How to be Content and Live a Happy Life in 2021

How to be a better happier you this year! Use this tips to become a better you! #goals #goalsetting #happiness #happier
How to be a better happier you this year

How to live a happy life in 2021

Are you looking to live a happy life and be more content in 2021? One way to do this is to set goals or New Year’s Resolutions. However, changing your life drastically can pose a problem. Your brain does not form a habit and usually, you revert back to your old ways. Did you know, most New Year’s resolutions go to the wayside by February?

So if you are serious about changing your life for the better this year, try starting small and slowly increasing the areas of your life you want to change. You will eventually be on the right track and you will begin to form habits that can last a lifetime as you venture on your quest to stay happy and live better.

Simple changes can have a big impact and as you continue on your journey you may find change difficult. However, most things worth doing are not going to be easy.

Some of the ideas listed are simple and you can start today. Some are more difficult and may take some time. Try picking one or two per month and continue learning how to be the best version of yourself and be happy with your life.

If you set goals for yourself, you will be a happier, more fulfilled person in 2021! Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

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How to be Happier in 2021:

1. Be kind – As much as you feel like a bottle about to pop, be kind. You never know what someone is going through. Even if they are rude to you, turn the other cheek. Losing your temper only hurts you in the end. After learning to curb your anger so many times, your brain will automatically help you in the process. I will warn you, at first this will be difficult, but you will learn how to be content and let the anger pass, which by the way is a normal human emotion. Your actions are what will define your happy life.

2. Listen – Listen more than you talk. Take a genuine interest in the people you care about and give them your full attention. Put your phone down and look them in the eye. Ask questions about how they are doing and what is going on in their life. Answer their questions. Make them feel important instead of only talking about yourself and bringing everything back to you. Questions to get the conversation going:

  • How have you been?
  • What have you been up too?
  • How was your recent (insert: vacation, work project, kid’s dance recital).
  • How are your parents?
  • What have your kids been up too?
  • How is your health?
  • What is your opinion on….(insert topic)?

3. Budget – Learn how to budget. Money problems create stress in your life. According to a 2018 study by Northwestern Mutual a staggering 9 out of 10 Americans report that they are happier when their finances are in order and this is one of the number one factors of their happy life. 

If you want to be a happier, more fulfilled person this year, learn how to handle your money so it is not handling you. It is amazing how money problems can affect every aspect of your life. 

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4. Volunteer – Don’t just talk about how you want to be a better person – take action. Find volunteer opportunities in your town by checking local churches, soup kitchens, senior homes, hospitals, and schools. Giving your time is very rewarding. You will immediately feel good about yourself and be happier. 

5. Work Hard – It is hard to feel good about yourself when you sit around and watch t.v. for hours at a time or take part in other unproductive activities such as video games or constantly scrolling social media. These activities make you numb. Since I started this blog, I only watch about 2 hours of t.v. per week. The best part is my hobby can make me money so that is a plus. If you are interested in blogging then check out this post: How to Start a Blog. If you don’t like writing, find something else to occupy your time. Reading, exercising, or finding a side hustle you like are all great options. 

When you are at work, don’t be “that person.” You know, the person that is always skating by and letting coworkers handle all the work. Be proactive and gain the respect of people you work with. Work hard while you are at work and rest later.

6. Prioritize – You cannot always do everything because you will burn out. Find the areas of your life that are the most important and prioritize them. Mine are family, church, blogging, and exercise. If there are too many other things that get in the way of these priorities, I have learned to cut them out. This was not always the case for me. I used to be a people pleaser and cared WAY too much about what others thought of me. Unfortunately, I had a hard time saying no to people. I have learned over the years, this is not healthy. In order to keep your mental health on a positive note, it is best to find what is most important to you and cut out things that get in the way of your goals. 

7. Be Healthy – Health is a major factor in mood and happiness. If you want to be a happier person, stay healthy. You can do as little as a 20-minute walk daily and add time as you feel more in shape and confident. You can also find a sport that you like and join a team or start a team. Check out the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle Flash sale by clicking the picture below and kick-start your healthy life in 2019:

8. Create a Small Wave – You would be amazed at how one small act of kindness can start a wave. For example, if you buy a coffee for the person behind you at the drive through, they may buy one for the next person and so on. In fact, it can be as little a small compliment. You can make someone else’s day and they, in turn, will be happier and kinder to others around them. Not to mention volunteering. If friends see you volunteering for a good cause, they will join in and help you. One small step can help WAY more than you think.

9. Smile – Research shows smiling improves your mood. So even on those days when you are as grumpy as the Grinch, smile anyway. What have you got to lose? A smile will also improve the moods of others around you. 

10. Say Good Morning – I used to test this in college and even walking around the downtown of the town I live in. You would be amazed at how often people avoid even looking at you. My goal was to say good morning to anyone that would look at me. If they would look up, I would usually get a good morning back. I jog around the downtown of my area, and most other joggers will look up and acknowledge you; however, while walking around, many people avoid eye contact. We are humans. We are social creatures. Say hi and spread the morning cheer.

Interacting with people will have a big impact on your happiness. In fact, research shows social people live longer. If you are wondering how to stay happy, find some friends and meet for coffee!

11. Help Someone When it is Unexpected – Maybe you signed up to volunteer and they expect you to be there at that certain date and time; But what about helping someone else when they least expect it. Sure, you have dinner to make, kids to drive around, shopping to do… The list goes on and on about why you cannot help someone when needed. But saying yes, just that once, will make you feel great when it is all said and done. 

12. People First – I used to love watching Suzie Orman. One of my favorite Suzie quotes is “People first, Then Money, Then Things.” I even teach this to my kids. Why? Because when it is all said and done, people are what really matters. Do not put money in front of spending time with your kids. If you are patient the money will come. My kids would rather spend time with mom and dad at the park (FREE) than have us be rich and never see us.

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13. Travel – Traveling helps open your eyes to other cultures and ways of living. Plus, there are so many beautiful places on this Earth. Why would you want to miss out? Don’t have the money to travel? Check out my Budget Travel Tips and start planning your trip today. I am happiest when I am sitting enjoying a beach view. It really does lift your spirits.

14. Don’t Judge – Research shows the human brain immediately judges, trying to process meeting new people or make sense of what is going on. Whatever that first judgment is, look past it. Get to know someone before forming an opinion. Keep an open mind and you will meet some amazing people.

15. Hang Around People That Lift You Up – If you have toxic friends, ditch them. Find people who are doing better than you and learn from them. Not only will this uplift you, but you will also lose the baggage of the toxic people and have better mental health.

16. Be minimal – Do you need all of that stuff? Having excess clutter causes anxiety and leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Get rid of clutter and avoid bringing more clutter in your house. Learn how to let go of things you once loved and be open to experiences instead of stuff.

17. Say No – Say yes to good things and volunteering, but do not overexert yourself. If there are people constantly asking you for favors and they never seem to help you when you need it, start telling those people no. If they decide not to hang out with you after saying no, they were not worth your time. Learn how to say no and learn how to live better.

18. Limit Alcohol – Alcohol changes people. Yes, there are many that can have a few drinks and stop. Yet, for others alcohol can become a serious problem and effect relationships. Unless you have excellent self-discipline, it is best to leave alcohol behind. If you feel you have a problem, seek help. Think about how you felt the last time you drank too much. Did you feel happy with your life? Or did you feel numb and miserable?

19. Drink Coffee – Funny story… I used to walk around work (I was a teacher) feeling tired and sluggish. However, there were several teachers that seem perky and happy all day long. I asked myself what was different about them. What were they doing that I wasn’t? I finally figured it out. They were drinking coffee. This is where my love for coffee began. I cannot go one day without drinking coffee.

20. Donate – Donate to your favorite charity. I usually do this during the Holidays and throughout the year. Why? Giving to others helps you feel good about yourself. If you believe in the law of attraction, you will see good things start happening to you, when you start helping others. And what better way than to help others in need. 

21. Spend Time With the People Who Matter – Make a list of the most important people in your life and make a date with each one of them. Put your phone or Ipad down and give them your full attention. If they live far from you, call them. Set aside 30 minutes each week to have a phone conversation.

22. Learn from your mistakes or the mistakes of others – Learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. Many people will complain about their life but continue to carry out the same actions that led them to the self-loathing. If something is not working in your life, be wise enough to change it. 

23. Say sorry – Even if you are wrong, say you are sorry. Saying sorry is for yourself in the end. Carrying around grudges and anger will only hurt you in the end. Be the bigger person and move on with your life. 

24. Don’t be so Hard on Yourself – Everyone makes mistakes. If you are trying to change and you mess up, pick yourself up and keep ongoing. No one is perfect so try not to let one little set back hold you back. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t be overly critical of yourself. Cut yourself some slack. You deserve it.

Learn How to Live a Better, Happier Life Conclusion:

If you are looking to be a better person in the new year and improve yourself, the tips above will help. If you are having a hard time coping, there is no shame in seeking help. Try to find a balance and do not try to change everything all at once. You will likely become overwhelmed and revert back to old ways.

Use these tips to live a happy life. You will learn how to be content and find more joy in your life.

We can always become a better version of ourselves so keep trying to improve and live your best life. We only have so much time on this earth. Live your life being happy and enjoying others instead of feeling bad about yourself.

What are your goals for being a better person in 2021? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.



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20 Comments on How to Live a Happy Life in 2021

  1. We do these things but doesn’t mean we can’t improve. We are sitting down after Christmas to go over the budget for 2019.

  2. Yep, you summed it up here! My greatest accomplishments started and came through by tackling a little bit at a time…. starting small. And like Candy said, always making sure we are seeking to improve and not necessarily “arrive”. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Michelle. Yes, starting small is definatley the way to go! Trying to change too much at once, usually leads to frustration. I love the improve instead of “arrive” analogy. We can always become a better version of ourselves and live a happy life! Take care!

  3. I love these tips. I especially think that donating and volunteering are such good ways. Giving is so much better than receiving where it is in physical goods or just your time.

    • Thank you, Carli! Yes, volunteering is not only for others, but it helps you feel good and happier! Wishing you the best this year! Thanks for the visit!

  4. I’m already committed to at least one of these- coffee! Seriously, I love this list. It goes so much deeper than just exercise more or get organized. Committing to even a handful of these could be make a huge difference and make 2019 an amazing year!

    • Thank you, Jill. I really appreciate your heartfelt comment! I absolutely love my coffee! I hope 2019 is a happy, fulfilling year for you! Take care!!

    • Thank you! Volunteering is a goal of mine too. I used to as well, but after having kids I stopped. I want to set a good example for my kids and teach them to help others. I hope you live your happiest life in the new year!

  5. This was such a great post! Each tip was well thought out and attainable! Really look forward to implementing some of these! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lexis. I really appreciate it. I hope you have a great new year and you live your best life in 2019! xoxo

  6. These are definitely great tips for a happier 2019! Saying “no” is one that most people don’t hear enough. I think a lot of us overload ourselves and our schedules, and that makes it hard to focus on any of the things that matter most.

    • Yes, this is so true. Learning to say no is definatley something I need to work on! Best of luck to you and happy new year! I hope you live a happy life!

  7. This is a wonderful post with so many great recommendations for the New Year! I set my resolution kind of small this year – it’s to be better with time management. I’m ALWAYS 10-15 minutes late to almost everything and it drives me crazy. So as a family, we are going to work on this one!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I hope you live a happy life in 2019 and you are able to be on time this year. I started using a timer and setting it five minutes before I actually want to be out of the house. This seems to help but life can still be unpredictable with kids. Best of luck to you!

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