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5 Safe Ways to Get Started Investing for Beginners

Safe ways to get started investing for beginners

Safe Ways to Start Investing - Quick Start Guide; coins in piles
Safe Ways to Start Investing – Quick Start Guide; coins in piles


The ups and downs of investing have been crazy the past few years. With the rise and fall of certain companies, you could have done really well if you got in on some of the actions. For example,  stocks like GME (GameStop) went from $3-ish in 2020 to nearly $500 per share when loyal customers decided they didn’t want the company to go down and started buying up stock. This was amazing for investors because if you had invested $300 in GME in 2020, your stock would have been worth $50,000 at the beginning of 2021. You may have heard of the Missouri dad that invested and made a million after Reddit users bought up the game stop stock to raise prices.

Even this 10-year-old boy made $3000 from his Game Stop investment. Let’s face it… If a 10-year-old can start investing, so can you.

This story caught the attention of many. In fact, the amount of new investors is unprecedented and it’s time you considered jumping aboard the train soon. However, stocks like GME and day trading are often volatile so learning the best ways to invest is essential to your stock market success.

I started investing when I was 24 and have made quite a bit in “safe funds” yet, back then my only option was to hire a financial planner, some of my money is still tied up and I am working on rolling it over so I can manage things myself and lose the fees. Yet, it was fine to get started.

Did you know you have WAY more options than I did back in 2001 when I initially started investing? The best part is these ways to invest are safe and you can DIY your investing if you are comfortable and do a little research.


Is Right Hand Itching Lottery Luck? (And What About the Left Hand?)

Is Right-Hand Itching Lottery Luck? Plus, Itchy Right Hand Meaning!

Does right-hand itching mean lottery luck? picture of hand scratching other hand
Does right-hand itching mean lottery luck? picture of hand scratching another hand

Do you believe in superstitions? If you searched “Is Right Hand Itching Lottery Luck?” chances are you are at least interested in finding out if this superstition really works and perhaps are considering buying a lottery ticket, since the current jackpot is over $400 million (April 2022). -wouldn’t that be nice!

However, I often watch the show “My Lottery Dream Home” on HGTV and most people do not mention their right or left hands-for that matter – itching before they won big. Many think being superstitious is complete hogwash.

Although on a recent trip to Florida my sons and I visited a crystal shop. My son picked out a green aventurine rock which is said to bring abundance. He continued to run around the beach saying, “Abundance rock give me money!” Funny as it sounds, he actually found a bunch of change on that trip and his brother found a $5 bill on the beach. Was this from the “abundance rock” or was this just simple kids’ luck looking for money? I guess it depends on if you believe in superstitions or not.

As you read this post, we will discuss if right-hand itching could mean lottery winnings.

This post will look at the following:

  • where this superstition came form
  • examples of when people claim “left-hand itching” helped them with the lottery
  • other money superstitions


How Many Work Hours are in a Year?

Are you ready to work this year? Are you wanting to earn more money? Then you could be wondering, “How many work hours are in a year?”

When pondering these questions, some simple math calculations can be performed to determine how many work hours are in a standard year.

Of course, it would be nice to win the lottery and not have to worry about work anymore, but if you are one of the hard-working Americans out there, looking to find out how much you make per hour keep reading.

It will help to first determine how many hours are in a year?

To find the answer to your question, keep reading.


How many work hours are in a year? Person typing on keyboard; white desk
How many work hours are in a year? Person typing on a keyboard; white desk


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