car seat.

Drive your way out of debt

Should I make Lyft my side hustle?

I have not personally driven for lyft but I have used it as a rider around ten times. All of the drivers I met were happy and positive about Lyft, except the two drivers that were renting a car because they were really hustling to make ends meet. Also, our first driver from lyft spoke Spanish but he was still super nice & I got to brush up in my old college Spanish skills.

I would recommend using lyft as a driver and a passenger. To receive a coupon sign up here with my referral code and to be one a driver sign up here. I hope your life takes you where you want to go, but I hope you take a Lyft to make it easier!

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Should I use Lyft when I need a Ride?

In my experience, I would recommend using lyft as a great and cheaper ride than a taxi. The only issue we had in Florida was our driver did not speak English, however, it was kind of fun talking with him and using our rudimentary Spanish skills to communicate!

Quote from a Female Lyft Driver!

Just as I was writing this article, I noticed a Facebook Post from one of my best college friends! She was raving about using Lyft as her new Side Hustle! Even though she has a great job, she was looking to make a little extra dough in her free time! Let’s hear her testimonial:

Alicia says, “It’s a great way to make extra money in addition to my full-time job. It’s also really fun meeting new people and all the passengers have been really friendly so far. Lyft offers bonuses for referrals and they also offer a sign on bonus which is pretty substantial. It’s really convenient to be able to make your own hours, which is necessary for this busy mom. So far, so good! It’s fun!”


If you are having a hard time making ends meet, Lyft is a killer way to earn extra cash, as long as your own your own car and don’t mind picking people up and making small talk. If you need a ride, I recommend using Lyft because in our experience, it is cheaper than a taxi and you know what you will be paying before you are already being picked up, because a taxi meter is running while you are in the car and is usually not a flat rate. (I like to be in the know when it comes to my money!) My husband and I have found Lyft to be a safe, helpful service and we will use them again and again!

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  1. I’ve always had good experiences using Lyft. I’d say my experiences have been better using Lyft versus Uber, but that might be because I’ve used Uber more so than Lyft.

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