Luxuries in Life (on a budget)

How to enjoy the luxuries in life on a budget #savemoney #budget #moneytips
How to enjoy the luxuries in life on a budget

Are you sick of hearing your friends talk about going to the spa? And they always seem to have the cutest outfits, shoes, and purses? Meanwhile, you are on a budget and can’t even afford a cup of soup at the fancy restaurant they went to last weekend.

Maybe you are frugal and don’t find the value of spending money on luxuries or you are in a habit of taking the bottom for yourself because you don’t feel like you deserve luxuries in life. However, you do deserve luxuries and you don’t have to spend a small fortune to give yourself life’s fullest comforts.

Yet, even if you are on a budget you can still enjoy the luxuries life has to offer. With the list below you can save money and still enjoy life. Are you ready to enjoy the luxuries in life on a budget?

In this post you will learn about enjoying luxuries in life on a budget in the following categories:

  • luxuries at home
  • designer clothes and accessories
  • fancy hair care
  • big-ticket items

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What is considered a luxury?

Luxury, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: a condition of abundance or great comfort.


In terms of enjoying life, a luxury makes you feel great comfort. Luxuries are considered to by extravagant or synonymous with rich living.

Needless to say, you do not have to be rich to enjoy all of the luxuries life has to offer. You can enjoy your life on a budget.

Luxuries can be big or small. Something as small as a bath bomb can give you great comfort. But luxuries can be big-ticket items that improve or enhance your life. For example, a luxury vacation can give you rest and relaxation. If your budget for your vacation and use some simple savings tips, you can still enjoy all the luxuriousness of a vacation.

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Everyday Luxury Items:

Home Luxuries

It is possible to make your home feel luxurious. With these simple tricks, your home can be transformed into a home with great comfort.


Why not make your own bathroom into a spa, if you can’t afford $100 to go to a real spa. My favorite luxurious home spa items are linked below

You can make your tub into a spa for around $20. Enjoy your long bath with foot scrub and face mask. Light a candle to make it smell beautiful and enjoy a glass of wine. You deserve it and this is the ultimate self-care routine on a budget.


Candles can add depth and amazing scents to your old home. Find some candle scents you absolutely love and make sure you remember to light them to add an extra level of warmth and comfort to your day. Here are some of my top picks:

White Bed

Have you ever noticed how many nicer hotels furnish their beds with white bedspreads?  You can find affordable comforters on Amazon.

Make your bedroom your own cozy nook where you can relax and read a book. Your new white comforter will make you feel like you are at a five-star hotel.

Luxurious Fur Blankets

My mom bought me a faux fur blanket from Target for around $20. I love it and the warmth and depth it provides in my room make it feel luxurious and rich. Although it only costs $20, it still gives my bedroom and fancy, stylish look and provides me with great comfort daily. My kids even fight over who gets to use mommy’s furry blanket.

For a luxurious faux fur blanket click here

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers make your home smell and look wonderful. Plus you can score some amazing deals on “next day” flowers or even buy plants that bloom.

Face Masks from Target

Target sells awesome face masks for $3 each. Depending on your skincare needs, pick one that fits and use it for a spa day at home. Marshall’s is another great place to score luxury face masks at a discount.

Soft loungewear set

Buying a nice loungewear set can make you feel great comfort while lounging at home. Whether you are snuggled up to a nice book or watching your favorite movie, it feels great to have something soft and comfortable on your skin. Check out my favorite loungewear set here and enjoy it!

Luxury Outings While on a Budget

Art Museum

I live close to the Detroit Institute of Arts.  It has phenomenal displays of artwork including Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s. The cost of admission? Free for Oakland County residents. Find your closet art studio or art museum and go on a discount day or see if they offer discount pricing if you live close by. Your day trip to the art museum will leave you feeling like a well-rounded art consumer.


Baseball Games

Baseball games are fun and we would all love to sit in a luxury sweet and enjoy the game. However, these sweets are pricey. One idea is to find a group of people and split the cost. Another idea is to buy seats in the bleacher sections. The pricing is usually reasonable (depending on the game), but the view is still decent and you aren’t in the nosebleed section.

Check Groupon to find discounts on Major League baseball game tickets.

Try a minor league game. You can get great seats for a fraction of the price and you can afford more snacks and adult beverages with the money you have saved.

NFL Football games

For great seats at an NFL game, you will expect to pay high prices. Yet, you can also score great deals on NFL games on Groupon. If you just want the experience and don’t care much about the teams, try looking for a lower attendance game.

Also, search on stub hub or Craigslist for cheaper tickets.

We have also scored amazing deals “good seat” tickets by checking last-minute Craigslist deals (we always meet in a public place to be safe). This is one of the best ways to see a major league game whether it be NBA, NFL, or Major League baseball. Sometimes you have to drive out of your way, but the savings are worth it.

Also, sometimes people will meet you outside the stadium because they have tickets they are trying to unload from their season ticket package, but they are still going to the game. My husband became somewhat of a ticket snob by using Craigslist. He knows he can usually get good seats for a great price because he is buying last-minute from someone who does not want to lose money.

Designer Items (Buy Small)

Name-brand phone case

I bought my Kate Spade phone case on a site called Mercari. It retailed at around $40, but I got it for $10 on the site. Check sites such as Mercari, Poshmark, and eBay for designer phone cases at a discount price. (Don’t forget to use the code MASMAX when signing up for Poshmark to get a $5 coupon).

Luxury small purse

You can also check second-hand purses on sites like Poshmark or ThredUp. This is my favorite place to find designer items on a budget.

I have had success finding great sales on the name brand Michael Kors on Macy’s. Sign up for their email list and find a purse that is already on sale to score a deal.

The last one I bought was 30% off and my husband bought me a Macy’s gift card for my birthday so I only paid around $50 for a full-size Michael Kors purse. This may sound like a lot on the budget, but this brand holds up and wears well. I probably will not buy another purse for at least five years. Then I usually sell my old purse to help pay for the cost of the new one.

The above mentioned are also great for selling designer items, especially Poshmark. Use code MasMax and get a $5 coupon off your first order!

Another great idea is to buy yourself a gift card from a discount gift card site such as You can wait for a gift card sale and score up to 30% off your purchase. You can also unload unwanted gift cards for cash or credits to trade them in for gift cards you actually want.

Designer t-shirt

If you love a certain brand but can’t afford most of their expensive items, consider buying a T-shirt. Your best bet is to shop outlet stores and find a name-brand t-shirt for around $20.

Again, this small luxury is a shirt that will stand the test of time, so it is a wise purchase. I often buy Victoria’s Secret jogging pants. I am lucky to have an outlet store by me and have scored a few pairs for around $20. The thing is, I have the same jogging pants and have been wearing them for over five years. I wash them around once a week and they are still in good shape. Sometimes it is worth it to buy luxury items you love because the luxury item will last longer.

Great ideas for designer tees:

Luxury Perfume

You may love brands like Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci. Why not buy a perfume with the label? You can buy a small roller ball for under $20 at stores like Sephora and Ulta. Save it for special occasions and wear your cheaper body spray during the week.

Good lotion (bath body works)

Bath and Bodyworks carry my favorite lotion scents, but let’s face it, they can be expensive. I don’t usually spend $13 for one lotion. That is why it is key to wait for sales. Sign up for their email list and receive sales and coupons.

I typically wait until there is a $10 off coupon or the lotion is on sale for $4.95 -which I will pay. These items make great gifts as well. If you like more expensive lotions such as Bliss or Philosophy, try shopping stores such as T.J. Max and Marshalls. I have found both brands at these discount stores for way less than retail price.

You can still have these luxuries in life on a budget and treat yourself.

Pro Tip: Search name-brand on Poshmark and Mercari. Most of the time, you will find what you are looking for a discount. Also, eBay and Threadup are great places to score a discount on designer perfume.

Fancy Hair Care

Discounts Name-brand at Target

If you love Bedhead or Paul Mitchell, but cannot afford the high price your salon charges, shop these items at Target. The key is to wait for one of Target’s sales which usually happens once every two months. They often give you a $5 gift card for spending $20 on beauty or hair care. So buy these products during the sale and look for coupons or discounts on Target Circles (replacement of Cartwheel).


Ulta Coupons

Use coupons at Ulta. If you sign up for the rewards program they will send coupons to your email. They often send a 20% off or a $3.50 off $10 coupon, so wait to buy until you have a coupon. They will scan it from your phone, so no need to worry if you don’t like clipping coupons. 

Luxury travel size

Also, purchase a travel-size luxury item to save money. Use your “fancy” product before a date night, girl’s night out or when mama needs some “me time.” Use something less expensive for everyday hair care.

Tip: If you like name-brand makeup consider treating yourself to Birchbox. You can cancel any time (depending on how long you sign up) and you will get luxury items monthly. I did this for about a year because I love trying new makeup. It felt like a treat every month when I got my box.

Big Ticket Luxuries

Luxury car

If you are planning on buying a new car any time soon, consider buying used. Many think leasing is a great deal because the car payment is often less than if you are buying outright. However, if you must have a luxury car, it is always better to buy used. With a lease, you will always have a payment and may end up paying more when it is time to turn the car in because you went over the miles or the car is in need of repairs. Buying used will save you so much money. Search for independent buyers to score an even better deal.

Luxury house

Instead of buying a luxury house in a luxury neighborhood, consider buying a good house in a decent neighborhood and decorate it in luxuries.

It is better to have a nice house you can afford than to buy a mansion and be house poor and drowning in debt. Find something you can afford and you will still be able to put money away for savings. Use Airbnb to stay in a luxury house for a weekend.

Luxury vacations

Social media has given most of us vacation envy from time to time. Watching your friends as they traipse around the Bahamas or sunbathe in Aruba will give you the jellies. If your finances are keeping your down, you can still enjoy a vacation on a budget. You can see the world and keep your bank account in check. Yes, luxury vacations are in your reach.

First, pick a destination you are interested in traveling to. Try to find somewhere that has decent hotel rates.

If you can, try to go during off-peak times to save on airfare or find a destination that is drivable.

Many friends and family here in Michigan skip the high flight prices during Spring break – yes we ALL want out of the crazy Michigan weather – and drive to Florida. Florida is an amazing budget-travel destination. There are many beach areas with affordable hotels. Ft. Lauderdale is one of our favorite family-friendly places. We use Priceline express bid and have stayed at the Sonesta four times for under $100 per night. It is an amazing hotel that anyone would be happy to stay at, but we got this hotel on a budget.

My friends, if you are willing to do the work and check prices and airfare you to can go on a luxury vacation. Click here for more budget-travel tips.

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Luxury suits

Many millionaires do not spend thousands of dollars on a suit. A simply J.C. penny suit will cost you around $100 and will hold up well. Unless you are really into fashion, most people don’t know where your suit came from. I use to shop J.C. penny sales all the time and got compliments on my wardrobe constantly. Most people were surprised when I told them I used a coupon and got a great deal on my “pantsuit” at J.C. penny. If you want to look nice and feel luxurious, you need not spend a small fortune. Your clothes do not need to cost as much as a used car to look good.

Shop Second hand – If you must have an Armani suit, try shopping second-hand. Check thrift shop sales or online second hands such as Poshmark (yes, they have clothing for men) or ThredUp. You can obviously have the suit cleaned and make it look brand new.

Luxuries in Life Final Thoughts:

It is possible to stick to a budget and still feel like you are living a luxurious life. Yes, it is possible to buy luxury on a budget and still have the luxuries in life you deserve. With some careful shopping and planning, you will have everything you need to look and feel your best. Enjoy your life and live like a queen and king!

Note: Don’t forget to check Rakuten for even more savings. If you are new to Rakuten you can sign up here and get a $10 gift card when you make your first purchase.

Luxuries in Life (on a budget)


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