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Eating Healthy On A Budget- Helpful Ways To Make It Affordable

Eating Healthy On A Budget – Helpful Ways To Make It Affordable

Are you looking to eat healthy on a budget but don’t know where to start? Then you are going to love the Eating Healthy On A Budget – Helpful Ways To Make It Affordable guest post by Nicole from Struggle Today Strength Tomorrow.

Eating healthy on a budget #healthyeating #food #savemoney #budget
Eating healthy on a budget

With food and the cost of living always on the rise, eating healthy can become difficult for those on a smaller budget. I’m going to show some simple ways that you can eat great foods at prices that are great for you!

When people think of healthy foods, they often think it’s too expensive or time-consuming to eat a healthy diet.

Sadly, not every person has the kitchen skills needed to cook from scratch and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal. So I won’t go too into detail here, and will primarily focus on the saving money aspect.

Things I will cover in this post:

  • 4 ways to save money on fresh produce
  • 3 unique ways to save money on meat
  • How to save money on bread and healthy grains (without baking!)
  • Plus a few extra money-saving pieces of advice!



Keto On a Budget – 35 Delicious Cheap Keto Meals

Keto on a budget

Are you looking to try the keto diet, but are on a budget? Sure, it may sound difficult to eat keto on a budget, but it is possible.

It is reported that 39.6 adult Americans are overweight and the obesity rate has increased in the last ten years (source Jama Network). This staggering number represents just how important it is to eat healthily.

And what better way to eat healthily, then to follow a low-carb diet.  I know several people who have lost weight using the keto diet and improved their overall health including cholesterol and sugar levels. Yet, I am all about saving you money so I found some amazing recipes from some out-of-this-world bloggers that will help you save money and eat well, even though you are dieting.

Keto is known for being a pricier diet. People think, meat and cheese, which can take up a huge portion of your food bill. However, there are WAY more options than just meat and cheese and you can eat well on the keto diet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without sacrificing taste thanks to the recipes below.

Maybe you are already on the keto diet. Whatever the case, below you will find 35 amazing breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, and dinner ideas that will leave you full and satisfied.

Keto on a budget #keto #mealplan #savemoney
Keto on a budget – Enjoy Cheap keto meals


25 Ways You Waste Money Without Even Realizing It

25 Ways you waste money – learn how to stop

25 Ways You Ways Money and How to Avoid Wasting Money #savemoney #moneytips #frugal
25 Ways You Ways Money and How to Avoid Wasting Money

Do you waste money on frivolous things? It is definitely easy to do with all the constant bombardment of advertising. Let’s face it, we live in a consumer society where spending is the norm. Plus, it is SO easy to waste money if you really aren’t keeping track.

In fact, according to a recent study from Comet, around 80% of people in America are in debt. (source:

However, if you are looking to get out of debt or save, it is best to find ways to cut costs and starting small is key.

I suggest keeping a spending journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but I challenge you to write everything you buy for the next week. You will be amazed at how many ridiculous things you are wasting money on and how these little purchases can land you in debt.

What do you waste money on? You are sure to find a few ideas in this post.

Try cutting back and putting some of your leftover money into savings, investing, or a retirement fund.

Over time, you will watch your money grow and you will be glad you did. You will not miss these wastes of money!

Click here to try this amazing free tool that analyzes your spending and helps automate savings!


400 Plus Money-Saving Tips to Save Money for Your Future

Are you ready to save some money? Here at I Heart Frugal that is what we do best! With these 400 money saving tips you will be well on your way to a better future.

400 Plus Money-Saving Tips to Save Money. Learn how to save money now and live frugally. Build your savings account. #savemoney #moneytips #personalfinance #frugalliving
400 Plus Money-Saving Tips to Save Money

My passion is saving money and better yet, helping other people like you save money. Why get caught up in debt and have money stress in your life? You shouldn’t have to pay full price for everything you buy and by testing out my frugal ideas, you can put more money back in your pocket today.

According to a 2018 study from Comet 80.9% of baby boomers, 79.9% of Generation X, and 81.5% of millennials are in debt. (source

I don’t want you to be in that statistic.

If you are looking to get out of debt or save for an emergency fund so that one small accident doesn’t send you into the deep end of debt, then this post should help.

I recommend making small changes and picking ideas that will work for you. One person can stop buying $5 lattes and another can stop fast food runs. The point is to find little things you can cut out and use the extra money to save or pay off debt.

Learn how to use a spending journal here and start tracking your spending habits. Then you will know exactly how much money you are spending each month and it will be easier to see how much you can save.

It is also very wise to have a budget so you are not spending more money than you are bringing in each month. You can learn how to budget better here.

Then use the money-saving ideas below to help you reach your financial goals.


Use My Sinking Fund Method to Build Savings

My Sinking Fund Method – My Secret to Saving for Everything

Use my sinking fund method to get out of debt #personalfinance #savemoney #budgeting
Use my sinking fund method to get out of debt.

Have you heard of sinking funds? Sinking funds could be the number one game-changer to your personal finances. This little money hack will provide you with a clear way to save money and actually trick yourself into saving more. Learn how to use my sinking fund method to change your finances today.


Sinking funds help you set savings goals for specific purchases and can be turned into automatic savings so you don’t have to think about it.


Are you in debt? Around 80% of Americans are currently in debt according to a 2018 study by Comet. It is no wonder saving money is difficult and most shy away from it.


However, you can use my sinking fund method to start saving for just about anything including debt repayment.


The sooner you are debt-free the sooner you can start living and forget money stress. So why not start with a plan and make your plan automatic.


In this post, you will learn the who, what, when, where, and why of sinking funds.  


Best Savings Hacks Without Clipping Coupons

Best Ways to Coupon Without Clipping

Clever Ways to Save Without Clipping Coupons #moneytips #couponing #savemoney
Clever Ways to Save Without Clipping Coupons

Do you like saving money? Maybe you are new to whole the “couponing thing” and are starting to realize clipping coupons and finding store match ups is time-consuming. 

Not to mention, it is hard staying organized. You need a place to store your coupons, organize them by product categories and keep track of expiration dates. This is a major time-suck and time is money.

Plus, it isn’t worth it if you are only saving $1-$2 per shopping trip. And unless you are really into extreme couponing and have hours to spend each day, then you should consider other ways to save money on groceries and everyday items.

In fact, I just watched an episode of Extreme Couponing and the woman spent 60 hours per week on couponing. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not have that kind of time. So let’s save time and money without coupons. 

This post will outline ten easy ways to save money without clipping coupons. These money-saving ideas will help put money back into your pocket. Check them out below:



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