Stupid Simple SEO Review

This is my honest, comprehensive review of Stupid Simple SEO. I bought this course a few years ago, so if you are thinking about purchasing this course, read my review and find out if this course is right for you.

Stupid Simple SEO Review: Is it Worth It?
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First Thoughts of This Course

I was in a few Facebook groups with the creator of this course, Mike Pearson, which is initially what led me to check into the class. He was offering the class to beta testers and I did not sign up at this low price.

Yet, after the beta testers were giving his class raving reviews, I knew I had to take action. At the time, Mike only opened this class up a few times per year and I didn’t want to miss it the second time around.

Most were saying this class is, and I quote, “pure gold.”

Is The Course Only Offered a Few Times Per Year?

Mike used to only open the doors to Stupid Simple SEO a few times per year, but that has thankfully changed.

Mike actually offers quite a bit of support for his students.

He has a private Facebook group that he is in daily and also has hired an SEO expert to help with the group and make sure all student’s questions get answered.

He also is frequently updating the class and continues to make improvements based on student questions and suggestions. And yes, when you sign up for Stupid Simple SEO you get lifetime updates.

If you want to sign up for the course now, all you have to do is watch his free webinar. This webinar will also help you decide if this course is right for you.


Why I Invested in an SEO Course

I bought the course early as many were saying they couldn’t believe the price of the course considering it is jam-packed with valuable information. Since I was in the second round of buyers, I got a good price.

However, since then Mike has added so many sections and bonus modules, that the price has gone up. This is one of the reasons I recommend buying the course as soon as you make your decision because as he continues to add information and improve the course, the price could go up again.

In fact, he just moved the course to a different platform because he is always improving the course and making it the best experience for his students. The best part is, you get lifetime updates if you buy now.

What is SEO

SEO is the shortened acronym for search engine optimization. If you are a blogger, this is something you want to pay attention to. Why? Because if you optimize your blog posts for Google or other search engines, they are more likely to rank. You may be asking, why do I want my posts to rank. Well, ranking high in google brings your website organic traffic. Studies show this type of traffic is more likely to buy from your links. Also, if you have high pageviews on your blog, you can make more ad revenue and get into better-paying ad agencies.

Paying attention to SEO is a fast track to creating a money-making blog.

There are many factors that go into the ranking. Some of the big ones are as follows:

  • Keywords
  • quality content
  • site speed
  • post format
  • domain authority
  • how much Google trusts your site (EAT)

There are just a few factors that come into play. If you want to read Google’s entire exhaustive list, you can click here.

In short, you want to optimize your blog and your blog post to make it more likely to rank. You have to ask yourself, why are you blogging? If your answer is to make money, SEO is definitely something you want to pay attention to. If you are just blogging for fun or are writing an online journal for family and friends, the ranking may not be that important to you. But SEO is where the money is.

Is SEO Hard?

In short, yes. If you are a new blogger, chances are you don’t even know what SEO means and how important it is to your future as a blogger. In simple terms, SEO is how you will be seen in Google. By optimizing your post for “keywords” you will have a better chance at ranking.

My first months of blogging were so confusing. I had NO IDEA what any of these blogging terms meant. I just wanted to write. I quickly learned, writing wasn’t going to get me far in the blogging world and I would need to learn all I could to get ahead and turn my simple blog into a money-making blog.

If you pay attention to SEO you will get more eyes on your post, which means more money for you -whether it be ad revenue or affiliate links. If you do not have an audience,  you will not make much money as a blogger. (Trust me, when I was getting 5 pageviews a day, I made nothing.)

The good news is, once you take this class,  you will completely understand why you need to focus on SEO and how to do it. And Mike walks you through everything, step-by-step so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by everything you are learning.

After taking this course, I don’t feel SEO is difficult anymore, but I do feel some search terms I want to rank for are harder than others, which is excellent information so I don’t waste my time writing posts that won’t rank.

The Truth About SEO

SEO is constantly changing and in order to keep up as a blogger or website owner, one must stay current and continue to learn as much as possible.

One regret I have about starting this website is that I didn’t really know anything about SEO when I started. I got free traffic from Pinterest, but that started to dwindle last year and I was so glad I had bought this class and focused on SEO so I was still getting pageviews from Google.

As you continue on your blogging journey, you will see Pinterest is fickle. It can give you a ton of traffic, but then change the algorithm and drop your traffic like hotcakes at IHOP. This is very frustrating as you watch all of your hard work, go down the drain. That is where SEO comes in. If you learn SEO from the beginning, you can get your post to rank quickly and keep your traffic.

Why Should You Care About Google SEO?

As said previously, if you want to make money blogging, you need traffic. If you have no audience, you will not be able to use ad networks, affiliate marketing, and get sponsored posts. No one hears you when you are talking to an empty room.

And how do you get traffic to your blog? Most bloggers have a mix of Pinterest and search engines. I am one of those bloggers that do both.

In fact, for a while, most of my traffic was coming from Pinterest.

This is great except for two things:

  1. Search Engine traffic typically earns more money
  2. I am at the mercy of Pinterest algorithm changes which have hit my traffic hard in the past

So as a blogger, SEO is vital to gaining traffic, capture email leads, and making money. If you want to make money as a blogger, it is imperative you pay attention to SEO and that is where Stupid Simple SEO comes in.

Who Is Stupid Simple SEO for?

Stupid simple SEO is for beginner and intermediate bloggers that want to learn the proper way to set up a site for SEO (don’t worry if you have been blogging for a while, because Mike will teach you his Silo structure to organize your site for SEO.)

Stupid Simple SEO is for any blogger that wants to find keywords, outrank competitors, and learn SEO basics, SEO advanced tips, and have a warm, friendly SEO community in the private Facebook group where you can get all of your SEO questions and class questions answered. Mike is so dedicated to helping his students, he even hired another person to help answer SEO questions in his Stupid Simple SEO Facebook group.

Stupid Simple SEO is for bloggers getting traffic from Social Media and Pinterest, which is in the hands of those platform’s algorithm changes, and are worried they may lose money when any of these platforms roll out an update.

Who isn’t Stupid Simple SEO for?

Again, if you are a blogger that isn’t really interested in making your blog into a business or you are just writing an online journal for family and friends, you may not care if your posts rank.

Also, this class is expensive, so if you do not have the $497 to spend, you probably shouldn’t buy the course. Yet, if you look at this as an investment, and use Mike’s payment plan, you may be able to squeeze this course into your budget and you will not be disappointed.

Is Stupid Simple SEO a Legit SEO Training Course?

Stupid Simple SEO is a legit course, full of action-packed steps you can start as soon as you begin going through and implementing the class. Mike will help you set your site structure up properly, even if you are not totally “niched-down” and fix old posts so you can move up in rankings. He also uses an “over-the-shoulder” approach, which really helped me understand what he was doing, instead of just reading something and trying to figure it out myself.


Pros of Student Simple SEO

  • Video “over-the-shoulder” method of teaching
  • Jam-packed with useful information
  • Amazing Facebook community
  • Bonus modules on niche site creation and HARO (how to answer Help a Reporter Out requests)
  • In-depth lessons on SEO, site structure, and writing posts that make money

Cons of Stupid Simple SEO

  • Must sign up for A-ref’s 7-day free trial for part of the course
  • Not for someone looking for a “quick” SEO fix
  • Some of the information is overwhelming if you are a beginner (but the FB group can really help)

What Will You Learn?

You will learn Mike’s detailed four-step SEO framework. Mike will walk you through step-by-step teaching you how to secure your site, make your site mobile-friendly, find keywords you can rank for, write epic content, set up your site to be SEO-friendly, and how to promote your blog for further success.

There are over 50 video lessons in this cause. This may seem overwhelming to the “new” blogger, but Mike even provides you with a Trello framework to help you complete the class in a timely manner.

Here are the modules included in the class:

  • Foundations
  • Undercover Keyword Part 1
  • Undercover Keyword Part 2
  • Strategic Content Formula Part I
  • Strategic Content Formula Part II
  • Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Formula
  • The Content Audit
  • Expertise, Authority Trust
  • Introduction to Backlinks
  • Build Links With Guest Posting
  • Help A Reporter Out

Stupid Simple SEO Bonuses:

  • Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Formula
  • Mastering Mediavine Ads
  • Site Speed for Bloggers
  • Scale With Sponsored Posts
  • Credit Take-off Site Explosion
  • Site Structure Mini Class
  • Low-Cost Keyword Research
  • Google Search Console
  • Use a VA or Freelance Writer to Grow Your SEO
  • Advanced Ahref Lessons
  • Advanced Link-Building
  • How to Sell Your Site (For Life-Changing Money)

Purchase Stupid Simple SEO Here

Can I Make Money From the Class?

The class as a whole will make you money if you are able to rank on Google. Your blog will have more affiliate sales and more ad revenue. You can also scale with sponsored posts when you get more organic traffic.

Also, you can become an affiliate after completing the class and earn a commission for recommending Stupid Simple SEO. It is always best to recommend products you actually use and love, and this is the reason why I wrote this review. This class is one of my all-time favorite blogging classes. I continually go back to the class to check on things and Mike I also updating the class often or adding modules, so I continue to learn. Again, you can become an affiliate and make money from recommending this class.

You can also make money by using Mike’s methods and writing profitable affiliate classes.

Any Extras?

First, you will get a custom Google Analytics dashboard Mike created specifically for students of Stupid Simple SEO. This dashboard is an easy amazing way to check analytics from Google and Pinterest.

Mike also created a Trello board to help you plan your “action” of completing the course. This is often helpful if you are new to SEO and feeling overwhelmed by this class. This class is amazing and provides a ton of information, but navigating and sticking with it is important if you want to be successful. His Trello list is very beneficial for this purpose.

This class also offers a free, private FaceBook group that is pure gold. Mike has an SEO expert helping him run the Facebook group so you ALWAYS get your questions answered. This group is full of like-minded SEO-driven bloggers and entrepreneurs that will encourage and help you along the way.

Stupid Simple SEO Review Final Thoughts

Stupid Simple SEO Is what other bloggers have coined as “pure gold.” After taking the class, my organic traffic has gone up and I am ranking for many search terms on page one or page two. I would not have been able to duplicate these rankings over and over, without taking this class and understand why I need keyword research for every post and how to structure posts in order to rank. I highly recommend this class and even though it cost more than other blogging classes, you will make your money back so it is an excellent investment if you want to become a full-time blogger.

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