How to Spoil Your Husband for Free

10 Secrets to Spoiling your Man for Free
Spoil your husband for free!

Do you want to spoil your husband with gifts? Are you on a budget? Then this post is for you!

Yes, ladies…I’m going to give you some great ways to make your husband or boyfriend feel like a king, that won’t cost you a thing!

My husband is the hardest person to shop for. My humble hubby never wants for a thing. When I ask him what he wants for any Holiday his response is always, “I don’t need anything”.

Not only is he one of the most generous, deserving people I know, he is also a great Daddy to our two boys.  He is the type of Dad that changes diapers, puts our two-year-old down for a nap and kisses us all good-bye on his way to work. Not to mention, taking the boys with him to Costco so I can have a break. He is a breath of fresh air in a money-hungry world, yet he never wants anything.

In light of his selfless behavior, coming up with gift ideas can become a brutal task.  However, if you have a man you want to honor, then let the list below be your guide.  I promise he will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

With Valentine’s Day close by, I thought a great gift post was relevant and helpful, but really ladies, these gifts can be used to make your man feel special any time of the year!

So let’s get right into it! I’ve listed ten free ways to keep your man feeling like he is and will always be, the love of your life!

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10 Ways to Spoil Your Husband For Free

1. Back Massage

Wouldn’t your husband love to come home from a hard day at work and have his aches and pains melt away? (I know I would!!)

2. Love Notes

Slip a little note in your husband’s lunchbox or leave him one by his breakfast just to let him know you are thinking of him! Nonetheless, a sweet text will do the trick too, but there is just something about a handwritten note!  Can’t think of anything to say? A simple, “I love you and have a great day.” is always a good start.

3. Let him choose your next activity

Does he want to go downtown to the baseball game? Or listen to his favorite local band? Give him the thumbs up! Ask him what he would like to do on his day off. Tell him it is an “all about him” day!

4. Give him some free time

We all know we moms need some “me time”, but our men need some free time too! Whether it be to read, workout or just grab a beer with a buddy, he needs a little “me” or guy time! Take the kids out for a walk or to the park, so he can rest for a bit and watch his favorite sports pick. My husband’s would be baseball…or hockey…or football!!

5. Cook his favorite meal

Find a dish he really loves and surprises him with it! My husband likes steak or pizza.  Steak doesn’t take too long to make. Have it ready for him when he walks in the door.

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6. Park Date

Spend some time with your love! Why not bring a blanket to the local park and enjoy each other’s company. Even if you have the kids with you, let them play while you cozy up with your beau!

7. Tell him how much you love him

I know, I know…This should be obvious, but as life goes on, people, in general, tend to take things for granted! The words, “I love you!” Can mean so much. Don’t let a day go by without telling him this.

8. Make your dear husband a card telling him why you fell in love with him

Remember when you had all those butterflies in your tummy each time you met glances? Remind him why you felt that way in the beginning and still do! Your words will mean the world.

9. Bake him his favorite dessert

The old saying… The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Of course, it is an old cliché’ but still so true. Whip up that lemon meringue pie for his sweet tooth. (o.k., I stole that idea from my mom! She makes the best lemon meringue for my Dad.)

10. Snuggle

What couple doesn’t need a little snuggle time, right? Rent your favorite Redbox, grab a blanket, and snuggle up. For extra bonus points let him pick the movie. Furthermore, being close to your loved one will bring back all that oxytocin-the love chemical.

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How to Spoil Your Husband for Free Conclusion:

There you have it. Hope my list gave you some amazing ideas to keep your hubby happy and keep your budget happy too!

It is amazing how life happens, kids happen and we forget to do special things for our significant other! It’s the little things that count! Your husband will appreciate your effort and you will have a stronger marriage. Pick a few things to try each month or make a coupon book for Valentine’s Day this year.

Let’s keep the romance alive!

Do you have any free or frugal gift ideas you are willing to share? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear them. Wishing you a great relationship and a great life!

Take care – Sarah

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10 Secrets to spoiling your man for free
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  1. I love leaving my husband little notes. It’s such a surprise when he finds them somewhere unexpected. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  2. It is so nice to read a blog post about something positive about husbands. True, I have not read every post in the world, but I have not seen many Mom/Mum blogs which have this aspect. Refreshing! NaNa will make my favorite meal or Spaghetti Carbonara with Garlic Bread, but it is time consuming. I discovered it when I was stationed in Sicily (US Air Force), and she learned to make it. NaNa will make a large batch for a special occasion, and I will eat the leftovers for every meal, and for a snack, until it is gone. Good article about love between parents!

    • Thank you PawPaw Ray! I do love my husband and it sounds like NaNa loves you too! Spaghetti Carbonara with Garlic Bread sounds wonderful. Thank you for serving our country and thank you for the visit! Take Care. Sarah

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