Abundance Affirmations

Abundance Affirmations to Change Your Money Mindset - Woman holding money in hands, learn how to transform your money mindset using these money affirmations.

Are you into affirmations?

I am! Especially when they can increase my abundance and cash flow.

If you study anything about the human spirit and mind, you have probably heard “Our thoughts become our reality.” (bob proctor)

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If you listen to the affirmation gurus, we must start each and every day on a positive note and continue to increase our positive vibrations.

In a nutshell, if you want to be more abundant, you must attract abundant things into your life.

You can do this by having an abundant mindset and retraining your brain to think abundant thoughts.

We can start our abundant lifestyle by saying abundance affirmations daily, as to continually open ourselves up to abundance.

So if you are with me, you can use the below affirmations to help attract abundance into your life and see positive changes, as you change your thoughts.

This post will help you with:

  • Just what are money affirmations?
  • Why affirmations matter
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What are money affirmations?

If you are not into the whole affirmation thing and the law of attraction that is totally understandable, yet consider the science behind affirmations. As we allow ourselves to think “wealthy thoughts” we are actually retraining our brains to see money differently. This change in mindset could be the positive transformation you need to make more money and attract more money in your life.

Yet, the law of attraction states that we attract things into our lives subconsciously, according to Jack Canfield. By using these affirmations, you can attract more money into your life, by sending out positive money thoughts to the universe.

No matter your thoughts on this, these are positive things you can say to yourself and it won’t hurt you to try affirmations, and will only aid you in believing in yourself more.

50 Abundance and Success Affirmations

Abundance Money Affirmation

1. I always have enough money.

2. I am a money magnet.

3. Money flows to me freely and easily.

4. My life is rich and full.

5. I have enough.

6. I can afford that.

7. I deserve success.

8. I am worthy of wealth.

9. My money will do good for me and others.

10. Money is drawn to me.

11. Money comes to me easy and effortlessly.

12. I can handle my money.

13. I am worthy of all the earth has to offer.

14. I deserve financial abundance.

15. I deserve a prosperous life.

16. I can use the money to create a better existence.

17. I am on the path to a wealthy life.

18. Money is positive.

19. I am grateful for all I have and what is to come.

20. I have the power to create abundance.

21. Wealth is a key part of my life.

22. I have money to do what I want.

23. It is natural for me to be prosperous.

24. Today I commit to living my financial dream life.

25. I am open to money in expected and unexpected ways.

26. It is okay to want more money.

27. I naturally attract good fortune.

28. I will find more money today.

29. I allow abundance into my life.

30. I can create more wealth.


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Abundance Success Affirmations

1 I am successful.

2. I have the power to create success.

3. I have the ability to negotiate my salary.

4. I can reach for the top.

5. I believe in myself.

6. I should share my gifts with the words.

7. I am open to receiving opportunities.

8. Multiple streams of income will come to me.

9. I am worthy of success.

10. I am grateful for all I have accomplished.

11. I will keep pushing forward.

12. I can do hard things.

13. I am made for greatness.

14. I deserve to be paid for my skills.

15. I deserve the best and accept the best.

16. I release my resistance to money.

17. I do work I love and I am paid well for it.

18. I enjoy my job and I deserve to be compensated for my time.

19. Success comes to me easily and freely.

20. I am a success magnet.

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Abundance Affirmations to Attract More Money

Abundance Affirmations Final Thoughts…

Using affirmations can help attract wealth into your life by changing your money mindset from scarcity to abundance. Using affirmation daily can create a wealth mindset and a positive outlook on your finances. Give these affirmations a try.

Did these affirmations help you? Leave us a comment. We would love to hear about your money successes!


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