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How to Live Frugally for Beginners and Save More Money

How to Live Frugally for Beginners

How to Live Frugally for Beginners #frugal #budget #debtfree
How to Live Frugally for Beginners

You may be asking yourself how to live frugally, especially if you are new to frugal living. If you are trying to be more accountable with your money, frugal living is certainly the way to go. Did you know many millionaires live a frugal life?

In this post, I will cover my top frugal living tips for beginners. Even if you are new to frugal living, this post is sure to help you find practical ways to save more money.

Why Live Frugally?

There are many reasons to live a frugal life; however, saving money would be at the top of my list. I do not believe in paying full price unless I absolutely have to. This way of living has helped my husband and I pay off our student loans, our car, and we are on track to paying off our mortgage too. We are also able to live a comfortable life and take a few vacations per year because we are willing to do the work it takes to live frugally. Reasons to live frugally:

  • pay down debt
  • save up for an emergency fund
  • save up for a vacation
  • less money stress
  • save for retirement
  • financial security
  • retire early

Choose Frugal Over Cheap:

Many times frugal living is often confused with being cheap. I beg to differ. Frugal living means being intentional with your money and finding the best deals. That’ right, I stopped paying full price for items long ago. However, I do not consider myself to be cheap. I will buy my friends and family nice gifts (at a discount if I can – hehe), I will treat myself when I can, and I buy quality over quantity or cheap items.  I love living my life this way even though I could spend more money if I needed to because  I have learned to save and always have a surplus of money. There is not much money stress in my life because I choose to live frugally.


Hot Gourmet Coffee Copy Cat Recipes to try This Fall

Do you like to save money on coffee by making your own coffee at home, but it never seems to have that same gourmet coffee taste?

12 Hot Gourmet Coffee Copy Cat Recipes to Try This Fall
12 Hot Gourmet Coffee Copy Cat Recipes to Try This Fall

If there are two things I absolutely LOVE I would have to say the Fall season and a great cup of hot gourmet coffee! Fall is, by far, my favorite seasons!

Here in Michigan, we still get warmer weather until the end of October sprinkled with a little rain and sunshine! Things cool down a tad so we do not have 95 degree days with humidity – you should seriously see my hair on those days! Not to mention all the fun Fall activities, food, and – what this post is about – drinks!

One way to warm yourself up on those “Oh so chilly” mornings, is to pour yourself a nice, hot cup of coffee. It is like getting a warm hug on those chilly fall mornings. And let’s face it, if you have kids like me, you probably can’t function until you have finished cup two or three. (I swear I am trying to cut back.)

Yet, I am always looking for ways to save you money and I know I like to treat myself to a Starbucks or McCafe every now and then. However, if I kept up that spending habit my budget would go downhill, like a pumpkin rolling out of the patch.

So with you in mind, I have found some of the best copycat recipes on the web! Try them out this fall and keep your mornings full of love, peace, and hot coffee – we will save the iced coffee for summer.


17 Tips on How to Find Cheap School Supplies

17 Tips on How to Find Cheap School Supplies

17 Tips on How to Find Cheap School Supplies in 2018
17 Tips on How to Find Cheap School Supplies in 2018

When I saw my first “school supply” list I was in awe. I did not realize I would need to run all over town shopping sales to buy these 20 items the teacher requested. 

The following year, I had two kids in school and the list and spending grew!

I realized, just like everything else in my life, I was not going to pay full price for this super list of school supplies.

Boy, times have changed! When I was a kid, I absolutely LOVED back to school time! I’ve always been a bit of an office supply geek! – I once got mad at my hubby for using my new large post-it notes for his daily “To Do” list! Haha! But I don’t remember teachers sending home lists of supplies we needed except for higher grades. The schools provided all the learning tools we needed and we were left to pick out a cool trapper keeper and some paper…Maybe a few pencils.

But picking out all of that paper mania was SO much fun and still IS if you know how to shop. 

Truth be told, many schools are in dire need of supplies. I know this first hand because I was a teacher for 13 years before starting this blog. Maybe it was the age group – I taught middle school for 10 years – but my kids didn’t seem to have the basic supplies and often came to class without a writing utensil. (This is probably no surprise to any parents of middle school students.) Many kids were left to fend for the “borrow cup” on my desk, a swirled mess of cropped sticks – some with just barely enough lead to make a scratch.

I demanded collateral for each and every one of those pencils. Why? Because I knew I wasn’t getting another set until the second semester and if I ran out, I would be spending my own money to buy more! (Bless you ALL teachers that spend their hard-earned money to promote learning. I Love ya’!)

Unfortunately, when I sent home a supply list, most of the time I never saw a single item brought in except for the rare box of kleenex.

Therefore, when my kids started school I wanted to make sure they had everything they needed for the best learning experience possible. But spending a fortune was not an option, so this momma found some ways to find cheap school supplies and save on back to school!


55 Summer Activities for Kids that are Frugal or Free

55 Summer Activities for Kids that are Frugal or Free!

55 Summer Activities for Kids That are Frugal or Free - popsicle- green and pink letters
55 Summer Activities for Kids That are Frugal or Free

Did your kids get out of school this week? My kids were out last week and unless you go year-round, your kids are ready to let loose and enjoy their summer.

Let me just say, I LOVE it when my kids are home. Although they can drive me nuts by yelling the word MOM 50 times in an hour period, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my free time when they are at school and in fact, this is my only blogging time, but since they are home I am going to make the best of it and work on this blog while they are having their short amount of screen time. (hee hee)


Super Easy Chicken Cucumber Salad Recipe

Super Easy Pasta Chicken Cucumber Salad
Super Easy Pasta Chicken Cucumber Salad

Are you looking for some frugal and easy recipes to serve your family this summer? This Chicken Cucumber Salad Recipe will not disappoint.

Summer is a time to relax and spend with your family, so cooking five-courses meals may not be on your agenda. (Or mine!)

If you are like me, you want something quick and easy that won’t heat up the entire house by using the oven.

I make this salad for parties, lunch, and as a full meal with chicken added. The best part is, it is SO easy to make and only takes a few minutes to whip up.

If you are able to boil pasta and cut up vegetables, then you can make this!

Are you headed to a party for the fourth? I made this for my son’s birthday party last summer and the bowl was empty when the party was over. I like to make dishes for holiday parties that incorporate fruits or vegetables so my kids aren’t eating junk food all day. This includes tomatoes and cucumbers as part of the salad so yay for nutrition!

Let’s Talk Price For Your Chicken Cucumber Salad Recipe

Not to mention, I LOVE saving money and this salad will not break the bank with only five ingredients (well, add a bit of salt and pepper on top of the five) and you have a great meal for around $6-7 depending on where and how much you spend on your chicken.

I bought mine at Target and got six pieces of fresh chicken for $5.79. That is under $1 per piece, so my salad priced out around $6!

Don’t forget you can make it veggie style if you are on a tight budget. I usually don’t add chicken if I am making it for a side dish for a party. So that’s around $4 for a hearty side dish.


75 Frugal Living Tips That are Surprisingly Easy

Are you looking for the best frugal living tips to help you save money? I’ve got you covered.

75 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money
75 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money

What Is Frugal Living?

Frugal living is often thought of as being synonymous with the word cheap! However, there are some HUGE differences between being cheap and being frugal.

In fact, you don’t need to be an extreme cheapskate to live a frugal life.

According to Google Dictionary frugal by definition means: “sparing or economical with regards to money or food.” But to many people, frugal living means much more.

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