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52 Week Money Challenge

If you don’t think pennies are worth anything, then think again. My son’s school just had a penny war challenge for a fundraiser and they were able to raise over $1000 by collecting pennies from elementary-aged kids. Furthermore, in this 52-Week Money Challenge using pennies, you can come close to that amount by saving pennies yourself. In fact, at the end of the 52-week money challenge, you will total out at $667.95. – Not bad for saving your spare change.

This money challenge is unique in that you can save your spare change and end your year with a nice chunk of change. However, toward the end of the challenge when you start adding $20 to your fund, you may want to switch to dollars or start cutting out some of the “want” areas of your budget to help you stick with it.

If you have heard the phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” then you know money is money. No matter how small it is worth something. The truth is pennies can add up over time! Not to mention, the bank agrees with me and will accept penny deposits. However, most banks do not accept loose change unless you roll the coins yourself. But hey, if you start saving your pennies now, by the end of the year you will have over $600 in your savings account.

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What is the 52-Week Money Saving Challenge?

The idea is to start small with your loose change and add money over time. You are essentially adding a penny every day of the year starting with one penny and adding one additional penny for 365 days. If you are counting days you would add $0.01 on Day one and $0.02 on Day two and $0.03 on Day three and so on. I have given you the total by week but wanted to point out where the numbers come from as you check out the challenge below.

Ideas for Your 52-Week Money Saving Challenge Money:

  • vacation
  • emergency fund
  • Christmas fund
  • money for kid’s school supplies
  • debt repayment
  • investing
  • retirement savings

What you choose to spend your money on is up to you, but I always advocate for saving at least six to nine months of your monthly bills to help you get by if you lose your job or have an unfortunate health emergency. I also recommend putting your money in a separate sinking fund in your bank so you are less likely to spend it. Research shows if your brain has to make a second decision like getting into your separate fund, you are less likely to spend it.

The first thing you want to do is find some jars to keep your hold your pennies. You can use Mason jars or old coffee tubs. Break out your old piggy bank if you have one. The goal of this challenge is to save a little more every day. Use your free printable to keep track.

Then print this savings challenge and get started. Are you ready to save?


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52-Week Money Saving Challenge using Pennies Free Printable:

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52-Week Money Saving Challenge Using Pennies #moneysavingchallenge #moneyideas #moneysavingtips #saving #money
52-Week Money Saving Challenge Using Pennies

52 Week Penny Saving Challenge

Week 1 = $0.28

Week 2 =$.77  Total: $1.05

Week 3 =$1.26 Total: $2.31

Week 4 = $1.75 Total: $4.06

Week 5 = $2.24 Total: $6.30

Week 6 =$2.73 Total: $9.03

Week 7=$3.22 Total: $12.25

Week 8= $3.71 Total: $15.96

Week 9 =$4.20 Total: $20.16

Week 10=$4.69 Total: 24.85

Week 11=$5.18 Total: $24.85

Week 12=$5.67 Total: $35.70

Week 13=$6.16 Total: $63.28

Week 14=$6.65 Total: $48.51

Week 15=$7.14 Total: $55.65

Week 16=$7.63 Total:$63.28

Week 17=$8.12 Total: $71.40

Week 18=$8.61 Total: $80.01

Week 19=$9.10 Total: $89.11

Week 20=$9.59 Total: $98.70

Week 21=$10.08 Total: $108.78

Week 22=$10.57 Total: $119.35

Week 23=$11.06 Total: $130.41

Week 24=$11.55 Total: $141.96

Week 25=$12.08 Total: $154.00

Week 26=$12.53 Total: $166.53

Week 27=$13.02 Total: $179.55

Week 28=$13.51 Total: $193.06

Week 29=$14.00 Total: $207.06

Week 30=$14.49 Total: $221.55

Week 31=$14.98 Total: $236.53

Week 32=$15.47 Total: $252.00

Week 33=$15.96 Total: $267.96

Week 34=$16.45 Total: $284.41

Week 35=$16.94 Total: $301.35

Week 36=$17.43 Total: $318.78

Week 37=$17.92 Total: $336.70

Week 38=$18.41 Total: $355.11

Week 39=$19.36 Total: $374.01

Week 40=$19.39 Total: $393.40

Week 41=$19.88 Total: $413.28

Week 42=$20.37 Total: $433.65

Week 43=$20.86 Total: $454.51

Week 44=$21.35 Total: $475.86

Week 45=$21.84 Total: $497.70

Week 46=$22.33 Total: $520.03

Week 47=$22.82 Total: $542.85

Week 48=$23.31 Total: $566.16

Week 49=$23.80 Total: $589.96

Week 50=$24.29 Total: $614.25

Week 51=$24.78 Total: $639.03

Week 52=$28.92 Final Total: $667.95

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Problems with the Penny Money Challenge

Saving change seems easy, especially at the beginning of the challenge. However, when you start getting into adding over $10-$20 per week, things can get a bit tricky. I suggest cutting back on your spending to follow through with this challenge. Simple things like meal planning and cutting out your morning Starbucks will add up over time, just like your pennies. If you are stuck trying to find ways to save, click here to find 75 Frugal Living Tips that are Surprisingly Easy. Try tweaking the “wants’ categories of your budget to find additional ways to save.

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52-Week Savings Challenge Conclusion:

As I always tell my husband when I run a mile… Running a mile is better than not running anything. The same holds true for saving your pennies. Saving you pennies is better than not saving anything. And if this is the only way to build up your emergency fund, then starting and completing the challenge is definitely better than not having any money when you are in a bind.

After 52 weeks of saving your pennies, you should have enough for a rainy day or a few surprise bills. Give yourself a pat on the back for sticking with this challenge. You now have a mini-emergency fund that will help you get through a crisis. I encourage you to continue putting money away into your “emergency” sinking fund and build your fund back up if you end up using it. Congrats on completing this money challenge.

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  1. This is an interesting concept. It seems easy enough if you live on a cash basis. I’m working on spending less this year so that I can save more.

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