50 Easy Thanksgiving Crockpot Side Dishes

50 Thanksgiving Crockpot Side Dishes to Try This Year - Recipes in background - cheesy potatoes, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole

Are you cooking for Thanksgiving this year?  In my opinion, side dishes are the best, especially when you have found easy Thanksgiving Crockpot side dishes to try!

I’ve done it a few times and boy, let me tell you, It was a lot of work! My husband has seven brothers and sisters and at the time, I had a one-year-old too. Of course, I made a ton of food, which was mostly gone by the end, and had a toddler grabbing at my leg the entire time. Looking back, I wish I had made better use of my crockpot and made a few of these wonderful dishes from my favorite food bloggers below. I have three slow cookers so I am totally set this year and will be following some of these Thanksgiving Crock Pot side dishes to make things easy on myself this Thanksgiving and I hope you will check out these recipes and join me.

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Greenbean Casserole

Recipe by The Magical Slow Cooker

One of my favorite side dishes is a set-and-forget recipe you can easily make early and let cook while you are making other Thanksgiving foods.

finished cooking green bean casserole with wooden spoon in it

Slow Cooker Cranberry Sauce

This recipe is by The Magical Slow Cooker.

This looks decadent, but also super easy to make and let sit while you do some other cooking.

raw cranberries and orange marmalade in a slow cooker.

Cooked by Julie

Crockpot Sweet Potatoe Casserole 

Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

This looks so amazing and way better than the canned stuff! Your guest will thoroughly enjoy it! Also by Cooked by Julie.

a spoon full of creamed corn.

Recipe by Sunshine and Strength

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

What could be better than warm apple sauce to tie your sweet and savory recipes together? All I can say is, YUM!

Slow Cooker Applesauce | Strength and Sunshine @RebeccaGF666 Nothing smells more like autumn comfort than apples simmering in the slow cooker! Easy homemade slow cooker applesauce with none of the work, hassles, or added sugar. Add some cinnamon and spice or keep it plain; the final product is up to you but will always be delicious! The perfect gluten-free and vegan sweet snack!

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

Also by Sunshine and Strength

Slow Cooker Apple Butter (No Peeling!) | Strength and Sunshine @RebeccaGF666 Thick, creamy, and sweet Slow Cooker Apple Butter with no peeling required! All those freshly picked apples cooked down in the crock-pot for a perfect sweet and aromatic spread recipe that's gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and allergy-free! #applebutter #slowcooker #crockpot #glutenfree #vegan #paleo #apples

Green Bean Casserole with Bacon

Recipe by Savory with Soul

This recipe is easy and delicious. A perfect add to your Thanksgiving menu.

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

Slow Cooker Maple Acorn Squash

What could go better together than maple and squash? A glorious combination!

Recipe by Ann’s Entitled Life

Slow Cooker Maple Acorn Squash Recipe. This slow cooker maple acorn squash recipe is the perfect fall side dish! Great as an accompaniment to pork, turkey and chicken entrees, this is one delicious, easy to make squash recipe your entire family will enjoy.

Spinach Stuffing Balls

This recipe looks amazing and will give your taste buds a treat!

Recipe by Dish the Kitchen

A bowl full of baked stuffing balls dotted with spinach.

Chai Spiced Tea Potatoe Crunch

If you love Chai tea, this potatoes crunch recipe is delightful. Check it out!

Recipe by Dish the Kitench

A white oval serving dish containing mashed sweet potatoes topped with chopped pecans.

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoe Casserole

If you are looking for easy-to-follow instructions, this post is for you. Check out her picture for ingredients and enjoy this sweet treat.

Recipe by Inspired Epicurian

vegan sweet potato casserole baked in slow cooker | comfort food

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Acorn Squash

This is a super easy recipe, but elegant enough for any fancy Thanksgiving plate!

Recipe by The Short Order Cook

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Acorn Squash overhead of crock pot insert with stuffed squash ready to cook

Easy Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

Also by the Short Order Cook, this recipe will WOW your guest, as a lovely appetizer to enjoy before the feast.

Authentic Southern Green Beans

What an amazing and easy “dump” recipe to enjoy this year. These slow cooker green beans will have your Thanksgiving guest coming back for seconds.

Recipe by Sweet and Thyme

a close overhead view of southern green beans seasoned with red pepper flakes

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

This mouthwatering recipe is sure to complement any turkey this year!

Recipe by Create Kid’s Club

A bowl with Green bean Casserole.

Crockpot Mac and Cheese

What Thanksgiving Dinner is complete without Mac and Cheese as a side dish? Homemade mac and cheese is a favorite in my house and this recipe does not disappoint.

Recipe by Ally’s Sweet and Savory Food

crock pot mac-n-cheese (sweetandsavoryfood.com)

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Recipe by Simple Happy Foodie

You can’t go wrong with pecan for Thanksgiving dishes! YUM!

Close up of Sweet Potatoes and Apples on spoon

Slow Cooker Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Also by Simple Happy Foodie, this post is seriously making me hungry! I mean look at this amazing recipe with all of its cheesy goodness!

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes in a slow cooker

Easy and Savory Slow Cooker Creamed Corn with Bacon

I just have to say, you had me at bacon! You had me at bacon! So delicious!

Recipe by Spice and Sugar Mama

slow cooker creamed corn with bacon

Easy Crockpot Corn Casserole

I love how this recipe uses jiffy mix and you must click over to see her adorable crockpot if nothing else.

Recipe by The Typical Mom

corn casserole recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

Who wouldn’t want to make this soup! Done in a crockpot it couldn’t be easier.

Recipe by The Forked Spoon

Shallow speckled bowl filled with creamy butternut squash soup topped with homemade croutons fresh oregano, pumpkin seeds, and everything but the bagel seasoning.

Slow Cooker Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

If you like Cracker Barrel Fried Apples, you will LOVE this copycat recipe for Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Recipe by Crayons and Cravings

Slow cooker fried apples

Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes

Of course, you will want to make mashed potatoes. So why not use your crockpot and save room on the stove. Plus they will be “oh so warm” for your Thanksgiving guests.

Recipe by Dinner at the Zoo

Crock pot mashed potatoes topped with pats of butter and parsley.

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

The perfect complement to your turkey!

Recipe by Recipe This

slow cooker mac and cheese

Lazy Slow Cooker Sweet Corn Spoonbread

I love this idea. I am SOOOO trying this recipe!

Recipe by The Lazy Slowcooker

top view of this recipe in a round bowl with orange decor printed in side.

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Super Easy Thanksgiving Crockpot Recipes - Side dish pictures sweet potatoes, scalloped potatoes, soup, mashed potatoes

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Keep Ready for more easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Lazy Slow Cooker Cheesy Potatoes

Also by The Lazy Slow Cooker, I love the name of the blog. Because if you use a slow cooker, it definitely helps on those lazy nights or if you are cooking a big feast for Thanksgiving.

Looking down on a white bowl with wavy edged filled with sliced potatoes, melted cheese and some chopped parsley for garnish

Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Recipe by Simple Stacey

These look so good and sound like something you would get at a very fancy restaurant.

Slow Cooker Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Make the creamiest mashed potatoes in your Crockpot! You'll love the rich, garlicky flavor in every bite for a delicious fall side dish.

Crockpot Easy Hassleback Potatoes

Recipe by Angie Holden

What a delightful, yet simple potatoes recipe for your Thanksgiving Crockpot side dishes!

Easy recipe for crock pot hasselback potatoes to make in your slow cooker!

Slow Cooker Cranberry Turkey Meatballs

Recipe by Food Meanderings

These would make such an amazing appetizer for your Thanksgiving Crockpot side dish recipes!

6 slow cooker turkey meatballs with red and white skewers on a black, round serving platter

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Recipe by Cozy Cook

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! These potatoes look scrumptious.

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes in a casserole dish with a spoon in it.

Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

Recipe by Dinner at the Zoo

Slow Cooker Creamed Corn topped with bacon and chives.

Crockpot Four Bean Chili

This Recipe is by Plant-based on a Budget

Yes, you can totally do chili as a side dish for Thanksgiving! This healthy recipe is also budget-friendly so give it a try for Thanksgiving or anytime!

completed crockpot four bean chili in a white bowl against a white background

Cinnamon Carrots (Slow Cooker)

These cinnamon carrots look amazing and will brighten up your Thanksgiving dinner!

Recipe by Salty Side Dish

cinnamon carrots on a white plate

Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Slow Cooker Recipe

Healthy and yummy, this cauliflower recipe will not disappoint.

Recipe by Wholesome Yum

Roasted garlic cauliflower is the best roasted cauliflower recipe ever! Super easy with 5 minute prep. You'll love this simple, improved method for how to roast cauliflower in the oven. Detail: the-best-roasted-garlic-cauliflower-recipe-3

Slow Cooker Red Mashed Potatoes

Red mashed potatoes add a nice twist to the classic mashed potatoes recipe.

Recipe by We Dish It Up

Close up of Mashed potatoes

Healthier Cinnamon Maple Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes

Add some butter to this yummy recipe and watch it melt the hearts of your Thanksgiving guests.

Recipe by Recipes by the Pantry

slow cooker mashed sweet potatoes in a white bowl and topped with pecans and almonds

Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes

Cheesy potatoes are a favorite in my house and these look simply amazing!

Also from Recipes by the Pantry

top down view of the finished crockpot cheesy potatoes served in a ceramic dish

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoe Casserole

This sweetness is and texture are delectable!

The Magical Slowcooker

cooked sweet potatoes on a wooden spoon

Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

Start off with an amazing appetizer this year.

Recipe by Kim Schob

Slow Cooker Minestrone | kimschob.com

Crockpot Hashbrown Casserole

This is a wonderful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner!

Recipe by Kim Schob

Crockpot-Hasbrown-Casserole | kimschob.com

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

A must-try for Thanksgiving this year!

Recipe by Create Kid’s Club

Crockpot green bean cassserole in a white serving bowl with a spoon in the bowl scooping a serving.

Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

These look amazing and the best part is you can make-ahead!

Recipe by Fluxing Well

make ahead mashed potatoes featured image

The Best Crockpot Mac and Cheese

I love anything that is the best of a category. This would also make a great meal on a busy school night.

Recipe by Suburban Simplicity

cooked macaroni and cheese in a bowl

Slow Cooker Bread with Rosemary

Bread… In a slow cooker? Yes, please!

Recipe by The Soccer Mom Blog

loaf of fresh baked crockpot bread on cutting board

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

Super yummy and super crunchy!

Recipe by Little Sunny Kitchen

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole Served in the Crockpot and a serving spoon

Crockpot Butternut Squash and Apples

A decadent twist to your butternut squash.

Recipe by Dizzy, Busy, and Hungry

Overhead shot of slow cooker butternut squash garnished with herbs in a white bowl with a burlap cloth on the side.

Crockpot Creamed Corn

This is an amazing recipe! You must check it out!

Recipe by Love From the Oven

A bowl of creamed corn

Creamy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Creamy, yummy goodness!

Recipe by The Soccer Mom Blog

mashed potatoes with butter, made in slow cooker

Slow Cooker Holiday Green Beans

We can have something healthy at Thanksgiving dinner this year, that also tastes great.

Recipe by the Magical Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Holiday Green Beans

Crockpot Green Bean Casserole

I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the green bean recipes! Now it is time to choose which one you will make.

Recipe by Bubba Pie

Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole

50 Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes Final Thoughts…

I hope this post makes your cooking easier this year so you can spend more time with your family and enjoy your loved ones. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite meals and each of these recipes will be enjoyed by guests. By using y our slow cooker, you can create more time and space for baking and prepping your turkey (which I have also done in a slow cooker!). Happy Thanksgiving.

50 Thanksgiving Crockpot Side Dishes

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