How to save money when going out with the girls!

How to Save on Girl’s Night Out
How to Save on Girl’s Night Out

Are you in need of a girls night? I know I am!

After picking up toys, doing loads of laundry, and scrubbing the bathroom floor I’m exhausted!

Not to mention wiping butts, calming tantrums, refereeing fights, and spending one-on-one time with both of my boys – Whoa!!, momma needs a break!

I know self-care is a big buzz word today, but there is nothing better than venting with a bunch of gal pals, to release pent-up tension!

Although I don’t have as much “girl time” as I know I should and when I do it is usually in the form of a play date, I think it is essential to get out with your friends at least once a month to talk about life and possibly non-kid related subjects! This is a time you can be yourself again – Like your pre-kid self again. Come on, I know she’s hiding in there somewhere!

We all had our own lives before we had kids and having kids is a wonderful journey I will cherish always, but it is good for your entire family if you leave the nest every once in a while.

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I mean wouldn’t it be nice to let your hubby take the lead this weekend and NOT have your name screamed 15 times in 15 minutes – seriously!


Gulp – I need a break!

But you all know how I LOVE to save money and I don’t want to break the bank!

When you are on a budget, it is SO easy to think why spend money on me? I could save money by just staying in as usual.

Yes, the price tag is what often discourages us mommas from letting loose and acting like an adult every once in a while because we could just stay home and save money!

Although this is true, it is important to take care of yourself and YOU and your family will benefit. You will be more peaceful and happy because you were able to do something that was for you.

I mean, I love my kids and I do spend a lot of time with them, but it is healthy to have adult time and let your partner take the lead every once in a while.

Moms are usually the first people to sacrifice and forget to care for themselves.

I am here to advocate for you (well, I haven’t been out in months so I may not be the best example, but I have a “girl’s night’ on the calendar now!) So call or text your friends while reading this and set something up!

There are ways to save on just about anything! I advocate planning ahead and setting aside a little fun money in your budget. Yes, you CAN go out with your friends without breaking the bank. I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to help you save on your girl’s night.

So if you are wearing your momma shoes (hopefully your break out your heals), I’ve got a plan for you!

Here are 10 ways to save money on a night out with the girls!

Take it from me, YOU – WE – deserve it!

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Top 10 ways to Save on Girl’s Night Out

1. Save on clothes – There are several options here and of course, you can always wear something you already have, but if you can’t find anything or are in need of a new option, I suggest buying something on eBay or Poshmark. The cool thing is once you wear it, you can resell it and make some of your money back.

You can think of it as borrowing an outfit for the evening like a rent-the-runway! You can find something cute and won’t spend $50-$100 on your outfit.

Some other options are Threadup and Mom-to-Mom Facebook sites. I see many women selling clothing that no longer fits them after having kids.

2. Food – Try to eat a little before you go so you are not super hungry at the restaurant and go overboard. Also, try to meet your girls early to make use of the happy hour or lunch prices. I can never stay up late, so happy hour times work best for me.

3. Drinks – Make this a dry night and save a ton. If you REALLY need that glass of wine, have one at home before you go! When I was in college we called this pre-drinking! Ha – good memories!

Also, try finding a happy hour with not only cheap food but cheap drink prices too. If you are all about catching up on the latest girl talk, then the place shouldn’t matter as much. – Think not Uber fancy!

Also, going to a sit down happy hour instead of a dance club where you may have to pay a cover fee will also save you more money.

4. Gas – Carpool with any of your friends that live close by. Take turns driving so no one feels like they always have to drive!

5. Groupon – My girl and I did two months worth of yoga at a local studio after buying a Groupon for what ended up being around $2.00 per class.

We road together so we could catch up. It was fun and relaxing!

Check Groupon before you plan your night out. You can find deals on concerts, restaurants, and events (I always see painting with a twist on Groupon and SO want to try it).

Five More Ways to Save on Girl’s Night Out…

6. Ladies Night In – Try rotating and meet up at one of your dear friend’s houses at least once a month. I remember hanging out before going out and these were some of the best times. Many times, we didn’t feel like leaving the house because we were having such a great time being goofy and catching up on chit-chat!

7. Find Free Events – Look around for free events such as local concerts and art shows. My friend and I saw Starship last summer at a local concert called Arts, Beats, and East for only $5!

8. Just do Drinks – Eat your lunch or dinner at home and go out for a few drinks. You can catch up and your bill will be much less.

9. Clothing Swap – Organize a girl’s night IN clothing swap. My friends and I keep talking about this but haven’t done it yet. However, you would all bring 4-5 items of clothing you no longer wear or want and swap them out with a friend’s item. You could also switch back if it is something you still like.

7. Book Club – Do you have friends that like to read? Why not start a book club. You can each bring some wine and sip away while discussing your favorite books!

8. Ask for a Separate Check – There is NO shame in asking for a separate check. If you don’t have the money to split a bill, then let the waitress know ahead of time. My friends do this all the time and no one cares! It really IS no big deal.

9. Only Bring What You Want to Spend – This is a great way to trick yourself into saving. Do the math before you order and make sure you have enough to cover the bill and the tip. You will be so happy you stuck to your budget!

10. Free Makeover –  Find a store that does free makeovers. My friend and I once did this at Macy’s. The makeup artists are trying to sell makeup and are willing to do your make up to let you try it. However, you do not have to buy anything. Just ask if there is a fee prior to booking.

How to Save on Girl’s Night Out Conclusion…

Let’s face it! We ALL need some adult time! Don’t forget to fill your hubby in on these great tips (well most of them – I’m thinking he may not want a free makeover or a clothing swap night) so he can use them on his “guys night” too!

Make sure you plan a time when your spouse is home so you do not have to pay an extra fee for a babysitter. This alone will save you $30-50. Lastly, make sure you have fun, laugh, and enjoy your friend’s company! And while you are out, put another date on the calendar!

Pat yourself on the back! You are ready for your night out and you will save a bunch using my suggestions!

Go have some fun with your girls in this much-needed venting session and remember YOU before you were a momma, if only for one night!

Take care – Sarah

Some of my other favorite ways to save money:

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Five Dollar Meal Plan –Five Dollar Meal Plan is a meal plan service that will truly help you save money. Here at I Heart Frugal, I am a firm believer in using easy tactics to save money. Meal Planning is one of my number one ways to save on the grocery bill. This service sends you ready-made, budget-friendly meal plans with a complete shopping list! The more upfront planning you do, the less you will spend at the store. Sign up here for a free two-week trial!

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