50 Frugal Date Ideas

Reconnect with Your SpouseĀ 

Is your relationship lacking that spark it once had? Do you feel the need to reconnect with your partner? If you are in this boat and looking for ways to reconnect, finding cute dates is the obvious choice! I know when my husband and I feel a little off-balance, nothing helps more than spending some quality “alone time” together. However, we try to stick to a monthly budget and going out to dinner and a movie, although a nice treat once in a while, can cost an upwards of $70, and that figure does not include babysitter’s fees. Unfortunately, we are now looking at over $100 for a few hours of entertainment.

Furthermore, many couples cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on a night out and are left feeling like their marriage is in a rut. However, date night once a week can literally save your marriage and it doesn’t have to break your bank. There are many alternatives to dinner and a movie that are as frugal as your first kiss!

According to Dr. Charles D Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A Schmitz, marriage experts from “The Simple Things Matter,” one of the predictors of a successful marriage is finding joy in spending time together. Couples that spend alone time together are more likely to stay married. With a divorce rate of 40-50% in the United StatesĀ alone (American Psychology Association), finding ways to stay hitched are extremely important.