50 Frugal Date Ideas

Reconnect with Your Spouse 

Is your relationship lacking that spark it once had? Do you feel the need to reconnect with your partner? If you are in this boat and looking for ways to reconnect, finding cute dates is the obvious choice! I know when my husband and I feel a little off-balance, nothing helps more than spending some quality “alone time” together. However, we try to stick to a monthly budget and going out to dinner and a movie, although a nice treat once in a while, can cost an upwards of $70, and that figure does not include babysitter’s fees. Unfortunately, we are now looking at over $100 for a few hours of entertainment.

Furthermore, many couples cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on a night out and are left feeling like their marriage is in a rut. However, date night once a week can literally save your marriage and it doesn’t have to break your bank. There are many alternatives to dinner and a movie that are as frugal as your first kiss!

According to Dr. Charles D Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A Schmitz, marriage experts from “The Simple Things Matter,” one of the predictors of a successful marriage is finding joy in spending time together. Couples that spend alone time together are more likely to stay married. With a divorce rate of 40-50% in the United States alone (American Psychology Association), finding ways to stay hitched are extremely important.

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Create A Fun Date Night Plan:

Many couples, after having kids, forget how important it is to keep the romance alive. The marriage relationship is put on the back burner because the kids come first. Many couples fall into a rut and simply do not take “alone time” with their spouse simply because life happens. It may be a lack of sleep, long work hours, and/or finding the time when you have little ones. However, sitting down with your spouse and planning out your weekly calendar to include a date night will help tremendously.

Tip: Find cute dates and plan and write them down on a calendar at the beginning of the month.

Reconnect With Your Spouse and Plan Out Your Frugal or Free Date Nights:

  1. After the kids are asleep grab a calendar and pen.
  2. Make a list of four dates for the month (pick two each).
  3. Write down one day a week you can find the time, even if it is only an hour per week.
  4. Make arrangements to find childcare as needed.

According to marriage.com the second most common reason for divorce is money. Therefore, it is imperative to find date night ideas that are within your budget. There are many cute date ideas that are budget-friendly and can keep you connected without spending over $400 per month going out. There are many simple date ideas listed below that will help you put the spark back in your relationship.

40 Frugal Date Ideas - Start reconnecting with your spouse today.
40 Frugal Date Ideas

50 Cute Dates That Are Frugal or Free:

Paying a babysitter can be one excuse not to have a weekly date night. Yet, if you do not have money to pay a babysitter there are alternative solutions. You can make use of a babysitting co-op or have your family watch the kids for free. If not, trade babysitting with friends and take turns babysitting for each other on different nights.

If you absolutely have to pay a babysitter, make sure you know their rates before hiring them and find someone you trust so you can enjoy yourselves. With that being said, let’s move on to the fun part! Here are my 50 frugal, cute dates! Enjoy your time with your loved one.

1. Park date – Find a local park and play like you are a kid again.

2. Picnic date – Pack up some sandwiches and visit a favorite spot.

3. Nature walk – Find some nature trails in your area and hike them up!

4. Zoo date (check your local zoo for an annual pass. We pay $79.00 a year for our zoo pass and we use it at least once a week. We got our monies worth after two visits.)

5. Matinee – Movies before noon are cheaper. Also, pack a few snacks in your purse.

6. Happy hour – My husband and I enjoy a glass of wine and cheers to our future

7. Church – My husband and I used to go to the evening music mass together every Sunday (now it’s too late with the kids and our kids will behave if we promise donuts after church).

8. Coffee date – Try a new local coffee shop. If you visit during open mic night, you can enjoy free entertainment.

9. Ice cream date – Instead of paying for a pricey dinner, skip right to the ice-cream and don’t forget sprinkles and a cherry on top. 

10. Froyo – The latest craze! Frozen yogurt by the pound! You can each pick your favorite toppings.

11. Free concert – Check your city’s website. Many cities or surrounding areas offer free summer concerts featuring local bands.

12. Pizza – If you were able to read my “10 Outstanding Ways to Save on Dining Out“, pizza is a budget-friendly meal on the list.

13.  date – Bring a blanket and snuggle with your honey, while watching the waves crash.

14. Fireworks (June/July) – This is a free date for the Fourth of July time frame. How romantic!

15. Drive – Take a scenic drive or drive to a scenic destination.

16. Bike ride – Do you both like biking? Find a fun trail and stay in shape together too!

17. Kayak or canoe trip – Pack the sunscreen and bring your own drinks.

18. Support your hobby date – Each person can take a turn picking a favorite hobby and the other must support it.

19. Art fair – Walk through the art fair and find your favorite art medium.

20. Art Institute – Visit your local art institute and find your favorites.

21. Library – Check your local library for free events or check out a book and read to each other. Try poetry.

22. Walk in a downtown area – Stroll your local downtown and window shop.

23. Breakfast – Breakfast is typically cheaper than dinner. Grab some eggs and pancakes.

24. Split a meal – Go out to dinner and split a meal together.

25. Window shop at the mall – Stroll around the mall and window shop.

Keep Reading for More Date Night Ideas:

26. Candy store – Go to the candy store and pick out a few bulk items. You will both be like two kids in a candy store.

27. Local events – Find the local events calendar and try a few new things.

28. Walk around the local farmer’s market – Farmer’s markets are so much fun! Try some samples and get a great deal on local produce.

29. Food truck rally – Split a meal at your local food truck rally.

30. A last-minute game at the ballpark (Stub Hub/Craigslist) – This was my husband suggestion and he usually has good luck with finding cheap last-minute tickets (although they may not be the best seat! Who cares, it is just fun to go to the game!)

31. Utilize your state/local parks – Buy a state or local park pass and use it as your date night the entire summer. 

32. Arcade – Find a quarter arcade and challenge each other to a game of Ms. Pac-Man (Okay, showing my age here.)

33. Bowling – Bowling is fun and doesn’t cost that much. You could even join a league if you are any good!

34. Dessert date – Trying new desserts is so much fun! 

35. Strawberry picking – Try picking strawberries together at a local farm.

36. Tennis – Many parks have free tennis courts. Although I wouldn’t be any good at this, my husband would love it.

37. Baseball/softball team – Pick your favorite sport and join a team together. With this commitment, you will have to spend some time together. It will build comradery too. 

38. Go swimming – Find a local pool and take a dip with your honey!

39. Groupon – Check your local Groupon for activity or food deals. Make sure you use Ebates when purchasing your Groupon. Not a member of Ebates? Click here to sign up and receive a $10 bonus.

40. Redbox – Put the kids to bed and watch a movie together. Finally, a movie that is not cartoon based!

41. Antique Store – Walk around an antique store and pick out items you can later look up to see if they are valuable. (My husband loves this game!)

42. Open House – Find some local open houses and check out the reality around your area! It is fun to dream together and make a wish list for your dream house.

43. Find BOGO Meal Coupons – Find local restaurants offering a buy one get one free entres special.

44. Try a new creation at a local bakery – Do some taste testing and pick two treats to share.

45. Baseball Cage – Go hit some balls at the local baseball cage. Make a friendly back massage wager for the person that hits the ball the most.

46. Carnival – Go people watch at a local carnival.

47. Volunteer Together – Find a cause that is near and dear to your heart and volunteer together. My husband and I did a local warming shelter one year the experience really brought us closer together.

48. Go to the Range – Hit some balls at your local golf range. This is much cheaper than playing a full course.

49. Local Arcade – Load up on quarters and have a Ms. Pac Man challenge.

50. Play a game of Horse at Your Local Park – Play a little B-ball and have some fun!

If you absolutely can’t find or afford a babysitter, take your kiddos to the local McDonald’s play area and enjoy a cup of coffee with your spouse while the kids play.

How to reconnect with your spouse on a budget. A list of 40 budget friendly date ideas.
How to reconnect with your spouse on a budget

50 Cute Date Ideas That Are Frugal or Free Conclusion:

There you have it, my friends! I hope you found something on my cute dates list! Spend some time improving your marriage by giving your loved one some of your time. You do not need to spend a lot to build your relationship. After having kids, it is hard to find that time, but with these ideas, all you have to do is put your date on the calendar. You will be thankful you did. Your kids will notice the difference. Reconnect and you will be like my grandparents. They just celebrated 66 years of marriage. (Update: My grandfather passed away in November 2016 but watching my Grandmother care for him daily after all of this time, was a beautiful act of true unselfish love.) I wish this for all of you.

Please leave me a comment about how you reconnect with your spouse. I would love to hear from you!

Take care – Sarah

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23 Comments on 50 Cute Dates That Are Frugal or Free

  1. I love your ideas for frugal date ideas. Dates with your spouse are so important but they don’t need to break the budget!

  2. I have been meaning to do a coffee date with my husband. A new coffee shop opened in the center of town and we wanted to check it out. We always do a Netflix and chill date, too. Thanks for the ideas, Sarah!

  3. Great idea to write down the dates on the calendar at the beginning of the month. It’s very hard to fit in couple time with young kids. We go to concerts together, but that can be pretty expensive. I love the budget-friendly ideas.

  4. I love this post! I have a friend who doesn’t believe in date night as she thinks every night should be date night and is unhappy as thats not happening for her in her marriage. I believe date night is so so so important in the way the word worlds today and how busy we all get in everyday routine – but yes I love your frugal date night ideas! Its just about spending time as a couple and absolutely doesn’t need to break the bank! Great post x

    • Thank you, Krupa. I so believe in date night. Life happens and it is important to spend alone time with your spouse.

  5. I love these ideas. My husband and I have not had much time to ourselves since having the boys. So I think we need to schedule in a couple of these date night ideas! X

    • Thank you, Leah. It is so hard with young kids. When my second son was born, we only went out around three times that year. We are trying to do better now that he is three!

  6. I do the frugal dates all time. It can be eating ice cream at Costco or having coffee at Tims or just walking in the park on a bright day. Many wonderful things are free in life. You just have to discover them.

  7. I love these ideas! they are super helpful. My husband and I just moved to a new town and have been looking for things to do. I love that you have tennis on there too;) We just started playing and I think we are slowly getting the hang of it.

    • I’m glad you liked my list! Good luck with tennis! It is a fund sport my sons are getting into so I’m going to have to brush up! Thanks for the visit!

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