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20 Free and Frugal Workout Ideas

Anyone looking to workout in the New Year but an expensive gym membership isn’t in your New Year, New Budget plan?  Of course, most of us have the best intentions to get into shape and stay healthy in the New Year. For this reason, good results can come from hiring a personal trainer and hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, right?

Free & Frugal Workout Ideas
Free & Frugal Workout Ideas – Get in shape this New Year!

No doubt, it is discouraging that a good workout has to cost so much. All things considered, paying $50 for a gym membership and an extra $20 for classes or a trainer is too much for the average person.

You may be thinking… I have to pay in order to stay healthy and do something I don’t necessarily look forward to doing?  I’d rather just hang out and watch a movie! (Yep – That’s me!)

Staying Healthy on a Dime

Moreover, since I think health is a top priority, I had to figure out a solution.  Can you work out and stay on track with your budget? Of course! Where there is a will, there is a way!


Easy, Frugal Holiday Learning Art Projects for Kids

Easy & Frugal Holiday Learning Art Projects for Kids

Looking for some frugal Holiday art projects to keep your kids busy? Unfortunately, snowy, cold weather is coming and during these winter months, most kids (especially mine) love to run wild all over the house.

We live in Michigan so we are no strangers to snow and below freezing weather. There are times, we are cooped up inside and are literally going stir crazy. Therefore, it is nice to have a project or two up your sleeve to keep your babies occupied and give you a break from the constant energy a bubbling toddler can fill your life and house with. Nonetheless, art projects will give you a break from chasing them from room to room for a while!

Easy Holiday Kid's Crafts
Easy Holiday Kid’s Crafts

Fortunately, there are many ways to entertain your kids that don’t involve a screen. Moreover, here are a few learning art projects I’ve tried with my two-year-old and four-year-old this year! (Update: they are now three and five but we will do them again this year!)

The supply list is short…All you need is construction paper, markers, and glue. (I love Target’s Up and Up brand for these products). Target’s store brand is usually cheaper than the name brand art supplies and works just as well.

Nonetheless, my favorite kid’s art projects incorporate learning. (I was a teacher for 13 years.) So the three projects below help teach letters, shapes, and name recognition. Not to mention, your kids will have fun, fun, fun!!

Just follow these instructions below and you are good to go!! After completing, hang them up as Holiday decorations and enjoy a cup of cocoa while they sit still!


20 Frugal or Free Family Christmas Activities

Are you searching for frugal or free family Holiday activities? Check out the list of 20 below:

20 Frugal or Free Family Holiday Activities #christmas #christmasonabudget #holidayactivities
20 Frugal or Free Family Holiday Activities

Frugal or Free Holiday Activities for Families

Are you looking for free things to do this Christmas Season? What can you do for Christmas at home or around town that doesn’t cost much?

The Holidays are such a wonderful time to show family you care but let’s face it, the Holiday Season is expensive too. And if you are trying to budget for Christmas shopping, finding money for family Christmas activities is difficult.

Nonetheless, there are many fun activities for families that are low-cost or free. So even if you are on a budget, you can get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy your time together as a family.

Think about it this way…Spending time with your kiddos is way better than any fleeting toy of the moment that your kid won’t even care about by next Christmas. Yet, the memories you make doing fun Christmas activities will last a lifetime, even after the toys are sold or donated next Holiday season. Nonetheless, one thing you will always remember are those fun family Christmas traditions you are starting now. (Even if they are frugal Christmas traditions.)

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Christmas activities will hold a spot in your hearts for years to come…And the great news is these activities do not have to cut into your budget!

So I’ve done all the work for you and compiled a list of amazing family-friendly activities that are very low-cost or free. Please use my list and enjoy!! Give your kids a toy or two, but give them the gift of time as well! Merry Christmas everyone!


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