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Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume- Winnie the Pooh

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume – Pooh Bear

Are you stressed out about your Halloween costume? Maybe you waited too long and can’t find anything you like or the right size is “sold out.”¬† Sometimes with our busy “mom” schedules, Halloween is an after-thought that we know we will eventually get too.

Then BOOM a Halloween event pops up two weeks before Halloween and you realize you never bought or made a costume. This can feel like a “frantic” mom moment, but today I am going to show you how to make a super easy and cute Winnie the Pooh costume to take the stress out of Halloween so you can have fun and enjoy it! The best part is the costume literally cost me $3 to make!

I got the idea for this costume because I volunteered to be my son’s room parent this year. I’m on the PTA and I secretly wanted to be able to attend all of his first-grade parties. So I get the honor of planning the Halloween party for his class and in the spirit of Halloween I will dress up too, to make it more fun for the kids.

I wanted something “non-spooky” and kid-friendly. And let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? I even asked my son if he wanted me to buy a spider girl costume to match him or dress up like that silly ole’ bear! My seven-year-old chose the latter. (I’m so glad he is still into kid’s stuff.)

Frugal Halloween Costume Idea

You all know I am frugal and I’m going to give ya’ll some price details! This costume cost me a whopping $3 in total. Considering the fact, I already had a mustard yellowish colored sweatshirt from old navy and an old headband.

However, I got my yellow sweatshirt on Old Navy’s deal of the day for $10 – so $13 if you want to count that in the price. Not bad!

So let’s get down to this silly-nilly business of making the costume.

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DIY Winnie the Pooh Costume – Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea- Materials

-Yellow Sweatshirt, sweater, or long sleeve t-shirt (It would be great if you already had one of these or could borrow one to keep the cost down.)

-old headband

-glitter or plain foam craft paper – (I got mine at Walmart for $1.00)

-Yellow puffy paint (I got mine at Walmart for $1.00)

-Red T-shirt (I got mine at Dollar-Tree for $1.00) – Check craft supply stores for a good deal.

-Black eye-liner (optional for your black nose)

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Step 1:

Try on your red t-shirt over your yellow shirt. Mark a line and cut your shirt off according to your desired length. I did mine just above my belly button as a guide.

Step 2:

Place a piece of paper between the front and back of your shirt to prevent sticking. Write Pooh on your red t-shirt with your yellow puffy paint. If your paint doesn’t look how you want, you can use a q-tip to help spread the paint or blot if you go off-track. You can use a pencil to get a basic idea of where you want your letters so it is even.

I eye-balled mine and measure about four inches in from the armpit of the shirt, but this will depend on your size and the shirt size. The shirt I am using is an adult large. As you can see above, my first attempt with my son’s shirt wasn’t as even.

Tip- Don’t make your puffy paint too thick or it will crack and take forever to dry. I did this in one spot and it took over 15 hours to dry and if this is a “last-minute” costume you may not have that kind of time. I left mine overnight and it was ready for my Halloween party.

DIY Winnie the Pooh Ears

Step 3:

Cut out your ear design with a spacer between according to the size of your headband. I drew mine freehand and bent it over to make sure both sides were even. I left a space in the middle to wrap around the headband. Make sure your glue gun is ready to go. Glue the spacer on your headband first and hold it until the glue is secure and somewhat dry. Then glue the ears together and hold until secure.

Tip: Make sure your ears are even because hot glue dries quickly.

Step 4:

Draw a triangular shaped nose on the tip of your nose with black eyeliner. You can also use Halloween makeup, but I already had eye liner handy.

Step 5:

Make sure your puffy paint is dry. If it is not too clumped, it will dry in around four hours so make sure to give yourself enough time.


Put on your Last-minute DIY Halloween costume of Winnie the Pooh and enjoy the event or trick-or-treating.

I must say, this last-minute DIY costume is cute and easy to make. It is kid-friendly and you can make it in an adult or child size. Have fun and eat lots of sweets, like the Pooh Bear you were meant to be! Happy Halloween!


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Winnie the Pooh Costume DIY

Have a safe Halloween! I know this year may be different, but you can still have fun dressing up and making fun treats and having a candy hunt! Enjoy this costume.

Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume – Pooh Bear

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