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Top Money Hacks That Will Save You Thousands

Top 20 Money Hacks You Must Try

Top Money Hacks That Will Save You Thousands #budgeting #personalfinance #moneyideas
Top Money Hacks That Will Save You Thousands

Are you trying to save money? Often times we think saving money is difficult. However, if you want to make life easier here are 20 money hacks that will leave you with more money in your budget so you can rest easy.

You can use your extra money to build up an emergency fund or pay off debt. It’s up to you. These money hacks are life changing!

What would you do with an extra $100 or more in your budget every month? I would personally start saving for my next vacation because I have paid off my debt and now my savings are a bonus.

However, if you have debt you could start a plan to pay it down. This is your time to start a savings plan and if you need money help do your research and get your budget on track.

Do you have an emergency fund? I recommended saving six to nine months of your current total bills in case of job loss or a sudden change in your health such as a car accident. It is unfortunate if this happens to you but it is best to be ready. 

The best part is, it is totally doable with the money hacks below. Stop wasting your money and start living better.


25 Tips to Save Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

25 Tips to Save money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Are you a busy mom looking to save? Try my 25 easy money-saving tips for moms. #savemoney #moneyideas #frugal #family
Easy Money-Saving Tips for Moms

Are you a busy mom that would rather spend more because you don’t have the time or energy to shop around. I’ve been there. Sometimes it is just easier to throw that toy in the cart than to hear you kid throw one more tantrum. However, with a few simple tips to save money as a stay-at-home mom, you will learn to be a frugal stay-at-home mom and keep your money for the things that matter.

If you have cut your family budget to one income, can you afford to be a stay-at-home mom? This is a tough decision. Yet, if you find family money-saving tricks you will learn how to create a family budget and make ends meet but still have fun.

Let’s face it, having kids is expensive. You can literally spend everything you make and your kid will still need something else. Not to mention, kids activities are pricey.

Therefore, it is best to find ways to cut costs so you can continue to stay home with your little ones. Besides, who wants to pay more than they have to?

This post will teach you how to save hundreds per month so you can stay at home with your kids and live on one income.


52-Week Money Challenge Using Pennies with Free Printable

52 Week Money Challenge #savemoney #moneychallenge #moneytips #personalfinance
52 Week Money Challenge

If you don’t think pennies are worth anything, then think again. My son’s school just had a penny war challenge for a fundraiser and they were able to raise over $1000 by collecting pennies from elementary-aged kids. Furthermore, in this 52-Week Money Challenge using pennies, you can come close to that amount by saving pennies yourself. In fact, at the end of the 52-week money challenge, you will total out at $667.95. – Not bad for saving your spare change.

This money challenge is unique in that you can save your spare change and end your year with a nice chunk of change. However, toward the end of the challenge when you start adding $20 to your fund, you may want to switch to dollars or start cutting out some of the “want” areas of your budget to help you stick with it.

If you have heard the phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned” then you know money is money. No matter how small it is worth something. The truth is pennies can add up over time! Not to mention, the bank agrees with me and will accept penny deposits. However, most banks do not accept loose change unless you roll the coins yourself. But hey, if you start saving your pennies now, by the end of the year you will have over $600 in your savings account.

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30 Valentine’s Day Cards With Free Printables for the Class

Valentine’s Day Cards With Free Printables for Kids #Valentinesday #freeprintables #valentinesday #frugal
Valentine’s Day Cards With Free Printables for Kids

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And what better way to celebrate than to find ways to save money on Valentine’s Day card for your kid’s class. I definitely think Valentine’s Day free printables are the way to go.

I have to admit,  I am a sucker for Holiday because it gives me a reason to treat my kids and see the excitement on their faces. Nonetheless, Valentine’s day does not have to be one of those Holidays that breaks the bank. In fact, you can make your own kid’s Valentines at home for much less than you would spend at the store.

Not to mention, this post has done all the work for you. All you need to do is decide which Valentine you would like to use this year. Or better yet, let your kids look through and decide! They will love making Valentine’s Cards with you and be so proud to take them into their class this year. Also, there are several non-candy choices as many schools request this due to allergies.



20 Simple Gift Ideas for the Minimalist

Simple Gift Ideas for the Minimalist

Simple Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Person #giftideas #giftguide #clutterfreegifts
Simple Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Person

Believe it or not, there are people out there that do not want a bunch of stuff like knickknacks or the latest and greatest tech items for Christmas. So shopping can become tricky because gift ideas for a simple person are not always easy to find. However, if you have a minimalist friend and still want to buy them a Christmas gift there are some great gift ideas out there that won’t break the bank. Your minimalist friend will really appreciate your gift because you took their lifestyle into consideration which makes you their most thoughtful friend or family member.

Holidays are difficult for some minimalist people because that they end up with a bunch of presents they didn’t want and do not know what to do with. If you have a simple person or minimalist person in your life, you may not agree with their lifestyle choices. However, it is best you respect them when purchasing a gift. If your friend or family member is trying to live a simple life with less clutter, then they definitely do not want a bunch of Christmas decorations or trinkets they will end up getting rid of later.

In fact, research shows clutter affects your mental health and can leave you feeling frustrated and anxious. This may be why your friend is choosing a simple lifestyle. Yet, you still want your simple friend to know you care and are thinking about them during the Holiday Season.

Yet, if you find your simple friend something useful, they will know what a thoughtful, caring friend or family member you are because you took their feelings into consideration when selecting the perfect gift for their simple lifestyle. With that in mind, check out my gift guide for the simple person below. These ideas are sure to knock their socks off this year!


7 Retail Hacks Exposed – Don’t Shop Without Reading This First

7 Retail Hacks Exposed – How You Can Avoid Them 

7 Retail Hacks Exposed and How You Can Avoid Them #shopping #savemoney #personalfinance
7 Retail Hacks Exposed and How You Can Avoid Them

Have you ever wondered why you are over budget every time you go grocery shopping? Are you looking to buy something you need online like a pair of boots for your kids, but you end up with a bunch of other items in your cart? We have all been there. Unfortunately, there are many retail hacks that stores use to trick us into spending more money and the Holiday times are certainly no exception.

These secret marketing tricks will have you opening up your wallet and going over budget more than you need or want. Yet, unless you know what the retail hacks are, it is hard to avoid them.

Unfortunately for us, stores spend big bucks on marketing research. Yes, there is an entire psychology behind buying and selling.

Stores also track you and find out what you want to buy before you even know you want to buy it. Think of the last time you were on Facebook and an ad popped up in your feed while you were scrolling. You clicked the ad and bought something. It wasn’t a coincidence that the advert made it into your Facebook feed. Companies spend big money on research to find the right advertising tactics to get you to pull out your wallet.

So what is a consumer to do? Start by researching these marketing tactics and learn how to avoid the retail trap. Knowledge is the key. Learn how to stop spending more money than you intended by avoided the marketing tricks below. Here are seven of the top retail hacks exposed so you can stop wasting your money.


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