Frugal Fall Ideas and Activities for the Family

40 frugal fall activities for the family

40 Frugal Fall Activities and Ideas for Your Family #fall #autumn #fallactivities #family
40 Frugal Fall Activities and Ideas for Your Family

Do you love Fall? It is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year! One main reason is my birthday is in the fall – Yay birthday week! Haha!  Also, fall is just cozy and fun.

I enjoy doing things with my kids during every season, but I especially love the fall. Summer here in Michigan can get hot and muggy. And sometimes, it is a pain to take two kids outside in the heat. Yet, fall here in Michigan tends to cool down (although it was 90 a few days ago!) and we can enjoy the outdoors as a family.

Fall is a great time to find fall activities for preschoolers, fall activities for toddlers, and fall activities for school-age children. Basically, these fall activities listed below are intended for the family. These fall ideas will have you wishing it was pumpkin spice season all year long!

So grab your sweatshirt and blanky and cuddle up to read this list. Don’t forget to print the free fall activity planner at the bottom of the post so you can make sure to check everything off your fall bucket list.

Most of all, enjoy your family! Kids grow up way too quickly so we need to take advantage of the time they still want to be seen with us! LOL


Types of Blogs that Make Money

Do you know the types of blogs that make money?

If you haven’t started a blog, this post will give you some good information on how blogs actually make money. Yet, if you are in the beginning process you will want to check out my “start a blog” tutorial here to get you up and running. If you are ready to learn the types of blogs that make money, keep reading!

What types of blog posts make money? #sidehustle #makemoneyonline #blogging #blog
What types of blog posts make money?

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website that has written articles or blog posts that are helpful to readers. Blogs, as opposed to business websites, are usually written by one or two people adding their unique perspective and expertise to the topic at hand.

What is the difference between a blog and a website?

Websites are usually owned by businesses and do not necessarily have updated posts, although many businesses are using blogging to help promote their companies.

A business website usually provides information about the business such as location, store hours, contact information. email and telephone number, pricing information and other information about the company. Yet, a blog usually has informational posts with a personal twist or list of information. Blogs can include personal stories or provide information in a unique way.

Importance of Blogs

Blogs are important for many different reasons, the main being providing knowledge and expertise to the reader. Sure many get into blogging because they want to turn it into a business and make money blogging, but if you can help people in your money-making journey then it is a win-win for both you and your reader.

You want to provide the best information on your topic and show authority and trust.

Web Log Post

Web Logs, commonly known as blogs, are just that. A log on the web. Yet, many people choose to write about their life as a log, but others choose to create informational blogs that relate to their own expertise or personal experience. Blogs are common ways to share information with a personal flair.

What should I blog about?

There are so many blogging topics. In fact, you can write a blog about anything. Although some topics will be more popular than others.

Do you like chicken coops? Write a blog about it.

Are you an expert traveler? Why not share your knowledge with the rest of us. Although small niche websites can gain a following and make money there are many broader blog topics that can create income as well.


How To Recover From A Financial Crisis

Learn how to recover from a financial crisis

Are you in a financial mess? Dealing with a financial crisis is difficult and it is important to take steps to get you back on your feet. If you are in this situation, you are going to love this guest post by Valentina Wilson from Best Debt Consolidation. Check it out here:

How to recover from a financial crisis #personalfinance #finance #moneytips
How to recover from a financial crisis

Are you going through a financial setback?

You are probably getting worried thinking about your situation! You might be undergoing stress and a loss of confidence too.

But trust me, your problems are not going to get better by hanging on to anxiety! Rather, you need to chalk out some effective way out to recover from your financial crisis.

A financial crisis can be the result of different factors like sudden job loss, incessantly high medical bills, bankruptcy, etc.

Whatever the reason be, a financial disaster can take a toll on both your physical and mental well-being!

That’s why you have to stop worrying now! Here I have listed some of the best possible ways for you to recover from your financial crisis.

Let’s get started!


How to Budget and Still Have What You Want

How to budget but still have what you want.

How to Budget and Still Have What You Want #personalfinance #moneytips #budgets
How to Budget and Still Have What You Want

Do you LOVE budgeting? Most people don’t. Sometimes budgeting is like trying to find a parking spot at Costco on a Saturday morning! It’s downright hard! 

If you listed out the top things you want to do this weekend, I bet budgeting probably didn’t even make your top twenty. Yet, creating a budget can be a vital part of your wellbeing emotionally and physically.

But did you know, you can learn how to budget and still have what you want in life?

Knowing you have the money to cover your expenses keeps your life stress-free. And I don’t know about you, but I like to eliminate stress from my life.

Nonetheless, creating a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want. In fact it if you use my methods, you will actually have more of what you want and stop feeling deprived. 

Your new financial life will be like a three-year-old opening up his first toy on Christmas. Like a child, you will wake up each day with excitement and jubilation because you are living the life you have always wanted and everything you do with YOUR money is intentional.


3 Ways to Boost Your Savings Before Retirement

Are you thinking about retirement? Even if you haven’t saved as much as you need, there are ways to boost your retirement. If you need help in this area, you are going to love this guest post from 
Danielle Kunkle Roberts from her personal blog entitled Danielle K Roberts.

Learn How to Boost Your Savings Before Retirement

3 Wats to Boost Your Savings Before Retirement #savemoney #moneytips #personalfinance
3 Ways to Boost Your Savings Before Retirement

Did you know that the average retiree only has around $50,000 saved once they retire? For most people, that will cover less than two years of expenses.

And living prices are skyrocketing. So much so, that even a million dollars doesn’t automatically mean that you will retire comfortably.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for your future. It also doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for you. Here are 3 ways to boost your savings for retirement, that won’t feel like a chore.


7 Fun & quirky ways to save money

Learn my Seven Fun & Quirky Ways to Save Money

7 Fun and Quirky Ways to Save Money #savemoney #moneytips #frugal
7 Fun and Quirky Ways to Save Money

Do you need to save money? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra dough in your pocket at the end of each month?

Did you know saving money can also be fun?

Most people think “BLAH” when they hear the word budget. However, a budget can help you keep your finances on track and set you up on your road to financial freedom.

Do you want to retire early and travel the world? Maybe you want to invest so your money can grow.

These seven quirky things below will help you save more and reach your financial goals sooner. Plus, they are quirky and funny so why not give them a try?

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