Are you ready to save some money? Here at I Heart Frugal that is what we do best! With these 400 money saving tips you will be well on your way to a better future.

400 Plus Money-Saving Tips to Save Money. Learn how to save money now and live frugally. Build your savings account. #savemoney #moneytips #personalfinance #frugalliving
400 Plus Money-Saving Tips to Save Money

My passion is saving money and better yet, helping other people like you save money. Why get caught up in debt and have money stress in your life? You shouldn’t have to pay full price for everything you buy and by testing out my frugal ideas, you can put more money back in your pocket today.

According to a 2018 study from Comet 80.9% of baby boomers, 79.9% of Generation X, and 81.5% of millennials are in debt. (source

I don’t want you to be in that statistic.

If you are looking to get out of debt or save for an emergency fund so that one small accident doesn’t send you into the deep end of debt, then this post should help.

I recommend making small changes and picking ideas that will work for you. One person can stop buying $5 lattes and another can stop fast food runs. The point is to find little things you can cut out and use the extra money to save or pay off debt.

Learn how to use a spending journal here and start tracking your spending habits. Then you will know exactly how much money you are spending each month and it will be easier to see how much you can save.

It is also very wise to have a budget so you are not spending more money than you are bringing in each month. You can learn how to budget better here.

Then use the money-saving ideas below to help you reach your financial goals.

Saving money doesn’t have to be difficult. The financial life you want to live is in your reach and you can even save money on a tight budget. Use your extra money to build savings and wipe out debt.

These are things I have saved for using my frugal ways:

  • an emergency fund that covers nine months of our household expenses
  • vacation fund
  • Retirement (Roth IRA, 403b)
  • Christmas Fund
  • Down Payment for Car

Above are the things I like to use my extra money on, but you can obviously add to these categories and create separate sinking funds (specific accounts) depending on your goals.

As you read you will learn, life is still fun with a budget and you can still do things in life you want to do, but do them in a cheaper way. Who doesn’t want an extra $100 in their bank account at the end of the month?

400 Plus Ways to Save Money

75 Frugal Living Tips that are Surprisingly Easy

Use this list to find ways to cut cost. Make sure to print the checklist and start trying some of the tips on the list. I recommend starting two per week and gradually move your big spending habits into frugal spending habits.

10 Ways to Save on Gas

Gas is expensive. I feel old saying this but I remember when it was under $1.00 per gallon. Those were the days. Now you are lucky if it is under $2 and forget about the summer travel season. The supply and demand beg higher gas prices. This post outlines 10 ways to help you save on gas and transportation costs so you can put that money back into your pocket.

41 Clever Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

One of my favorite money saving tips is to cut costs is to slash your food bill. Many spend frivolously on food, not realizing this is one area you can definitely save money. This could be the biggest game-changer to your savings. What would you do with an extra $100 each month? Could you use that money to pay down debt or build a retirement fund? In my opinion, food is the easiest budget category that can be lowered. There are so many ways to save money on food.

10 Ways to Save on Girls Night Out

Hey mama! Do you need a night out with friends? This is a great way to decompress after a busy week with the kids. Yet, going out is pricey. Here are ten ways to save on girls night out and keep your budget in check.

50 Cute Date Ideas That are Frugal or Free

Do you need a date night? It sure sounds fun, right? But after paying the babysitter and paying for the date, it seems like a lot of money for just one night? So instead, try these 50 free or frugal date night ideas. I bet you will find something you and your man will enjoy together.

10 Ways to Spoil Your Man for Free

Are you looking for fun ways to spoil your husband? Maybe there is a special occasion or birthday and you are planning on buying a present. Why not find something thoughtful and free? Check out these fun ideas.

21 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

What do you waste money on? Are there areas in your budget you can cut to save more? Learn how I save over $3000 by using these simple tips.

20 Budget Travel Tips

Are you longing for a vacation but don’t think you can afford it? Here are 20 money saving tips for budget travel I use myself to help save on your vacation. Your dream vacation is within your reach.

20 Workout Ideas That are Frugal or Free

Do you want to get in shape but don’t have the money to join a gym? In fact, if you are in debt a gym membership is one of the first things you should cut. Opt for one of my 20 free or frugal workout ideas instead.

25 Ways to Be More Frugal

Are you frugal but want more ideas? Check out this post and start being smart about your money.

10 Ways to Save on Dining Out

Do you go out to eat often? I like to save going out to eat as a treat and use meal planning to save on food, but if you do go out to eat, you can save money on dining out too! Check out my ten best tips.

20 Money Hacks

Are you looking to increase wealth and stay out of debt? These money hacks will help you kick-start your savings and get your finances under control.

25 Ways to Save Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Are you a mama like me looking to save? This post will help you save on hair cuts, birthday parties, and kids activities.

55 Kids Activities That are Frugal or Free

Do you have kids? Most of my readers do. Learn how to keep the fun alive in your family without spending a ton of money.

17 Ways to Save on School Supplies

Yes, kids are expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save on just about everything. Try some of these money-saving tips next fall and save more on school supplies.

Best Savings Hacks Without Clipping Coupons

I love saving money but dislike the time it takes to clip and organize coupons. In this post, you will learn how to save money even without coupons. The best part is, it is SO easy.

Organic on a Budget – Cheapest Organic Food

We all know eating some foods organic is important. Yet, we also know how expensive organic food costs. But just like everything else, you can save on organic food too! You just need to know where and how to shop. Learn my tips!


400 Plus Money Saving Tips Conclusion

Did you find some fresh ideas with these 400 money saving tips?

Remember, saving money doesn’t have to be hard. Find ideas from the list above to help you maximize your savings.

Use your extra money to pay off debt, saving for an emergency fund, and save for retirement. Cut little things that work for you and invest your money.

What are you waiting for? Your dream life awaits. Make small changes today and live a better future.

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