Best Money Quotes to Build Your Wealth #2

Warren Buffet - Money Quote


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Today’s money motivation post comes to you from Warren Buffet,  one of the top investors and money gurus when it comes to building wealth. “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” is a profound statement in the area of frugal living. You see, many frugal people get a bad rap as being cheap. However, many us of us frugal mammas (and dads), on the contrary, are smart with our money and way of living.

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Nonetheless, this means, not always buying the cheapest item. For example, you could spend $10 at the dollar store on storage organizers and have each break or you could buy a quality storage bin that will stand the test of time hence saving you money. – And let’s be honest, my kids have destroyed several of those dollar store storage bins and I ended up replacing them with a better quality bin later. I’ve learned, I should have just bought the better quality item in the first place. As a consumer value should be on the top of your priority list.

You get the point!  At times, you may end up spending more on a decent pair of boots, but end up wearing them for the next ten years. That IS value and that IS what frugal living is all about! Living within your means and making conscious decisions when it comes to spending your money. Think about keeping more money in your pocket when you buy quality over quantity. I’ve taken the cheaper path and learned from my mistakes. Buying cheap ends up costing more in the long run.

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Here’s wishing you the best on your debt free journey! Be on the lookout for the next money quote in my series and let’s all start thinking about our finances more often!

Take care – Sarah

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