Cheap Aldi Meal Plan

$35 Cheap Aldi Meal Plan You Must Try + Free Printables #aldi #mealplan #frugalmeals #frugalrecipes
$35 Cheap Aldi Meal Plan You Must Try + Free Printables

Do you know how to meal plan? It is easy to create a cheap Aldi meal plan with the low prices found at this store. Have you heard of Aldi, a popular discount grocery store? Most people that are into saving money have at least visited Aldi once or twice.

But if you are looking to save money, this Aldi meal plan is definitely something you want to check out.

If you are new to Aldi it is a popular discount grocery chain that started in Europe and eventually made it’s a way to the states. It is owned by Trader Joe’s so most of the food is of high quality.

Aldi’s low prices come at a cost, but after you get used to Aldi’s little quirks such as renting your grocery cart for $0.25 and bringing your own grocery bags, you will fall in love with the savings.

My Aldi’s Challenge

My challenge for this post -it was really just a personal challenge- was to buy at least seven dinners, so dinners for one week, and keep my cost under $35.

Do you think I was able to do it? (I know the suspense is killing you!)

If you answered yes, because of Aldi’s low prices, you are correct.

This post will show you how to create a simple meal plan from Aldi for under $35.

You will also find some of the meals are on the larger side so depending on the size of your family, you may end up with leftovers. I have a family of four with kids ages currently seven and five and this was plenty of food for all of us. My husband and I even got lunch leftovers a few of the days.

I will include a printable menu plan and printable grocery list at the end of the post so read through to pick up your goodies and get ready to save!

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Cheap Aldi Meal Plan Haul - Create this Cheap Aldi Meal Plan for under $35 #mealplan #frugal #savemoney
Cheap Aldi Meal Plan Haul

Monday – Aldi take and bake pizza

My family enjoyed the Aldi’s cheese pizza and it was so big that my husband and I had it for lunch the next day.

The pizza was the only one I didn’t get a picture of, but you can see the size of it in the picture above. It was pleasantly delightful!

Tuesday – Sloppy Joe’s

After making four sloppy joe’s for my family we again had enough for my husband and me to have lunch the following day.

Cheap Aldi Meal Plan - Sloppy Joe’s - Save on food with meal planning. The popular discount store, Aldi’s, will not disappoint! Check out these cheap family meals. #food #Aldi #aldimealplan
Cheap Aldi Meal Plan – Sloppy Joe’s






Wednesday – Chicken alfredo with broccoli

This meal was delightful. I’m not a huge fan of canned Alfredo but it was surprisingly good. I cooked the chicken and split it in half. I will use the other half for tomorrow’s dinner.

Aldi meal plan - Chicken Alfredo and broccoli - Cheap Aldi meal plan for a family of four. Enjoy your cheap family meals. #cheaprecipes #cheapfamilymeals #aldimeals
Aldi meal plan – Chicken Alfredo and broccoli







Thursday – Pesto chicken broccoli with bow tie noodles & cornbread

This meal was really good and I had leftovers for lunch for the next two days. It would definitely be possible to have a “leftover” night in this meal plan and eliminate one of the meals if you are really tight on money this week. You could always, of course, take your leftovers for lunch.

Cheap Aldi Meal Plan - Pesto Chicken Farfelle #aldimeals #cheapmeals #thriftymeals
Cheap Aldi Meal Plan – Pesto Chicken Farfalle






Friday – Seafood ravioli with corn

This seafood ravioli was surprisingly tasty! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but my kids and I both liked it. It was as high quality as what you would find at a fancy restaurant, but frozen from Aldi, it was still good. We had enough corn from the one package to use for this meal as well.

Aldi Seafood Ravioli- Cheap Aldi Meal Plan #aldimealplan #cheapfamilymeals
Aldi Seafood Ravioli -Cheap Aldi Meal Plan






Saturday – Deluxe mac & cheese with broccoli

This deluxe macaroni and cheese was tasty! I will recommend if you have a hungry husband, buying two boxes or planning to have some of the leftovers above for this easy meal. If I did not have leftovers this would not have been enough for all four of us. However, I made this when my husband was working evenings so it worked out well for us.

Deluxe Mac & Cheese - Cheap Aldi Meal Plan #aldimealplan #aldi
Deluxe Mac & Cheese – Cheap Aldi Meal Plan






Sunday – Red bean and rice wrap with refried beans and cheese

I used to make these wraps when I was single and lived with a roommate. We absolutely loved them and I kind of forgot about making this over the years. However, I was looking for a rice packet because I was originally going to make bean burritos with Spanish rice, however, when I saw the red beans and rice pack I changed my mind. If you aren’t into red beans and rice, you could make the bean burritos for around the same price.

Red Beans and Rice - Cheap Aldi Meal Plan
Red Beans and Rice – Cheap Aldi Meal Plan






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To Print Your Aldi Meal Plan Click the Link Below:

Aldi Meal Plan

Cheap Aldi Meal Plan - 7 dinners under $35
Cheap Aldi Meal Plan – 7 dinners under $35






Aldi Printable Grocery List

Organic Corn $1.99

New Orleans Rice $1.29

Shrimp & Crab Ravioli $3.99

Broccoli Florets $0.95

Broccoli Florets $.0.95

Pesto Sauce $2.19

Farfalle Noodles $0.79

Alfredo Sauce $1.69

Jiffy Corn Muffin $0.47

Fresh Ground Turkey $3.49

Shells & Cheese $1.15

Sloppy Joe Sauce $0.89

Chicken Breasts $3.71

Mexican Shreds Cheese $2.49

Flour Tortillas $0.99

Refried Beans $0.65

Organic Linguine $1.09

Hamburger Buns $0.85

Cheese Deli Pizza $4.99

Total: $34.61

Click the link below for the printable grocery list:

Aldi Meal Plan – Grocery List

Super Saver Idea:

I had leftover ingredients. I only used 1/2 of the jar of pesto sauce, 1/2 of the alfredo sauce, and 1/2 of the linguine, and 1/2 of the wraps. So I could do this exact same meal plan next week and save $6 off my bill because I can skip buying these four ingredients. So you would pay around $29 for next week’s meal plan. Try it out and save more!

Aldi Meal Plan Final Thoughts

If you are tight on money, this is the perfect meal plan for you. You are still incorporating all the food groups throughout the week including proteins, vegetables, grains, and bread. We are missing fruits, but you could add that to your breakfast or lunch. This is also a great meal plan if you are trying to save money on food to pay off debt or save up for an emergency fund. My family liked everything on the meal plan and they were left full after every meal so I saved money on snacks too!

The only dinner that could have used a bit more was the mac and cheese. My husband would have like a larger serving, but this pack was only $1 so you could double if I make this again, I will add a muffin pack or cornbread pack to still keep it around $35. I hope you enjoy the meal plan and enjoy your savings!

Aldi Meal Plan



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