Do you want to take surveys for money? A little extra cash would be nice!

Online survey sites for money - 5 question to ask
Online survey sites for money

Some people make it sound so easy to sign up for a few sites and make a pile of money! Just sign up, take the survey, and get paid! If only earning money online were that easy!

Yet, in my experience, there are some survey sites that are worth your time and ARE helpful if you are looking for an easy way to earn extra spending money.

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I must start by saying you WILL NOT become rich by filling out surveys. If that were the case, everyone would be filling out surveys for money.

However, survey sites are an easy way to make some extra spending cash if you sign up for legit sites. Nonetheless, be wary of some survey sites claiming to pay your hundreds of dollars per survey or ask for payment to participate.

Basically, taking surveys for money is a great idea, but ask yourself these five questions before signing up for a site to make sure it is legit and worth your time.

I will also recommend some survey sites that I have researched or used to help you in your quest to find the best paid online surveys.

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Surveys for Money:

There are some questions you should ask before committing to paid online survey sites as your primary side hustle.

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1. Are you willing to sign up for a few survey sites and answer some personal questions?

One reason people shy away from paid online surveys is giving out personal information.

However, legit companies keep your information secure and will never ask you for your social security number or credit card information.

However they will ask your household income, number of kids and ages, marital status, and if you own your home.

Health questions are usually optional, but if you are willing to share health information you will have a better chance of getting more paid survey opportunities because not everyone will have the same health dilemma such as allergies or high blood pressure.

They are usually more questions to answer, but it is important, to be honest, so the sites can match you with the best surveys.

There are surveys out there for everyone.

2. Do you have the time to fill out surveys?

Do you watch a lot of television? You could be answering surveys and making money while sitting on your couch!

It is best to analyze how much time you put into sites versus how much you are getting paid.

One of my favorite survey sites, Pinecone Research, pays $3 per survey and most surveys only take 15 minutes to complete. If you do the math, that is $9 per hour. Not bad for just sitting on the couch watching t.v. and answering questions.

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Pro Tip: Create a “survey only” email so your regular email isn’t spammed with survey opportunities.

3. How many survey questions are you willing to do for the work? 

Depending on what sites you choose to sign up for, you may be thinking you will make a lot of money quickly. I tend to avoid offers that promise this because there is no quick way to become rich by taking surveys.

It is best to do your research and find companies that will send you surveys that you qualify for and not make you answer a lot of questions only to tell you that you don’t qualify! #petpeeve!

One company I signed up for did this often. I would answer 20 questions thinking it was the survey only to be sent to a screen stating I did not qualify. This was very frustrating and I eventually stopped using this company for paid online surveys because I wasn’t making anything for the time I was spending.

The key to making money is to sign up for as many trusted sites as you can and set aside an hour a day to complete your surveys while you are watching tv.

My favorite site, Pinecone Research, only sent me one to two surveys per a week. They took 15 minutes complete and paid $3 per survey, but as you can see I’m not going to get rich off of $6 per week!

4. How Do I Know What Paid Online Survey Sites are Legit?

Don’t just sign up for everything you see online! If you choose to do this you could be putting yourself at risk for a scam. Do your due diligence and research each site you are planning to use.

How to avoid online survey scams:

  • avoid giving out credit card information
  • do not give out your social security number
  • research the company
  • do not respond to emails with spelling or typos asking you to give your password
  • check your credit report a few times a year to be safe

5. Are There Other Ways to Earn Besides Question Survey Sites?

Remember when filling out surveys time is money! If you are filling out hours worth of surveys but only making $2 per hour, then it is totally NOT worth your time!

The trick is to find sites that reward you for things you do anyway, such as searching the web.

Swagbucks is a site that rewards you for searching the web. Therefore, this survey site is not a waste of time since you already do this! Not to mention, you can earn more by taking surveys, answering daily polls, playing games, and watching videos but some of these can be a time-suck. Searching the web for Swagbucks is your best option. 

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Trusted Paid Online Surveys:

Pinecone Research

A trusted company that pays $3 and sometimes more for 15-minute surveys. The best part is there is an option to be paid in cash. You can also try free samples of upcoming products and earn even more by filling out surveys after trying the sample. Hello, free waffles!


Swagbucks offers a sign-up bonus and has other ways to earn other than just answering surveys. You can take the daily polls, watch videos, and my favorite earn points for searching the web – super easy! I like companies that reward you for things you are doing anyway. Why not earn a few points that add up to a gift card to amazing places like Amazon and Target.

You Gov.

If you like to answer questions about politics and other world events then this is the site for you! Yougov is an online survey site that talks about events or controversial topics? Yougov is a top survey company that offers rewards for taking surveys and participating in focus groups. Most surveys pay between  500-1000 points and 1400 points are equal to one dollar. They offer a referral program and often reward 2000 points just for signing up.


Inbox dollars pays in cash so you don’t have to worry about converting points. You get a $5 bonus for signing up and Inbox offers surveys often.

American Consumer Opinion

This is a survey company that offers points for completed surveys. You can redeem your points for popular gift cards such as Starbucks, Amazon, or popular restaurants. You can also take surveys to enter drawings for high-value gift cards. This survey company cashes out after you earn 1000 points ($10). Sign up for American Consumer Opinion and start earning

Global Test Market

This is a survey site that pays well. You can earn up to $5.00 per survey in cash and gift cards. This survey site ranks high among survey goers and is a site that is worth your time. Sign up Global Test Market and start earning!


Questions to Ask Before Taking Surveys for Money Conclusion:

Survey sites are a great way to make some extra spending cash, but you will not become rich taking surveys for money online. 

Make sure you sign up for trusted sites and sign up for more than one to maximize your earning potential.

Find sites you like and stick with them. Put on your favorite show and start answering your questions!

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12 Comments on Thinking of Taking Surveys for Money? Ask These 5 Questions First

  1. I’ve done some of these in the past and I hear you that some are not worth your time!! It’s all about finding the right one–whether you get some free product or it pays well.

    • Yes, totally true! I don’t think it is worth it to fill out a survey for 30 minutes only to be awarded $.50. I will take $3 for 15 minutes with Pinecone though! Thanks for the visit!

  2. I find surveys really interesting to fill out, plus it’s nice to get a bit of extra cash.. but you’re right, there are some survey sites that just aren’t worth the time so it’s good to try out a few to see which one fits.

    • Thanks so much, Heather! Yes, it is nice to get some extra cash. I save mine and use it for Holiday shopping.

  3. This was really well-laid out and easy to understand. Thank you! I’m signed up already with American Consumer Opinion, but I think I’ll add Pinecone to my list too.

  4. These are great points. I thought about doing surveys at home, but I’m glad I read this first. I’m not sure its worth it for me after all. Thank you.

    • So happy to help! If you decide to try one, start with Pinecone Research. That was the best one, in my opinion. Thanks for the visit!

  5. Not knowing if the sites are legit has definitely kept me from signing up for some. These are great things to consider!

    • I totally understand! I’ve had a few companies that were the same! I would have to say, Pinecone Research was my favorite. $3 for every survey and they were only around 15 minutes each! Try that one out if you decide to give it another chance. Thanks for the visit!

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