Christmas Budget Brunch

Looking forward to Christmas brunch this year?  Me too!  I love the Holidays and food is a very important part of all the celebrating.  After watching the kids open gifts, a yummy brunch is a great way to feel full inside and out.  Prepare your brunch with love and the family will love it!

Are you on a budget this Christmas? Try my Christmas Budget Brunch and enjoy saving money and eating well with your family this year. #Christmas #Christmasmenu #Christmasrecipes
Christmas Brunch on a Budget! Enjoy!

Maybe you are hosting guests and would like to have something to offer them as they wake up on Christmas morning.

I’m thinking of memories of Dad making his infamous pancakes, sausage scent filling the house and that special syrup reserved only for Holidays, Mom would whip up.  #makingmehungry

Christmas brunch is a special time to sit as a family and remember what the Holidays are all about.  After spending money on gifts, decorations, and Christmas cards, it is usually the last thing on one’s mind…to buy more food for the morning.

If you enjoy living a frugal lifestyle or the Holidays are hitting your budget hard this year, this post will help you come up with a great brunch, that will break your belt buckle and not your bank!

Let’s try to keep our cost down to under $12 for our entire Christmas brunch. This brunch will easily feed six hungry mouths.  Here are some awesome food ideas that will wow and keep your loved ones, big and small, full all Christmas morning.

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Christmas Budget Brunch Ideas:

Waffles/pancakes – Purchase a box of Market Pantry pancake mix from Target (around $2 a box) and follow the direction for waffles (usually just add an egg and oil); however, if you do not have a waffle iron (I inherited mine from my mom) just make regular pancakes.

Christmas Brunch Blueberry Waffle #christmasbrunch #christmas2018 #christmas #christmasfood #christmasrecipe
Christmas Brunch Blueberry Waffle

Sausage links or bacon– Save money and just pick one. Eckrich farm has a good selection of breakfast links that are very tasty and I love Butterball turkey bacon.  Walgreens often has turkey bacon on sale for less than $1 with a coupon.

Special syrup – Blend Smucker’s blueberry syrup (around $2.50-3)together with a can of Market Pantry blueberry pie filling ($3.49 at Target). This syrup will jazz up any Holiday brunch.  (Optional, top with ready whip to make it look very fancy). If you aren’t into making this you could always cut up Strawberries and use for pancake/waffle topping.

Cinnamon Rolls – A simple and easy, low-stress way to make cinnamon rolls is to pop open a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls with frosting.  We love these at our house, especially the frosting! (Target has this on sale for $1.61 for the 7.3 – oz package.)

Eggs – Scramble up some eggs and add a few of your cooked sausage links (or you could add ham if you have lunch meat on-hand) and cover with shredded cheese to make them pop! (Kroger has eggs on sale for $1.00)

What a delightful breakfast! You have protein, carbs, fruit (a little sugary fruit, but hey, it’s the Holidays). Your little ones will have the energy to play will their toys all morning and make it to dinner at Grandma’s!

Let’s total this out our Christmas Budget Brunch:

Pancake mix $2 + Turkey Bacon $1 + Smuckers Syrup $3 + Blueberry Pie Filling $3.49 + Cinnamon Rolls $1.61 + Eggs $1 = $12.10 = Frugal and yummy!!!!

I’m hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy food with your family. Happy Holidays!

What do you do for Christmas Breakfast?  Comment below and let me know. Also, comment if you have any questions or need more ideas! I would love to hear your feedback and/or help you out!  I will also be starting a bi-weekly e-mail list.  Please sign up on my opt-in form! Thanks so much!


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