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Split Meat Meals- Spaghetti & Tacos
Split Meat meals – Spaghetti & Tacos

What is a split meal? Do you often cook dinners on a budget?  If so, my split-meat meal idea is perfect for you! Make your spaghetti and tacos this week, using only one package of meat!

Split meat meals are great for families trying to save money on food and stay healthy. You are using half the meat for both meals and filling yourself up with other items such as vegetables or bread.

I started my split meals when my husband was buying our ground turkey from Costco. The packages of meat were bigger, so I would make two meals out of one meat pack! My two go-to meals for splitting are spaghetti and tacos! (Although you could do Chili and add extra veggies)

So my split meal is just that! I split the meat and drum up two meals with one meat package and meal prep.

This works best for a family of four with younger kids. My kids are ages six and four and do not mind if their spaghetti sauce or tacos don’t have as much meat. Plus if you start this when they are young, then they are used to eating their meals with less meat as they grow.


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After a while, I started doing this with the regular sized packs of meat (16 oz.), be it ground turkey or ground beef.  I then realized I didn’t mind less meat in my spaghetti sauce and no one else in my family seemed to mind either. (Note: I’m feeding two adults and two children, ages four and two. If you have teenagers you may need the Costco size meat packs. (20-32 oz.)

So brown up the meat, split it into two pans and make your spaghetti sauce I like to use Garden Combo Market Pantry Sauce. with half and taco meat with the other half. Serve up the spaghetti that evening and the next night, devour your delectable tacos!!


Split Meat Meals – Eating on a Budget Conclusion

You can see why this is so appealing!! You are saving money by only having to buy one package of meat. Also, you are only having to cook and clean up one mess the first night!

The second night, just warm up the meat and add your favorite taco toppings!! Yummy premade tacos! Enjoy!!

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What is your favorite budget meal? Do you think your family would be able to eat less meat? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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