Cheap, Healthy Meals When You Hate to Cook - hardboiled eggs
Cheap, Healthy Meals When You Hate to Cook – hardboiled eggs

Do you want to eat a healthier diet, but hate to cook? Not to mention, food prices are on the rise and one can spend an entire paycheck on groceries alone.

Also, many times cheaper foods are loaded with carbs, fat, and preservatives. Therefore, it is essential to find frugal healthy meals that are also easy to cook.

Finding easy, healthy meals can be difficult but don’t worry. You can save your budget and your health with these easy options below.

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Frugal Healthy Meal Ideas When You Don’t Like to Cook

Buddha Bowls, Burrito Bowls, and More

Bowls are the way to go! Why? Because they are easy to throw together, especially when you hate cooking.

Bowls are a great way to save money because they are budget-friendly.

When creating your bowl, start with a base such as rice, potatoes, or shredded lettuce. By the way, these are all cheap ingredients that can stretch your food.

After adding a base, find other healthy options to add including vegetables or a low-cost protein.

After you have your favorite add-ins, top them with light sour cream, hummus, or salsa.


Pita Pockets

Pita pockets are a great easy way to stay healthy when you hate to cook. I usually buy my pita pockets at Kroger for around $2.50. I like to add turkey, tomatoes, light mayo, and cucumbers and I skip the cheese, but you can add it if you prefer.

There are really so many options here. You can use any lunchmeat and I am also going to try a seafood salad using imitation crab this week.

These literally take five minutes to put together and are well worth it!

Pasta Your Own Way

Pasta is a good energy source, and you can still eat pasta and be healthy. You can even opt for whole wheat pasta if you want to find the most beneficial pasta option.

If you normally eat spaghetti with buttery garlic toast, try serving a side of veggies instead.

You can add vegetables to your sauce to make it even healthier. You can even blend veggies and trick your kids into eating more by disguising them in the sauce.

Try adding a salad as your side dish with olive oil and vinegar dressing.

You can also have a meatless meal with just pasta and sauce which is great if you are on a tight budget.

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Eggs Go With Anything

Eggs are not only economical but a healthy option that can be served in so many ways.

Egg salad is another pita pocket option, I mentioned above and is so easy to make. Just boil your eggs, peel, and add your favorites which usually include light mayo and pickle relish for me,

You can make a variety of omelets with veggies. I love western omelets with onions and green peppers.  If you hate cleaning up too, I recommend this omelet pan that doesn’t stick.

You can also make quick, scrambled eggs, and sunny-side-up eggs. (Remember to lay off the butter when cooking. I use this spray which cuts down on calories.)


Frugal, Healthy Meal Ideas for when you hate to cook - Picture of rotisserie chicken
Frugal, Healthy Meal Ideas for when you hate to cook – Picture of rotisserie chicken

Use a Whole Rotisserie Chicken

Of course, you can cook your own chicken, which sounds intimidating if you hate cooking, but buying a rotisserie chicken is a great, affordable alternative. (By the way, you can throw a whole chicken in the crockpot with some salt and pepper for an easy dinner too!)

You can get an even larger rotisserie chicken at Costco for around $7.

These usually make a few dinners. You can add veggies as a side, make pulled bbq chicken, or buy chicken pizza. You can also add it to soups or sandwiches.


Sandwiches, Salads, and Wraps

Sandwiches, salads, and wraps are super easy to make. You just add your toppings to break or lettuce and you are good to go. Beware of fatty or high-calorie dressings and opt for a simple light dressing or light mayo.


Frugal, Healthy Meal Ideas When You Hate to Cook Final Thoughts…

These healthy, frugal meals are great for when you are busy or you just hate cooking in general. You can stay fit and keep your calories down, all while on a budget. Enjoy!

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