Best Ways to Coupon Without Clipping

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Clever Ways to Save Without Clipping Coupons

Do you like saving money? Maybe you are new to whole the “couponing thing” and are starting to realize clipping coupons and finding store match ups is time-consuming. 

Not to mention, it is hard staying organized. You need a place to store your coupons, organize them by product categories and keep track of expiration dates. This is a major time-suck and time is money.

Plus, it isn’t worth it if you are only saving $1-$2 per shopping trip. And unless you are really into extreme couponing and have hours to spend each day, then you should consider other ways to save money on groceries and everyday items.

In fact, I just watched an episode of Extreme Couponing and the woman spent 60 hours per week on couponing. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have that kind of time. So let’s save time and money without coupons. 

This post will outline ten easy ways to save money without clipping coupons. These money-saving ideas will help put money back into your pocket. Check them out below:


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Best Savings Hacks Without Clipping Coupons

How Do I Start Couponing?

These ten methods below are a great way to start couponing since you do not need to search for coupon inserts or print a bunch of coupons at home. Using digital coupons and rebate apps is a great way to start saving and stay organized with no paper clutter!


#1 Rakuten

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Do you shop online? Although online shopping hasn’t stopped people from shopping in brick and motor stores altogether, most people have shopped online at some point. If you have kids, shopping online is WAY more convenient than dragging your kids to the store where they will most likely throw a tantrum if you do not buy them the entire toy aisle. But how can you save while shopping online? Easy, use Ebates!

Ebates is an app that gives you a percentage back from each online purchase you make. The best part is there are thousands of stores to choose from.


  • thousands of stores
  • money back
  • pay through PayPal or Check


  • some percentages are low (2% at Target)
  • forgetting to use it

Sign up for Ebates here and get your $40 reward after your spend $40

#2 Checkout 51

Do you use checkout 51? This is a favorite of mine! Why? Because it is not store-specific like other apps. I live right by a locally owned grocery store and I can still earn rebates when supporting a local business. If you are trying to learn how to coupon for beginners, this is a great way to start saving.

All you need to do is download the Checkout 51 app and check for items you were already going to buy. Then upload a picture of your receipt and claim your rebate.

Like any couponing deal, I recommend only buying items you are going to use and we’re going to buy anyway.

Try sticking to a grocery list with items you will include in your weekly meal plan. Then check rebates after you shop.

I love Checkout 51 because it offers a lot of name-brand items that I buy anyway. For example, Eggo waffles have been on the rebate list for the last few weeks. This is a staple in our house so it feels great to get money back on something I already buy.

When using Checkout 51 all you need to do is upload a picture of your receipt and your account is usually credited within an hour. After just $20 you can redeem your money and it is mailed in the form of a check.

Checkout 51 Pros:

  • includes everyday items
  • snap a picture right from your phone

Checkout 51 Cons:

  • waiting for a check
  • no Pay Pal option

Download the Checkout 51 App and start collecting your rebates


#3 Shopkick

This app rewards you for walking into a store. There are also tasks you can complete while shopping to earn more points. If you like free gift cards then this is a good choice. Stop paying for those morning lattes and instead use your shop kick rewards for free coffee.

#4 Ibotta

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This is also one of my all-time favorite ways to save. Like Checkout 51, Ibotta is an app you download right to your phone. Snap a picture of your recipe and upload after selecting the items you bought. Usually, almost instantly your account is credited.

I love Ibotta and I have earned $257 back to date.

Click here to sign up through my link and earn $10 after you use it.


  • Connected to Pay Pal
  • Free gift card option
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to find items you use
  • Many stores listed


  • Store-specific
  • Annoying if you have a long receipt (you end up taking three pictures)

#5 Store Loyalty Programs

Check your favorite stores for loyalty programs. Then you can coupon on your phone without printing. These programs offer exclusive digital coupons and offers for loyal shoppers. Listed below are three of my favorites:

A. Kroger Digital

Do you have a Kroger in your area? Then you need a Kroger card and account. If you are in their system you get a Free Friday download every week plus hundreds of other coupons are linked to your card. Not to mention, you also get exclusive coupons mailed to you.

Things I have gotten from the free Friday day download: sparkling water, coffee, candy, bagels, salsa, and more. Just watch for your email every Friday and make sure to download the free stuff to your card. You then have two weeks to pick it up.

The Free Friday Download is just part of Kroger’s digital coupons. You also have hundreds of coupons to choose from and the already discounted Kroger brand items are often listed. You can stack them with other popular Kroger sales, such as $5 off five items or 10 for $10. This can lead to major savings.

You can save so much with no coupon clipping required. Sometimes I will download coupons to my card on my phone while I let my son look at the toys. It is such a time-saver!

B. Walgreens Digital

Did you know Walgreens also has its own digital system? Walgreens offers hundreds of coupons that are sent right to your card. They also give you points for shopping that are redeemable for money off your next purchase.

I once saved my Walgreens points and hit $50 off my bill. The look on the cashier’s face was priceless!

The more points you accumulate, the better points rewards. You can also grab a coupon book at the front of the store when you walk in and use coupons on the spot.

C. CVS Card App or Link

CVS has a great program. If you shop CVS make sure to get an Extrabucks card and sign up for email offers. You can also download the app and they often give you a reward for this action. Then if you forget your card or coupons you can check on your phone before you check out.

You will also get emails that give coupons sent right to our card. Examples of coupons I’ve got:

  • $3 bucks
  • 40% off one item
  • 30% off entire purchase
  • $3 off health products
  • $5 off $20
  • many more

Great news! If you forget you CVS card you can now link it with your phone number and still save. It is actually expensive to shop at CVS unless you have a CVS card.

These three stores are my top loyalty program favorites, but check your store for loyalty programs and rewards. I know Meijer and Rite Aid has digital coupons and/or a store loyalty program.



#6 Cartwheel App & Redcard

Do you shop at Target? Most of us mamas love Target, except when you see your bill at check out. But that is about to change with these money-saving tips that don’t require clipping coupons.

Did you know you can save so much just by using the Target app? The app includes Cartwheel and digital coupons you can scan right from your phone. Seriously, the cashier scans the bar code from your phone, just like a regular coupon or you can scan it yourself if your Target has a self-checkout. After the savings, you can stack it with your RedCard savings. That means you get 5% off your entire bill. 

I typically grocery shop at Target with Kroger being my second favorite option. The main reason I shop Target for Groceries is their store-brands such as Simply Balanced, Market Pantry, and Archer Farms are of high quality. I love the market pantry beef, chicken and pork chops. Target’s store-brand items are often listed on the Cartwheel app.

The Cartwheel app is now combined with the Target app and you can use digital coupons right from your phone. For example, last week Target offered a coupon that took 10% off all Simple Balanced food. You can stack this coupon with Target Cartwheel. I saved on almost everything on my grocery list, plus I stacked my 5% off using my RedCard.  (Note: I pay off my Target card every month to avoid paying interest.)

Sign up for your RedCard here

Click here to read more about Target Savings Secrets

For More Ways to Save Without Using Coupons Read On…

#7 Groupon

If you like saving money without coupons you need to check out Groupon. Groupon offers deals on many popular stores and activities. Groupon offers an app and you can use your phone to show your Groupon so there is no need to print and add extra paper clutter. 

#8 Mailing lists

As you can see from above, if you want to earn freebies and save more, it pays to sign up for your favorite store’s mailing list or email list. You can score the following: coupons, exclusive deals, birthday freebies, – If you don’t feel like you shop at the store after you sign up or are sick of getting emails you can always opt-out.

#9 Shop Aldi

Aldi, a well-known discount store owned by Trader Joe’s, is a sure shot to savings. Aldi’s is known for selling food, including organic, at discounted prices. The best products I’ve bought from Aldis include snacks, fruits, and vegetables. I’ve found most of their products to be of high quality. Their meat can be hit or miss, but they do accept returns if you are not satisfied.

Yet, there are a few Aldi quirks you have to get used to. For one, you must rent a cart, so don’t forget your quarter. You will get it back when you are done with shopping and return the cart.

Also, you must bring your own bags. At times, they have leftover boxes you can take, but it is best to bring bags if you have a big shopping list.

These are a few ways Aldi saves on costs and then pass those savings down to you.

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#10 Dollar Store

There are some things I only buy at the dollar store. Some of those items include cards, Colgate kids toothpaste, adult toothpaste, gift bags, and tissue paper. Did you know you can use coupons at Dollar Tree? However, I often opt for using Ibotta because it is one of the many stores listed on the app.

My favorite dollar store is Dollar tree because they offer many name-brand items.

Dollar Tree Weekly Ad

Best Savings Hacks Without Clipping Coupons Conclusion: 

These are my top ten favorite ways to save on groceries without clipping coupons. I hope you find an idea that works for you. Clipping coupons takes time and finding store matchups can be a pain. Plus, deals don’t always work out. These are sure-fire ways to save money and don’t require too much time or effort. Let’s face it, your time with your family is worth more than saving a few pennies but with this list, you can do both.

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What is your favorite store ya to save other than clipping coupons l from the Sunday paper? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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Best Ways to Coupon Without Clipping

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