40 Plus Gift Ideas for Men – He Will Actually Like – For Any Budget

40 + Gift Ideas for Men - He Will Actually Like- For any Budget - Do you need gift ideas he will love, but are also affordable? Here are 30 plus gifts for any budget. #giftguide #christmasgifts #Dadgiftideas #husbandgiftideas #fathersdaygiftideas
40 Plus Gift Idea for Men -He Will Actually Like – for Every Budget

Is your hubby driving you nuts this Holiday Season? I love my husband very much, but let me tell you… He is the hardest person to shop for! Most of the time, when he wants or needs something, he buys it. This makes it difficult for someone like me to jot down all his clues in my short memory and start shopping. Does he need new running shoes? Oh, wait…A box from Amazon just arrived at our door with brand new Asics. Does this sound familiar?

I have to admit, in order to write this gift guide, I had to seek the help of my dear hubby. I mean, who else to tell you what guys want, then a guy, right?

And I tried to help the guys out last year by creating the Gift Guide for the Lady in Your Life, but this year I know a few women that could use some help too (including me).

I always stress during the Holiday season. I am buying, wrapping, cooking, and decorating. The “To Do” list seems to never end. It seems like everyone else is sitting and relaxing, while I am working hard to make Christmas nice for my family. With that in mind, my goal is to have a stress-free Christmas this year. My goal is to get all of my shopping done before December 1st so I can start wrapping and try to soak in some of those moments with my family. Yes, this year I will not be grinchy and spoil everyone’s fun.

Online gift guides have really helped me find the perfect gift in the past, so I’m hoping my gift guide will help you.

Please check out my ideas below and you will be sure to surprise him with your thoughtfulness this year. This list can be used for Christmas gifts for men, Valentine’s Day gifts for him, or birthday gifts for men. This post includes gift ideas for every budget and I do not suggest going over your budget to buy gifts. Pick something you can afford and stick with it.

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Before we start shopping, check out Amazon Prime. Why? Because you will get free two-day shipping on many Amazon items. If you start the free trial and cancel after 30 days, you will still get free shipping on your Christmas items. So why not give it a try and save on shipping this year. Plus, the gifts below are all from Amazon. To check out the free trial click the link or picture below:

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Best Guy’s Gift Ideas:

Subscriptions Gift Ideas for Men:

1. Magazine Subscription – I bought Money Magainze for my husband the past few years and he loves it! This is a great gift because he will get the subscription all year. You can order it for a Kindle or print. Some of my husband’s favorites are Money Magazine, Popular Science, Forbes, or Consumer Reports. As you can see, magazine subscriptions can be very budget-friendly.

2.. Hot Sauce of the Month Club – Does your man like spicy food? This is a men’s gift idea he is sure to love. Here is a great way to try some different hot sauces and spice up his life.






3. Audible Subscription – Does your husband or boyfriend like to read? Why not try a subscription to Audible? This is the perfect men’s gift ideas for the reader. Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks



4. Does your hubby enjoy craft beers? Why not let him try a new flavor every month with a Beer of the month subscription. This really is the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Insulated Beer Mug – What better way to announce he is getting a beer of the month club, then to wrap his certificate up with this awesome insulated beer mug. This gift idea for your guy will keep his beer ice cold!

Tech Fanatic Men’s Gift Ideas:

1. AMIR Phone Camera Lens, 0.45X Wide Angle Lens + 15X Macro Lens, – Okay, so I secretly want one of these for my phone so if I get it for my hubby, you know I will be borrowing it! It is totally affordable and unique! This one runs for around $19 on Amazon (prices on Amazon are subject to change), but check it out. It has a good rating too!






2.Epson Expression Home XP-340 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier – This printer is a 3-in-1 with a printer, scanner, and copier. Plus, it has a sleek black appearance he will love.




3. Samsung Chromebook 3, 11.6″, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, Chromebook – Is he in the market for a new laptop? This one has good reviews and is totally affordable. Now don’t break the bank if you don’t have the money for a laptop. You could just get him a gift card to put toward the price.

4. Bike Mount Phone Holder – If he loves his phone and also loves to bike, then this bike mount phone holder is the perfect men’s gift!

5. Electronics Cleaning Brush – Make cleaning his electronics a breeze this year, with this cleaning brush. He will be able to clean the hard to reach places and keep his electronics working in tip top shape.

6. Headphone Stand – Gift your guy with this cool headphone stand. He will have a place to store his headphones and keep them safe until the next use!

Food Lover Men’s Gift Ideas:

1. Beef Jerky Sampler Set – Does your man love jerky? Then he will love this tender, yummy sampler set.

2. Hot Sauce Gift Set – This sampler will keep him warm the entire winter! What a great gift idea for you guy that likes it spicy!

3. Popcorn and Movie Night Gift Set – Get ready for popcorn and movie night. My husband loves popcorn flavoring salt and I bought him a gift set for Valentine’s Day one year. It was a hit! You could also pair this with some move gift cards or Red Box gift cards.

4. Grilling Spice Set – Is your hubby a griller? Why not surprise him with these grilling spices. If he grills you dinner, he is a keeper!

Handyman Men’s Gift Ideas:

1. Toolset – This toolset by Cartman has over a 4-star rating on Amazon. It comes with a durable case which will keep the ladies happy because the tools are put away after use! Cartman 148-Piece Tool Set – General Household Hand Tool Kit (20)





2. BLACK+DECKER Drill/Diver – Again over a four-star rating on Amazon, this baby has some power! Your hubby will feel like the handy-dandy man that he is! (49)






3. Pocket Knife – This is a great gadget men’s gift idea.

4. Stainless Steel Thermos – Here is a great thermos for him to use while he is working or working around the house. Keep his coffee hot this year.

5. Leather Work Gloves – If you have a handyman, he will love these leather work gloves. Keep his hand warm in the winter and his heart!

6. Firestarter Kit – If he is handy and likes the outdoors or camping, why not get him a fire starter kit as a gift. This would be a fun kit for him to tinker around with outside and show off his rough and rugged side!

7. Tool Repair Kit – This is a great gift if he loves tools and already has a toolset. He can repair his own tools among other things with this cool set.


Sports Fanatic Men’s Gift Ideas:

1. Sports Tickets – I have bought my husband tickets on StubHub before at a discount! Check them out and search for your hubby’s favorite sport. My love loves baseball!

2. Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler– We own a Coleman cooler with wheels and let me tell you, it has come in so handy! Not only for tailgating but for parties at our house as well! This one has above a four-star rating on Amazon and many people in my circle like to double it as a cooler and a chair! lol






3. Game Gear Top of the World NCAA”Below Zero” Striped Cuffed Knit Pom Beanie Hat – These come in different colors and teams, so you have a variety to choose from.






4. Half Zip – Sorry, had to support my team, but they sell other teams as well if you are not cheering for the Detroit Lions this year: NFL Detroit Lions Men’s Synergy Half Zip Pullover Jacket,






5. Craft Beer Making Kit: Beer is always a great men’s gift idea. He can brag to all of his tailgating friends that he made his own beer. How fun!

Sports Equipment Men’s Gift Ideas:

1.Baseball Glove –  Find a sport he loves and gift him the equipment. Maybe he has hinted he wants to join a softball league or play tennis this summer. If softball or baseball is his sport, buy him a new glove. Try the Rawlings Renegade Series Pro Mesh Back Glove,




2Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet – Do you have a tennis player in the house? This would be great with a gift card to a league or lessons.






3. Inflatable Kayaks– My husband just ordered these for our Up North summer trip. We got a chance to test them out with the kids and it was SO much fun. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but it only took him about 20-25 minutes to inflate both of them and they are really sturdy and WAY more comfortable than a regular kayak. We had several people using regular hard plastic kayaks asking about them.

4. Lounge Chair– He can watch all of his favorite sports games in style with this black lounger. He can kick his feet up and relax while cheering on his team. (Well, my husband isn’t really relaxed while watching sports. He is usually yelling at the T.V. haha.)





House Repair Gifts Ideas for Men:

1. Air Conditioning filter – I know, not the most romantic gift, right? This is something my husband doesn’t like buying himself, so it would save him the time and energy and he would really appreciate it! Very practical. Make sure to double check which filter fits your air conditioner.

2. Light. Bulbs – It can be annoying to make an extra trip out to the store when your light bulb burns out. So buying them in bulk is cheaper and convenient. Keep these in the closet for when he needs them or change the light bulb out for him!

3. Door handles – If you are looking to do a little update on your house, new door knobs can make all the difference. We just finished replacing our brass doorknobs out for stainless steel ones. It looked much better, but my husband only did a few at a time, so if this is something he wants, buy them for him so he is ready!

Clothing Fanatic Gift Ideas for Men:

You can find some pretty snazzy stuff on Amazon and clothing is no exception. There are hundreds of men’s clothing items to choose from, but here are a few frugal options I like: (click the picture to see the price.

1. Men’s Sweater – I absolutely love this sweater and tie look. He will look stylish and put together for the dressy occasion. 







2. This is a nice v-neck sweater that could be dressed up or down by putting a tie or a t-shirt under. Click on the picture for pricing.







3. This is great for lounging around in the colder months. 







4Dress Pants Picks – Does he need a new pair of dress pants for work? My husband hates shopping, so it would help him out if I picked a pair for him. 







5. T-Shirt Picks – Here are some great T-shirt options for those casual weekends. I love the burgundy color.







6.   Dress Shirt Picks: – Here is a nice budget-friendly dress shirt to go with the pants. Click the picture for more colors.








Gift Ideas for Men – He Will Actually Like – for Any Budget Conclusion:

No matter what you decide to get your man for Christmas this year, he will be thrilled that you took the time to think of him and select the perfect gift. If you are on a budget, there are many affordable options to gift your guy. My husband is an “experience over things” type of person, so he may end up with some sports tickets and a few clothing items that I know he will appreciate, even though he doesn’t “think” he needs them. Mommy knows best!

A BIG shout out to my husband for helping me with this guy’s gift guide. I couldn’t have done it without you, honey!

Here is wishing you the best the year and always!

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