Secrets to saving on fashionable clothing and building your closet to save you money.
Affordable Fashion for the Frugal at Heart

Are you into style and fashion? Do you follow the latest clothing trends?  Your personal style is an awesome form of self-expression.

Fashion and personal style have always been one of my passions. As a girl, I was intrigued when my mother wore a pretty dress or grandma applied her favorite shade of lipstick. They were always so beautiful and inspiring!

With that being said, I don’t like paying high prices for items that will quickly go out of style and sit in my closet until I decide to do a closet purge. (I don’t like paying high prices for anything for that matter.) So when shopping for more stylish items, I have my go-to stores.

I like following fashion trends and looking cute like the next lady; however, I have not always had the money to support this habit. Therefore, I had to become crafty with my shopping. Today, I’m going to share my secrets & suggestions with you. I will describe how to own a stylish wardrobe on a budget.

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First, start with some staples like a great pair of jeans and shoes that will go with anything. These are timeless items that will last and for that, I am willing to spend a little more. Although don’t disregard, you can buy a great pair of jeans at Target for around $24 on sale. Other great staples are a little black dress, a good handbag and a slimming pair of black dress pants that can be worn with different tops.

Here are some Target cropped jeans (affiliate link) – great for spring:

The second step to building your frugal fashion closet is to add trendy items to your key pieces. These are on-trend items that will eventually go out of style. When shopping for these items, don’t blow your bank or go overboard. For example, baby pastel pink is the “it” color for spring 2017. To add style, invest in a pastel pink t-shirt or tank and pair it with cool jeans. This is a great way to stay stylish and still keep to a budget.


One way to look stylish is to buy a statement necklace or a trendy pair of sunglasses. These can give a cool appearance to any outfit. The glasses can be worn daily which makes them a great investment.


Now that we have some staples in place, it is time to bargain shop for the rest of your closet. You don’t need to spend much to look great. You can pick up a few items each season and clear out items from last season to avoid clutter. Check out the list below! These stores are great for trendy items at bargain prices.

10 Awesome Stores for Frugal Fashion Finds:

1. H & M – H & M is great for low-cost fashionable clothing. Not to mention, they also sell accessories and shoes. Another reason I like this store is the recycling program. If you bring in a bag of old clothing they give you a 15% off coupon and take your old clothing to be recycled. How cool is that?

I love H & M for T-shirts and skinny jeans. Their no-pocket jeggings are really comfortable and just $9.99 (only around $8.50 with your coupon).

TIP – Ibotta now gives rebate credits for shopping at H&M! Not a member? Sign up here to earn $10!

2. Forever 21 – They sell so many trendy clothes, I can’t even get into it! There is something for everyone, no matter your style. They also sell men’s and kid’s clothing. Not to mention, they have a huge choice of accessories and chokers, which are hot now.

Note: At times, the item quality from Forever 21 is sub-par, but if you are looking for a low-cost, one-season trend, this is the place to go.

3. Old Navy – I find Old Navy has better quality items than the two stores listed above. Nonetheless, they have amazing sales. Old Navy is great for summer shorts, capris, and dresses.

4. Target – I love Target but I usually avoid the clothing isles so I don’t overspend. However, once in a while, I make my way down to the clearance racks. If you see something you really want, wait 3-4 weeks and it will go on sale. Also, don’t forget your Cartwheel app and REDcard! Click here to Save 5% and get Free Shipping at Target – Apply for a REDcard. Learn how to save more at Target here. Check out this super cute dress for $24.99 (affiliate link):

5. JCPenney – JCP has some amazing coupon deals. They often mail a $10 off coupon and I’ve scored ladies Nike workout shirts for around $3. I don’t buy here unless I have a coupon and JCP almost always has a $10 off $25 coupon available online. They will accept digital coupons off your phone so do a search before you check out.

TIP: Are you looking for children’s clothing? Use your $10 off coupon and score an entire Carter’s kid’s outfit for less than $5. The Carter’s outfits are usually on sale for between $12-$15. The $10 off coupons have no minimum purchase.


6. Marshalls or T.J. Maxx – These stores offer name-brand and quality items at a discount.You can often find name brand prices for 30-50% off.  If you like brands such as Levis, Ralph Lauren, Coach, and Michael Kors then these are the stores for you!

7. Kohl’s – This is another great store that often offers Coupons. I have received Kohl’s coupons via snail mail, e-mail and The Sunday Paper. They have some amazing lines that are totally cute and specific to the store.

TIP: Ebates is now offering 9% off (usually 3%) on your Kohl’s purchase. Not a member? Sign up here for a $10 credit!

8. Poshmark – This is a website that offers new and used clothing at a discount. I love to shop Posh and I’m a seller too. (Check out my review here) You can buy some really high-end stuff for super discounted prices.This site allows you to make an offer to the seller, for an even better deal. Moreover, many sellers offer discounts on bundle purchases. For example, if you buy three items from the same buyer, you will receive a 15% discount and only pay one shipping fee. SCORE!

9. She In – This is an online store with fashionable, affordable clothing. Check out the site below and you will find super trendy clothing for amazing prices. (affiliate link)

New fashions added daily at

10. Thrift stores – Thrift stores are great places to score quality items for less. If you love name brand but not name-brand price tags, thrift stores are the way to go! I once bought a pair of GAP jeans in excellent condition for $5. Many fashion thrift or consignment stores weed out the older clothing for you!


Whatever your style, the list of stores above will suit your tastes or needs! Remember to keep some closet staples and don’t pay high prices for trendy items that will quickly be on their way out of the style revolving door! You are sure to score some bargains with the list above!

Do you have a favorite discount store or do you shop any of the stores above? Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite or any great deals you have scored lately!

Thanks for the visit!

Take care! – Sarah

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