Spruce up Stove Top Stuffing

Thanksgiving Stuffing
Spruce up Stove Top this Thanksgiving

Are you on a budget this Thanksgiving?  Are you stressed out about the strains of hosting?

There is so much thought and effort that goes into hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house.  The menu, the cleaning, and let’s not forget the food budget!

That’s enough to give a busy mom and headache! Ouch!

One way to save money (think less stress) this Thanksgiving is to use Stove Top Stuffing as your main side dish! I have used this recipe for a few years and my guests raved about it!

This recipe is a quick, easy way to spruce up your Stove Top and you will save money because you are using Stove Top! Yet, you will still have a dish that your guests will love!

Both times I made this recipe, there was nothing left at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, so I guess it was a success.

I’m wishing all of you the best this Holiday Season and I’m hoping my recipe will help lighten the cooking burden and financial burden hosting Thanksgiving can bring!  Let’s try this and see how many compliments you get this year!!

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Ingredients for your spruced up Stove Top:

1 small bag of carrots cut up into small pieces – $1

1 small finely chopped onion – $.99

4-5 finely chopped celery stalks – $1.50

1 can Chicken broth (10.5 oz.) – $0.89

1 box of Stove Top Stuffing – $1.00 (This usually goes on sale the week before Thanksgiving so stock up.)

Easy Stove Top for Less Directions:

  1. Sauté carrots, onion, and celery in vegetable oil in a frying pan until soft. (Tip: Cut up the night before and store in pyrex.)
  2. Follow the directions on the box of your Stove Top, except instead of using water, use Chicken broth. This gives it a rich flavor.
  3. Add your veggies and bread crumbs from the box and stir.
  4. Fluff with a fork and you are ready to serve! This serves about 5-6 people and can be doubled for more guests!

Stuffing for less conclusion:

Quick, easy and yummy!  If you are hosting Thanksgiving and you are on a budget, this recipe is for you!  This recipe totals out at around $5.38! It won’t break your bank and your guest will love it!  Shhh! Hide the Stove Top boxes and no one will ever know!

To you and yours, enjoy this time with your family! I am sure Thankful for mine and I am lucky everyone is in good health, which is all the wealth I need.

Leave me a comment! I would love to hear what you are thankful for!!

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Spruce up Stove Top Stuffing

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