The Best Daily Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule

Do you need the best daily stay-at-home mom schedule to help you get into a routine? Are you a stay-at-home mom that is responsible for taking care of your kids on a day-to-day basis? You may be asking yourself, “how do stay-at-home moms schedule for the day?”  This is such an important and fun job, but if you are a stay-at-home mom, you know at times the hours can drag on!  I am speaking from experience as I am a former teacher that decided to stay-at-home with my kids after working since I was twelve years old. Fortunately, there are ways to help the day go by quickly and help you stay sane as a stay-at-home mom.

Are you searching for a daily stay-at-home mom schedule to help you stay sane? This schedule gives you kids academic ideas, kids free-time ideas and kids outside time ideas! Check it out and make your mom day run more smoothly! #stayathomemomideas #momlife #freeprintable
Daily Stay-at-home mom schedule





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These boredom busters for kids are not only fun but also include a variety of academic tasks to keep your kids learning while they are at home with you.

This post has been divided up into sections according to the free printable. I have also attached a blank copy of this printable so you can adjust as needed. What works for me, may not work for you and that is okay!

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Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule Printable

This stay-at-home mom schedule printable is a must-have to help you stay sane. Whether you need a mom schedule during quarantine or you are just ready to get your days back on track, you will want to use these ideas to help you thrive as a mom.

Early Morning

1. Eat Breakfast

2. Get dressed

3. Brush teeth, brush hair, and wash face

4. Now is a good time to watch a few cartoons depending on when your kids get up. I have some early risers that are normally up around 6:30 so unless we have somewhere to go, I am pretty lax about morning cartoons as long as they are age-appropriate.

Academic Instruction Ideas


2. Worksheets (Math/Reading) – Check out my printables on teacher pay teacher!

3. Calendar time

4. Read stories

5. Counting

6. Money

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Outside Time Ideas for a Stay-at-Home Mom

1. Take a walk

  • collect leaves
  • find pinecones
  • look for animals
  • check the weather
  • look for signs with words/letters
  • talk about colors you see

2. Play Red Light – Green Light

3. Play catch

4. Write letters/names with sidewalk chalk

5. Paint with large paintbrushes and water

6. Look for bugs

7. Draw Tracks with sidewalk chalk and bring out some cars

8. Splash in puddles

9. Simon says

10. Plant seeds and observe/water daily

11. Blow bubbles and try to catch them

Art or Building Time

You don’t have to come up with an art project daily, but you can rotate with building time or just let them color and be creative!

1. Blocks

2. Legos

3. Lincoln logs

4. Magnates

5. Letter art projects

6. Holiday crafts

7. Bead crafts

8. Paint (I love washable watercolors because they are so easy to clean up)

9. Glitter glue

10. Coloring books or sheets

11. Playdough

12. Make slime (if you are brave enough)

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Make sure to eat too, mama!



I like to give my kids at least one chore per day. I tell them they can earn a dollar per week if they do their chores. This helps with the fussing when it is chore time. They are usually happy to do it!

1. Fold socks

2. Put away laundry

3. Spray surfaces with vinegar water

4. Vacuum (depending on age)

5. Sweep (depending on age)

6. Make beds

Academic Time

During this academic time, electronics are okay. Check Scholastics for 20 free classes and many museums and zoos are offering free tours or facebook lives which you can replay at any time if you can not attend the live event. Also, search educational shows and find learning shows on Netflix. My kids are older (six and seven) but love Brainchild and “The Who What” Show on Netflix which are science and history shows.

Outside Time

This can be a free play outside time. Let your kids run around and play tag, dig, and/or look for bugs. Let them enjoy the fresh air!

Dinner Time

Time to eat! I enjoy making crockpot dinners (which I would make while my kids are watching shows or in the early morning). Here is a list of 70 slow cooker dinners to try. It just makes it easier to have things ready. I am also dabbling with my Instantpot I got for Christmas and I’m liking it so far – although I have only made four meals total.

Free Time/Play

It is time for mommy to take a rest! Enjoy some time with your spouse while your kids play with their toys. You can put out certain toys are rotate them to keep your little ones interested. My boys love legos, blocks, art supplies, and enjoy making hot wheel tracks.

Bedtime Routine

Our bedtime routine goes like this:

  1. Clean-up time
  2. Bath
  3. Pajamas
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Stroy time
  6. Lights out

Are you looking for some “Me-Time” and aren’t sure how to practice self-care during these trying times? Check out my other blog called Mama Take Care! It is a self-care blog made specifically for moms.

Free Printable PDF The Best Daily Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule

Free Printable PDF Blank Mom Schedule so you can create your own!

Final Thoughts…


Give yourself a pat on the back, Mama! You made it through the day. Your kids were well taken care of and well-loved. I will say you should use the schedule loosely. Perhaps you are having a bad day and got no sleep. Maybe you are taking care of a newborn plus toddlers. If so, cut yourself some slack. Use your routine for the most part, but it is totally fine to have a long tv morning or give the kids the Ipad if you need a break! You can catch up on the academics tomorrow. Your kids need a well-rested mommy so take some time for yourself too!


The Best Daily Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule



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