Earn Extra Money Using these 7 Best Money-Making Phone Apps

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Making Money phone apps

Money making apps are becoming extremely popular. Why? Because it is easy to take your phone out and click a few buttons. We do it every day! So why not use your phone as a money-making tool?

In fact, I have found seven money making apps that I keep on my phone at all times to help earn a little extra each month.

Who wouldn’t want extra cash to help pay bills, buy groceries, or like I always do, save for Christmas presents? -Especially when you are earning income for something you already do, like grocery shopping or trying to get rid of unwanted clothing.

Yes, these apps give you extra money for doing ordinary things like uploading a picture of your grocery receipt or clicking a few pictures of your old clothing.

Moreover, I use all of these apps myself and only recommend things I know and love to my readers. So you can rest assured they are legit and will help you add some extra cash to your wallet (or Paypal).

Let’s not forget, these apps are user-friendly and worth your time! ¬†Especially if you are looking for some side money or want to budget for next month’s grocery bill.

Some of the Apps listed below require some work but are by far, my favorite ways to earn a side hustle. And keep in mind the ones that require work are still easy.

So pull out your smartphones and get ready to start earning!


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