Easy & Frugal Holiday Learning Art Projects for Kids

Looking for some frugal Holiday art projects to keep your kids busy? Unfortunately, snowy, cold weather is coming and during these winter months, most kids (especially mine) love to run wild all over the house.

We live in Michigan so we are no strangers to snow and below freezing weather. There are times, we are cooped up inside and are literally going stir crazy. Therefore, it is nice to have a project or two up your sleeve to keep your babies occupied and give you a break from the constant energy a bubbling toddler can fill your life and house with. Nonetheless, art projects will give you a break from chasing them from room to room for a while!

Easy Holiday Kid's Crafts
Easy Holiday Kid’s Crafts

Fortunately, there are many ways to entertain your kids that don’t involve a screen. Moreover, here are a few learning art projects I’ve tried with my two-year-old and four-year-old this year! (Update: they are now three and five but we will do them again this year!)

The supply list is short…All you need is construction paper, markers, and glue. (I love Target’s Up and Up brand for these products). Target’s store brand is usually cheaper than the name brand art supplies and works just as well.

Nonetheless, my favorite kid’s art projects incorporate learning. (I was a teacher for 13 years.) So the three projects below help teach letters, shapes, and name recognition. Not to mention, your kids will have fun, fun, fun!!

Just follow these instructions below and you are good to go!! After completing, hang them up as Holiday decorations and enjoy a cup of cocoa while they sit still!

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Frugal Holiday Learning Art Projects for Kids:

1. Letter Matching Wreaths Learning Art Project for Kids

Letter Wreaths
Letter Wreaths
  • Trace a circle on green paper (I used a bowl for the big circle)
  • Trace a smaller circle on the inside (I used masking tape.)
  • Draw little humps around the circle
  • Cut it out
  • Cut out red, small circles for berries
  • Draw the alphabet around the wreath
  • Draw matching letters on the red circles
  • Have your toddler match them up (may need mom & dad’s help with this)

Variation – You could do a capital and lowercase matchup for 4-6 years of age.

Note – It took my two-year-old two sittings to finish this.

(See the first picture for completed project)

2. Snowman Name Recognition Art Project for Kids

Name recognition snowman for kids
Name recognition snowman for kids
  • Cut out long rectangles in a color of your choice
  • Cut out white circles for the snowman
  • Write the letters of your child’s name on the circles
  •  Let your child glue them on to make his or her name snowman
  • Glue on the hat

Variation: For older children (4-6) have them write their own name

3. Shapes Reindeer Holiday Art Project 

Shapes Reindeer
Shapes Reindeer
  •  Cut out brown squares in three sizes and smaller rectangles for antlers
  • Then cut out a square black nose (I used red for the front deer-Rudolf)
  • Cut out white and black circles for the eyes
  • Glue on as seen in the picture, as you describe each shape to your child. Yet, if they know their shapes ask them to find each one or emphasize each shape as your glue it by saying it to your little one.

Let’s Decorate With Your Holiday Art Projects for Kids

Are you having a Holiday decorating night? We like to make a big deal about decorating the house and tree the day after Thanksgiving. My kids are always super excited about this family event. Now they will have their own decorations to hang up. Your child will feel so special to have done a project with you and hanging it up will remind them of how much you care!

BONUS: After you finish you can use the wreaths to continue going over their letters!

There are so many fun learning projects you can do at home with your little ones and they can be very cost-effective.

Having projects on-hand will help keep you sane during the cold months and your kids will love it!

Hope you enjoy! Comment below if you have any questions or have a holiday art project for kids you would like to share!

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