Super Bowl Party Appetizers Roundup: Cheap but Yummy


Super Bowl Party Appetizers

Although Winter often brings cabin fever here in Michigan, there are a few things I still look forward to! For one, we can go sledding when the windchill dies down. We also like to make use of the indoor play areas…But perhaps one of the most fun Winter activities we look forward to is watching the Super Bowl! My family loves making Super Bowl party appetizers in lieu of pizza every year!

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge football fan. I used to watch our team, the Detroit Lions for many years; however, after having my two boys, my t.v. time has dwindled downhill just like the Lion’s record – ouch, I still love ya Lions.

Yet, I still love the hype of watching the Super Bowl. I’m not sure what it is…The funny commercials everyone will be talking about the next day, watching the tears of the winning team, the amazing halftime show (hopefully family friendly this year, Justin!), or my favorite part of any party, the food! We love having Super Bowl party appetizers.

We usually have our own Super Bowl party and make it fun by bringing out a different Super Bowl party appetizer every quarter, saving dessert for the fourth! Food is a huge part of any celebration and this year’s party will not disappoint with the recipes listed below. So whether you are hosting guests or enjoying the Super Bowl with your family, try some of these frugal recipes and make it fun without breaking the bank. The biggest penalty will be deciding which one of these yummy appetizers to make.


How to Do a Financial Checkup This Year

January is time for a budget checkup

January is a time to review your goals and set yourself up for success. A New Year means wiping away mistakes of the past and starting fresh. It is no secret, people make resolutions of all sorts. From losing weight to being on time to staying calm…Yet, one of the most important resolutions is getting your finances in order. A budget checkup is essential for keeping your money on track.

Thinking of getting in shape this year? Financial health is just as important as physical health. Did you know carrying around financial burdens can actually affect your well-being? According to a study done by American Psychology Association, 73% of participants cited money as being a significant cause of stress (source WebMD).

So what are you waiting for? Use my list of seven steps to help you audit your finances and fix your money mistakes of years past. If you truly want this year to be your best, do not let finances stand in the way of living your best life!

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My Goal Setting Method: How to Set Goals and Stick With Them

Set Goals & Stick to Them

Goal Setting Method: How to set goals and stick with them

It is true, any of us can set goals and New Year’s Eve is a popular time to start. A New Year makes us feel like we have a clean slate to get in shape, earn more money, or learn something new. But did you know, 80% of New Years Resolutions fail by February? And why is that?

Research shows that people who set goals are more likely to accomplish their tasks but are we all going about it wrong? Why do so many goals go by the wayside after a month or so?

First, we have to look at how we set goals. Are we just verbally saying we want to do something or are we writing out our goals with a plan of action? Creating a solid plan and putting it down on paper is an awesome way to start.

I am a former teacher and my students and I used to set goals every marking period. Yes, this was fun for me! I loved teaching the little ones how to accomplish a goal, revisit, and set new goals. We would revisit our goals every marking period and my best advice about goal setting was and still is we can always become a better version of ourselves.

So even if you got an A last marking period, why not set a goal to create better study habits or learn even more on the subject (at the time I was teaching Special Education Science – which I loved BTW.) Even if you excel in one area, there is always something you can improve upon to be this amazing version of yourself. What a positive lesson!

One of the best ways to set a goal is to write it down. Goals should also be measurable and it helps to create a plan of action. So whether your goal is financial, fitness, or travel success you can do it!

How Do I Measure a Goal?

What does “measurable” mean? It means you can check your goal at the end of your time frame and measure whether you achieved it or not. Setting a goal to simply lose weight is not measurable. However, by being more specific you will be able to check your progress. For example, you could state your goal like this: “I will lose five pounds in four weeks.” The second goal gives a timeline and a clear amount of weight you want to lose. You are WAY more likely to meet this type of goal than just randomly saying you want to do something.

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Grab your free goal setting pdf here and let’s get started!

Goal Setting PDF: Goal Setting


How to Live Your Best Life: 15 Life-Changing Tips

Live Your Best Life

I’ve always been preoccupied with the saying “Live your Best Life” made popular by Oprah Winfrey and as I flew home from a mini trip with my husband, I looked out the window of the plane. It occurred to me, I was looking at things from a different perspective.

On the ground, I could see the bottom of the fluffy white cumulus cloud, but now over ten thousand feet in the air, I was looking down at the beautiful, cotton balls of glory made of water & dust!

Yes, it is true… If you open your eyes you can see many things from a different perspective, personal finances being one of them. I, once a “stuufoholic” used to desire many things and thought buying more “stuff” would make me happier. However, I’ve thus learned the problem with this type of thinking is no matter how much you have, you always want more! Yet, the more you have, the more clutter you deal with and life begins to feel out of control. It can be a never-ending cycle.

We all marry our spouses for different reasons. My husband is a kind, caring person with a good heart. He has taught me many things in our life together, but perhaps the most important is how he prefers experiences over stuff. He would much rather take a trip or take our kids to a new museum than buy a bunch of clothes at the mall. His perspective got me thinking about what we could do to make our lives richer and more fulfilling. Could we all have a goal to live our best life with contentment and happiness? And what’s more, how can we achieve this “best life”?

According to a study done by Nobel Peace Prize winner Angus Deaton happiness peaks at an average income of $75,000 (source After that, our happiness levels off. Research shows money does not necessarily equal happiness.


Pinecone Research Review: How to Make Money Using Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research Review

Do you like making money in your pajamas? Are you a stay-at-home mom that would like some extra spending cash? Then Pinecone Research is a survey company worth checking out.

Personally, I have made over $100 using Pinecone research and today I am recommending them to you because they are a trusted company that pays in cash or gift cards and pays well in terms of survey companies. They pay $3 for most surveys and sometimes more.

Pinecone Research is one of the best survey companies I use. In this post, you will learn how to get started using Pinecone Research and begin earning. Also, you will read about helpful tips and as a bonus, I have included other ideas I love and use to earn extra spending money. (more…)

7 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them

7 Common Money Mistakes

Alexander Pope’s famous quote “To err is human” holds true for our many species driven mistakes. However, when we make a money mistake it seems to sting and leave us feeling shame and remorse.

Although money mistakes are as common as the wind blowing the snow, many money mistakes have easy fixes that will keep your money from blowing away from your bank account and wallet. As the snow settles, your financial situation can also settle. In fact, a key piece of our financial happiness is security.

Nonetheless, I’ve made a few money mistakes myself; however, with some careful planning, I was able to bring my finances back into check and you can too!

It always worries me when I see people spending money they do not have. What’s worse is having no budget at all and not taking the time to plan. In the realm of financial health, planning is key.

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