Free Printable Halloween Coloring Sheets

Free Halloween Coloring Printable for your kids to enjoy. #freeprintable #Halloween #kidsart
Free Halloween Coloring Printable

Just a quick post today with a few free printable coloring sheets your little ones will love.

Halloween is upon us and it is that time of year to dress up and have fun!

And making cute arts and crafts you can display around the house is all part of the holiday. However, we don’t all have a bunch of time to put stuff like this together, so why not print out a cute Halloween coloring page and call it a day! Let your little one color while you finish getting their last-minute costume ready.

My kids love to color and I love using coloring as a means to teach them about other things. The first coloring page is for the little ones and can be used to teach shapes. You can teach oval, rectangle and triangle with this cute picture.

You can give them directions if you wish. You can say color the rectangle green, color the oval orange, and color the triangles black. This will help them with shapes and colors. and they will find it super fun!

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Cute Halloween Shapes Coloring Sheet – Free Printable

Use this free printable to teach the oval, triangle, semi-circle, and rectangle shapes to your little one. You can have them color each one a different color to reinforce learning.

Halloween Shapes Coloring

Happy Halloween - Shapes Coloring your little one will love. Teach shapes with this cute pumpkin #colring #kidsfun #Halloween
Happy Halloween – Shapes Coloring






Spooky, fun free Halloween Coloring Sheet Free Printable

For the older kids that are getting into spooky Haloween themes, they can color this spooky pumpkin. It will be fang-tastic fun for your kiddos and give you a little breather while they color! Remind them to take their time and do not rush! Have them draw a pumpkin of their own on the back!

Happy Halloween Spooky Coloring

Happy Halloween Spooky Coloring Free Printable -for kids. Have fun this Halloween with these fun coloring sheets. #kids #coloringprintable #Halloween2019
Happy Halloween Spooky Coloring Sheet






Have Fun Coloring Your Free Printable and Happy Halloween

Enjoy these cute coloring sheets and have fun this year! Halloween is a favorite holiday in our house, second to Christmas so make sure you make it super, spooky special.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your little ones are dressing up as this year. I have a spiderman and a construction worker. I will also be Winnie the Pooh and you can use my tutorial here to make your own Pooh costume or try one of these DIY costumes this year. 



Halloween Maze Book

Check out my Halloween Maze PDF printable for sale this Halloween! Save your kids teach, by giving them a fun maze book this year!

What you will get:

12 Halloween mazes: 4 cauldrons, 4 pumpkins, 4 witches hats

12 solutions

You can check it out here:


Halloween Maze BookHalloween Maze Book

Halloween Maze Book





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Free Printable Halloween Coloring Sheets

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