Ultimate Bundles: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2017

Genius Blogger's Toolkit Review 2017
This stock photo is included in the bundle as a bonus. You will receive ten free stock photos from Haute Stock.

Being in the personal finance niche, I always consider all of my options before buying anything. After considering whether to invest in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles a book I read called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey came to mind. You see, this book gave me some amazing insight about staying productive and running a business. One HUGE lesson Brian teaches is that once you have found your passion (like blogging), continue to learn as much as you can to become the best at what you do.

Do You Have Enough Time in Your Life?

My time is valuable. I want to soak up every second with my two little boys. They just started school so I don’t see them as much. Yet, I used to spend countless hours searching for answers to my blogging questions. However, I learned EVERY second I waste scrolling through and reading articles that don’t help is time I could have spent with my amazing family. Nonetheless, I am living and learning like all of you – so when I found out a new Genius Blogger’s Toolkit was going to become available through Ultimate Bundles, I jumped at the chance to invest in my blog, knowing I was buying a high-quality product that would truly help me and save time – no more searching the vast Internet for my blogging answers – and money!

Since I was disappointed I missed the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year, I was super excited to see it was coming back and even better than before!  However, the only kicker is, this bundle is only on sale for eight days (Oct. 2-9). So if you are interested, keep reading my review to help you make up your mind. Furthermore, you will see the pros and cons of this bundle and why I ultimately decided to buy it myself and have been super happy!

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you, so thank you! I highly recommend Ultimate Bundles which is why I am an affiliate for them. They offer awesome products that save you a ton of money. To become an affiliate yourself, click here.

If you haven’t started your blog yet, click here for a free tutorial!

What is it?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a package put together by Ultimate Bundles a well-known and trusted company. Once a year, Ultimate Bundles rounds up blogging classes offered by some pretty big bloggers that are making money and getting a ton of readers, so they know their stuff.  The bundle includes 89 resources (28 eBooks, 43 Videos & eCourses, 16 printables, workbooks & templates, 1 conference, 1 membership site plus 10 bonuses) worth $5800 for only $97!

Yes, this does sound too good to be true, so to check it out I purchased the bundle myself and I would give this bundle a five-star rating. It does live up to its worth. I now have all the information I need to make my blog more successful all in one package.

The two books I’ve really been eyeing are Carly Cambell’s Pinteresting Strategies and Lenna Gott’s Traffic Transformation. I was going back and forth as to whether I wanted to purchase these two books because I have read phenomenal reviews about both, yet the cost of both would be over $100. Nonetheless, since I am an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles I knew the sale for the Genius Bloggers Toolkit was fastly approaching and decided to wait it out and see what the bundle included before buying the books. I was so happy to see Carly’s book included the bundle and Lenna’s class Blog Traffic Boot Camp included as well.

Dates for Sale: October 2-9


Can I Make Money From the Bundle?

There ARE actually ways to earn your money back after purchasing the bundle. I would recommend studying one or two classes and then contacting the author to find out if there is an affiliate program. Many of the classes and books offer affiliate programs and again, there is so much valuable information from well-known professional bloggers, it will be easy to find and recommend classes.

Nonetheless, there is also a section in the toolkit about monetizing your own blog. You will learn the pro’s strategies for monetization (Rosemarie Groner’s Core Affiliate Strategy Guide). Also, you could become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles and sell the toolkit or any of their other amazing bundles.

Is there a Downside?

Will I have time to read everything included in this bundle? Probably not! But the beauty is there is so much included, you choose what you want to focus on.

I was actually a little overwhelmed by the amount of training included in the bundle; however, I never would have found all of this amazing information on my own without wasting more of my precious time and money. The amazing part is you have an entire year to use or download all of your classes! There is also a 30-day happiness guarantee, so you really do have nothing to lose.

What Is Included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

To surprise, I was so happy to see Carly’s book Pinteresting Strategies and the class Blog Traffic Boot Camp from Lenna Gott were included in the bundle plus a lot more!  I was able to buy the bundle early and get my eyes on these two fabulous learning tools and let me tell you, they have helped my Pinterest game and offered tips I could not figure out on my own. Since I have tried a few of Carly’s tips, my Pinterest traffic has gone up and continues to increase. In my opinion, the bundle is worth it for these two products alone, however, you are getting so much more.

This bundle will include training on the following:

  • Beyond Blogging
  • Blog-Life Balance
  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Creating and Selling Products
  • Email Marketing
  • Getting Organized
  • Getting Started
  • Legal & Financial
  • Monetization
  • Podcasting
  • Professional Blogging
  • Social Media

As you can see, there is information for any stage of blogging. Even if you are brand new and haven’t started your blog yet. This bundle will help you build a framework and start your blog off right! I wish I had know about this bundle sooner last year when I started blogging! It would have saved me a lot of head ache!

My Top Picks from the bundle:

  1. Pintereing Strategies ($32) – Carly Campbell of Carly On Purpose
  2. Blog Traffic Boot Camp ($37) by Lenna Gott of What Mommy Does –
  3. Ready Set Blog for Traffic ($45) – Elna Cain of Twin Mommy
  4. Core Affiliate Strategy Guide ($64) – Rosemarie Groner of Busy Budgeter
  5. Group Board Master: Unlock the Key to Massive Pinterest Growth ($97)- Caroline Vencil of CarolineVencil.com
  6. Twitter Strategy for Bloggers ($44) – Saira Perl
  7. Page views from Pinterest: The 7-Step System to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic (& Income!) in the Next 30 Days($197) by Krista Dickson
  8. ACTIVATE: EBA Live Conference Video Package ($297) – Ruth Soukup

Super Exciting Bonus!!!  Many bigger bloggers I follow have raved about Ruth Soukup’s ACTIVATE: EBA Live Conference which just took place. Since I was unable to buy Elite Blog Academy this year I was super excited to find out this bundle offers a training ($297) right from the conference. How cool is that? It is worth more than the entire bundle!

My Favorite Bonus: I am also looking at changing my theme and I use a free theme called “Adell” from Bluchic. This bundle offers one of their premium themes for free! If you haven’t heard of Bluchic, check them out here. If you love girly themes this is an amazing place to browse. Francesca from “From Penny’s to Pounds” also uses one of their themes and her blog is what made me fall in love. Check her blog out and you will see what I mean.


  • 98 Amazing resources
  •  All of your classes for 98% off retail price
  • Excellent Bonuses (we are talking themes, stock photos and memberships here)
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Awesome information from the pros


  • A bit overwhelming
  • Some of the information is redundant because there is so much
  • Some of the bonuses included are only offered if you are a new member

How Has the Bundle Helped Me?

Personally, I have wanted to invest in my blog for a while. My page views have sat at around the same number for the past four months (around 4100) and I decided it was time to find some training to help me meet my blogging goals. My main goals are to increase page views and earn more so I can continue to stay home with my kids. I’ve learned some new pinning strategies that have already boosted my page views. I’ve personally been trying pinning strategies from Carly Cambell’s Pinteresting Strategies eBook (included in the bundle) and my click throughs from Pinterest have already went up. I started this on September 21st. See my Stats from Pinterest below:

Pinterest stats after using Pinteresting Strategies

In Conclusion

I am peeling through the layers of this The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit bundle and I am SO happy I made this investment. If you are interested in learning about Social Media, Traffic Generation, SEO, and more this bundle is for you.You are getting all of this information at a fraction of the cost.  If you want to learn from some of the most popular bloggers that have turned their blogs into successful business this bundle is for you. I have already learned so much from these amazing people (will show who they are tomorrow). This is the year I will make my blog my business and I hope you can too!

If you have any questions about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, leave me a comment below!

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10 comments on “Genius Blogger’s Toolkit: Why You Need This”

  1. Wow this sounds great! I have bookmarked this to share with my husband. I know I want to change things up so that we continue to grow and I do believe I have reached a point where I need more than just the ideas in my hear. Thanks!

    • Thank you! If you are looking to invest in your blog, this is the most training you will get from the big bloggers at this price point! Best of luck to you!

  2. I became thankful to receive a phone call from my buddy instantly he noticed the most important tips discussed on the website. Browsing your site article is a great experience. Thank you for taking into account readers much like me, and I wish on your behalf good success for a professional in this subject.

    • They really have a bit of everything! Several of the classes are worth more than the package itself, like Ruth Soukup’s ACTIVE conference videos ($297). Check it out!

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