Starting a blog can be difficult, especially if you are trying to do it alone.


I started my first blog by myself and literally had NO idea what I was doing. It was extremely overwhelming and I spent countless hours reading posts and searching for answers online only to have something change in blogging and have to relearn how to do something or even worse, learn how to set things up wrong. It was frustrating.

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My Blogging Journey


I decided to leave my teaching career of 13 years after having my first son. I felt passionate about being with him in his younger years, instead of putting him in daycare (which we did for about four months and he got really sick and it was a disaster.)

Anyway, while I was being a stay-at-home mom, I decided I wanted a way to express myself and have something just for me. I decided to start a frugal living blog since I love saving money and enjoy writing.

Needless to say, I had no clue what I was doing and I decided to just wing it. Although this may have been fine back in 2016 when you could get tons of Pinterest traffic, blogging has gotten harder and more competitive in 2022. And Pinterest doesn’t just give you free traffic like it used to.

After realizing I loved blogging and I was doing okay with my first bog, I decided to start two more blogs in the area of personal development. Yet, this time, I wanted to make sure I set up my blog correctly instead of just winging it and fixing a bunch of costly mistakes later (like putting the dates in my URL’s -seriously don’t do it!)

I also had a second child and things were getting hectic, so I didn’t have time to keep messing things up and fixing them later. I wanted it done right the first time.

Also, I had two young kids at the time, and I didn’t have time to waste reading the wrong thing or listening to the wrong people.

That is why I wished I would have stopped being frugal with my business (HA! My blog is I Heart Frugal! – so of course, I was trying to save money on blogging!)

I quickly realized being frugal with your business is not a smart business decision. And the time I wasted on reading the wrong things and listening to the wrong people, I will never get back. If I could go back, I would have bought a comprehensive beginner blogging course from a trusted person and called it a day.


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Ready to buy the course?


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Don’t have time to read this review? You can click here to jump right into Blog By Number.

Tired of not being able to create a successful blog? Blog by Number is the answer! This course covers everything you need to know about blogging, including setting up your blog, SEO, Pinterest, writing posts, and more. Get started today with Blog by Number!


You may be thinking of starting a blog and asking yourself:


Is it worth paying for a blog?

Of course, this depends on your goals, but if you want to make money, then yes, it is worth it.

How do I blog for $1000 per month?

This course will give you the foundations you need to monetize your blog and eventually make money.

What is the Success rate of blogs?

Many bloggers quit after just one year, so blogging is more of a marathon and not a sprint. If you want to make money, you must be in this for the long haul.

What type of blogs are the most successful?

Niche sites are most successful, but if you set up your blog right, you can be successful in any niche.


If you have been thinking about blogging questions, finding a reliable source to answer your questions is best. In fact, I asked myself many questions before I started my blog and was most interested in how to become a successful blogger and how to eventually monetize my blog.

If you want to make money blogging, taking a blogging course is the fastest, easiest way to do this and start earning. Sure, you can find some of this information for free on the internet and youtube, but it is not always easy to determine who you should listen to and who is actually legit online.

This is why I recommend taking a blogging course to streamline your process and help you achieve your blogging goals even faster.

Why I used Blog by Number Course for my second blog setup:


I started a second blog about four years later and since I made some mistakes the first time I started a blog, I wanted this one to be on point. So I followed Suzie’s Blog by Number course and her course made the set-up super easy.

Suzie walks you through step-by-step and helps you get your blog set up quickly. In fact, it had been four years since I started my first blog, so this course really helped me remember what I needed to do in order to set up my second blog (and I am using it for my third blog too – more to come on that later.)

So let me start by saying, the creators of this course are wonderful. Suzie and her husband John are great people and offer a lot of free value before you even purchase their course.

I am in many Facebook groups with Suzie and she frequently offers free tips and advice to new bloggers.

I am also on Suzie’s email list. She and John are family people and learning about their lives has been interesting and fun.

She also offers excellent blogging tips in her emails and sends out offers and sales on her and others’ products. I highly recommend signing up for her list and if you buy her course today, you will be added. to her email list.

Suzie and John also have their own free Youtube channel with invaluable pro blogging and business tips.

They definitely have their business model down and it shows! They offer a ton of free valuable advice and the next step for me in this sequence was to buy their Blog by Number Course, since I already knew and trusted the creators, and I was not disappointed with this class in the least.


With that being said, let’s take a look at my “Blog by Number  Course” Review.


Read below to find out if this is the best course option for you.


In this post, you will learn the following:

  1. What this course includes
  2. How this course has helped me set up my blog
  3. Pros and Cons of Blog by Number

Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint and you will learn step-by-step how to start a blog, set up the technical side, and start publishing posts with this comprehensive class.


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Is Start a Mom Blog Legit?


As you read, you will realize how much I actually love this course. If you are looking for an affordable blogging course that will help you start your path to making money blogging, this class is totally legit and extremely helpful in setting up your blog right and learning how to rank in Pinterest and SEO.

Blog by Number Course: My Honest Review


Check out my honest, comprehensive review below:

Blog by Number Course


There are sixteen main modules, plus bonuses, templates, and website building classes. You can also go through her old training modules, since her class is updated with the best practices of ever-changing blogging, you can be sure you are getting the most up-to-date information in the new modules.

Here is an overview of the class modules:


Module #1: Course Overview


This is a nice introduction to the class. You will meet Suzie and get some great motivational tips to get you off on the right foot.

Module #2: Blog by Number Resources and Materials


The resources are explained and she lets you know what platforms she recommends.

Module #3: Discover Your Blog Niche and Name


It took me two weeks to come up with a blog name and get my domain registered, so this would have been helpful. She provides you some examples and ideas so you don’t waste your time as I did on my first blog.

Module #4: Start Your Blog and Begin Creating Blog Posts


This module offers helpful blog post templates to get you started. These templates and directions help immensely so you don’t feel overwhelmed and learn how to format your posts correctly.

Module #5: Generate Blog Post Ideas and Write Better Blog Posts


She has a methodic, organized way to generate blog posts ideas that can rank on Google, so this module is a must!

Module #6: Legal Pages


Every blog needs these pages and Suzie shows you how to add them to your blog, step-by-step so you are blogging legally.

Module #7: How to Create a Professional Email Address and Build Your Frist Freebie


I used this to set up my first freebie. I use Mailerlite for my first blog, but went ahead and tried the free version of ConvertKit like Suzie recommends for my second blog. It worked out very well and I have my first freebie up and running (which took me months on my other blog due to lack of knowledge.)

Module #8: How to Design a Professional Homepage


Learn how to make your homepage POP! These little tips and tricks could take you hours to figure out on your own, but Suzie’s videos walk you through step-by-step.

Module #9: All About Analytic


Find out how to measure what is working on your blog and how to set up Google Analytics. This was also very tricky my first time around. I accidentally set up Google analytics wrong and I couldn’t get it to work for months. This module was extremely helpful and I was able to get it right the first time on my second blog, Mama Take Care.

Module #10: Plugins


I didn’t even know what these were when I started blogging. This is very helpful for a new blogger.

Module #11: WordPress Tips and Tricks


As you see in the course, Suzie (and I ) recommend using WordPress if you plan on making money from your site at some point. So learning how to use it is key.

Since WordPress uses a block editor and I use the old editor on my first blog, it is really hard to get used to. This module helps you learn some tips and tricks to make it easy.

Module #12: Pinterest


There are many other courses out there dedicated solely to Pinterest, so you are really getting a bargain with this class in that you get 11 video lessons on Pinterest training. If you are new, Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog and you will want to set up your account correctly and learn how to design pins to promote your blog posts. Suzie will walk you through it all.

Module #13: SEO for Traffic


Again, when I started blogging I didn’t know that SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and I had no clue how to do this to impress Google. I thought I could just write and my posts would show up on page one. Sadly, this is not the case.

Suzie will give you an overview of her class. If you want to dig deeper into SEO and find a more comprehensive class on SEO I recommend Mike Pearson’s Stupid Simple SEO. This class has helped me rank on page one of Google over and over.

Module #14 Facebook for Traffic


Although not as easy as it once was, Facebook can still bring you traffic. Learn some tips and tricks you will love and use.

Module #15: How to Make Money Blogging


Finally, the most important aspect of blogging if you are planning to blog as a business and make money. These tips are a wealth of knowledge that will seriously help you learn how to make money blogging.

If you are looking for a course specifically for making money, I recommend Making Sense of Affiliate marketing by million-dollar blogger Michele. This course is for new bloggers eager to start making money.

Module #16: Complete the Class and Look at the Big Picture of Blogging


If this were a blog post, this would be your conclusion. You will see how encouraging and helpful this class really is.

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  • Free Pretty Stock Images
  • Blog by Number ebook
  • How to Sell Printables on Your Blog
  • How to Sell Services on Your Blog

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Who is Blog by Number for?

Blog by number is for beginner and intermediate bloggers. I blogged for four years and still went through this course to set up my second blog, so even if you have been blogging for a while, this class will definitely help you. I like how the Blog by Number Course covers all areas of blogging. It provides the student with a good understanding of what it takes to start a blog, maintain a blog,  and start earning money.

Blog by Number Price


Check the current price of Blog by Number here. This really is a bargain, because you don’t need to buy separate classes for each aspect of blogging. You get it all included in Blog by Number.

She also offers a bundle for some of her other courses, which you can get here.

The only other class I would recommend If you are looking for an extremely comprehensive class on SEO, is Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson. You can check it out and sign up for his free training here:

Stupid Simple SEO

You can also check out my Stupid Simple SEO Review here

Is Blog by Number Course Worth it? Shou.d You Invest in Blog by Number?


In my honest opinion, this class is worth the price. I have bought many blogging courses over the years, and some are hits and misses for a higher price.. This one is definitely a hit and I continue to go back and use the material in the class, including the templates.

This class is a bargain for a new blogger that doesn’t want to spend a ton of money of several different classes. I would save myself time and headache and purchase this course to learn how to start blogging the right way.

Pros of Blog by Number Course


As with any course, Blog by Number has its pros and cons. Here are a few that stood out to me:

Blog by Number Pros


  • A comprehensive course for beginning and intermediate bloggers
  • Pinterest training included
  • Knowledgeable creators that run and own profitable blogs and a Youtube channel
  • Best price for what is included in the course
  • Bonuses including the Blog by Number ebook
  • Free stock photos

Cons of Blog by Number Course


Yes, there are a few cons of this course. Yet, I feel the good definitely outway the bad with this course.

Blog by Number Cons


  • Not for advanced bloggers
  • No Facebook group (Some other classes I have bought, like Stupid Simple SEO, include an invaluable Facebook group)
  • Mainly video format (Not for you if this is not your learning style.)

Check out Suzie Free Blog Plan: How to Start a Blog here


This will help you decide if Suzie’s teaching style is for you.

What Types of Blogs are Successful?


If you are wondering what types of blogs are successful and can actually earn money so you can get started, you can consider a niched-down topic such as crafting, recipes, side hustles, or fashion. If you want to find out more ideas and how to make money you can check out this post I wrote: 9 Types of Blogs That Make Money

Final Thoughts on Blog by Number Course Review


I highly recommend this course for beginning and intermediate bloggers. If you are an advanced blogger, I recommend Stupid Simple Seo (review to come) to learn best SEO practices. Blog By Number is a wonderful course that will help any beginning and intermediate blogger learn how to set up a blog, write different types of posts, use Pinterest, make money, and this comprehensive blogging class will help you learn it all.


Blog by Number Course Review

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