Best Money Quotes Series – #1

Please enjoy my new series: Money quotes! These inspirational quotes will help kick-start your financial goals into overdrive and motivate you to save! My first quote in this series is by financial guru Suze Orman, whom I have followed for years.

Suze Orman - Money quote

For those of you that don’t know Suze Orman, she is a financial guru, New York Times best seller, motivational speaker, magazine colunmist and Emmy award winning television host. She is known for her “Can I afford it” series, where she allows her viewers to call in and learn if they should spend their money on a wanted item or trip. Nonetheless, she teaches people to get their affairs in order including budgeting, investing, retirement, life-insurance, and living wills.

My husband and I used to watch her show together on Saturday nights before we had kids (I know, what a fun date!). Her advice was astounding and really helped us to have some great money conversations and set financial goals as a couple.

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Money Motivation

Suze preaches “people first, then money, then things” and encourages people to make sound financial decisions that make sense. Check out her website here.

If you live within your means and start saving, you will be on your way to financial freedom. Your stress levels will go down and you will be free to live your best life!

Imagine your life worry-free! The burden of how to pay the “what-if” bills will whither away.

All it takes is some careful planning and budgeting! When your “What-if” moments pop up, you will be financially ready and although situations such as a medical emergency or car problems can take a toll, you will not have to worry about where the money is coming from. You will be prepared!

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