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Making Money phone apps

Money making apps are becoming extremely popular. Why? Because it is easy to take your phone out and click a few buttons. We do it every day! So why not use your phone as a money-making tool?

In fact, I have found seven money making apps that I keep on my phone at all times to help earn a little extra each month.

Who wouldn’t want extra cash to help pay bills, buy groceries, or like I always do, save for Christmas presents? -Especially when you are earning income for something you already do, like grocery shopping or trying to get rid of unwanted clothing.

Yes, these apps give you extra money for doing ordinary things like uploading a picture of your grocery receipt or clicking a few pictures of your old clothing.

Moreover, I use all of these apps myself and only recommend things I know and love to my readers. So you can rest assured they are legit and will help you add some extra cash to your wallet (or Paypal).

Let’s not forget, these apps are user-friendly and worth your time!  Especially if you are looking for some side money or want to budget for next month’s grocery bill.

Some of the Apps listed below require some work but are by far, my favorite ways to earn a side hustle. And keep in mind the ones that require work are still easy.

So pull out your smartphones and get ready to start earning!


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You don’t even need to be technology savvy. These apps are super user-friendly. Why not try it! You have nothing to lose. Check out the list of my favorites below!

Seven Best Money-Making Apps

This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link or use a code I will receive a small commission at no cost to you, so thank you.

#1 Rakuten (Formerly Ebates)

Click here to find out how to earn $30!!

Have you been doing more online shopping lately? I know I have. Now isn’t the time to be out at the store. I have certain groceries delivered to my front door and I use Rakuten to get money back on pretty much everything I buy online.

If you have been following my blog, you will know this is one of my favorite apps. It has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, so it is totally legit! I even recommend it to my Mom and she loves it!

Do you want to earn $10? Just sign up to receive this bonus! (Right now they are offering $30 when you spend $30 which is the best deal I have EVER seen on this site so click here!)

They have some great deals going on right now so be sure to check out the site!

Rakuten is a site that pays you to shop. You make a percentage back of what you spend, from 1% to as high as 12%!

Rakuten offers a list of over 2500 online stores to choose from including Groupon, Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Macy’s, American Eagle, etc. Additionally, there are over 2,000 stores, so if you are looking for something particular, it is most likely on the list. The best part is you can still use coupon codes with Ebates.

Wondering how it works? Rakuten tracks your purchase when you click a store through the site. To sign up and receive your $10 bonus, click the link below:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Click here to read a full review of Ebates

#2 Ibotta

Ibotta is a great rebate app that gives you money back for buying things you would buy anyway, such as cereal, fruit, cookies, baby products, and many more grocery items.

The simplicity of this app includes uploading a picture of your receipt and scanning the barcode for certain items after finding the store you shopped. I usually do Ibotta as soon as I get home from the store so I do not forget or eat my food and throw-out or recycle my containers since you may need a barcode.

You will find brands such as Kellogg, V-8, Totino’s, Back to Nature, Planters, Chobani, Neutrogena, and many more.

Also, Ibotta introduced a new way to earn money called “any brand” about a year ago. This means you can purchase any brand of certain items such as milk, bread, frozen vegetables, orange juice, or bananas and receive a rebate.

Ibotta also offers rebates on wine and spirits. You can cash out at $20 for money (PayPal or Venmo) or gift cards.

Sign up with my link here and receive a $10 credit!!

Ibotta-Money Making App
Ibotta – Money Making App

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#3 Poshmark

I love definitely love to Posh!  I’ve made over $400 just by selling my used clothing using this money-making phone app.

How does this money-making app work? Just snap some pictures of your gently used clothing, add a description/price and you are good to go!. Sign up with code NXUIA and receive a $5 credit off your first purchase!

Also, if you are really into clothing or fashion, you can open up your own boutique on Poshmark. After using the app, you will be allowed to buy wholesale clothing from the Poshmark portal and sell brand-new hard-to-find items. After building a following you can create loyal customers that will keep coming back to your shop. So if you have even been interested in opening up an online store, this is definitely the money-making app for you!

Click here to read a full review of Poshmark

Poshmark-Make money selling used clothing
Poshmark – Make money selling used clothing

#4 Checkout 51

This is also a great rebate app, similar to Ibotta,  that pays you for mostly groceries but also at times includes diapers, shampoo, or other personal care items. The main difference is that you can upload your receipt without having to look for your store of purchase, like Ibotta. This helps if you only shop at local grocery stores.

Just upload your receipt by Thursday of that week (items change and start over every Thursday) and cash out at $20.

Checkout 51 - Make money on groceries!
Checkout 51 – Make money on groceries!

# 5 Acorns

Have you heard of Acorns? Acorns is a money-making app that allows you to invest your spare change.

If you are interested in investing but do not know where to start, this app makes it super easy. In fact, this app takes your purchase from a credit card and rounds up to the nearest dollar. What would have been your “spare change” gets invested through the app.

For example, let’s say you spend $7.60 at lunch. Acorns take the extra $0.40 and invest it for you. After answering a few questions, Acorns invest the money in the best portfolio to suit your needs.


There is a small fee included with acorns, which is $1, $2, or $3 depending on the plan you choose. 


#6  Mercari

This is another app for selling sort of like Poshmark; however, unlike Poshmark which is mainly focused on fashion for women, men and children, you can sell anything on Mercari, including but not limited to clothing.

I have both bought and sold items on Mercari and the platform is super easy to use. Just snap some pictures from your phone and upload them with a description.

I’ve made around $50 on this site! Use the code UYYBUS to receive a $2 credit.

Mercari-Make money selling your stuff
Mercari – Make money selling your stuff


#7 Target Circle (Formerly Cartwheel)

I have to mention Target Circle because it is one of my favorites and it can save you tons if you are an avid Target shopper like me. Since updating from Cartwheel to Target Circle, you can now earn a small percent back when shopping at Target and still save money. Although it is a small portion of your spending, you can earn 1% back and that it on top of the app savings and REDcard 5% savings.

If you love to shop at Target like me, this app is a must-have! Circle will help you save on many items in the store, especially Target brands such as Good and Gather and Market Pantry. Although the sales vary from week to week, this is a great way to save and earn cashback on your Target spending.

Nonetheless, all you have to do is scan your bar code at check out and you will receive a percentage off the items on your list. For example, you can add Simply Balanced Vegetables to your Circle list and receive 5% off at check out or add Market Pantry pasta and receive 10% off. (The amounts vary per an item and you can stack coupons with these savings as well.)



Best Money Making Apps
Best Money Making Apps

It literally pays to have this app on your phone.


Money-Making Phone apps Final Thoughts…

There you have it, my friends! I’m hoping this list helps you earn and save a bunch!!

Do you have a favorite money-making app not listed? If so, please leave me a comment! I would love to learn more about how you save! Until next time – Sarah!



Seven Best Money Making Apps
Seven Best Money Making Apps

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My Favorite Money-Making Phone Apps

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