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Are you used to spending a lot on Christmas presents? Me too. When I was a child, my parents would spoil us around the holidays. My Dad alwasy made sure we had at least a few presents we asked for, and then he would surprise us with things he thought we would like. Other than that, they didn’t buy us much througout the year in terms of “wants.” We were probably considered lower middle class and didn’t have a lot of extra money for toys and presents. Not to metnion raising four kids probably cost a small fortune. So Christams was a time of true enjoyment and excitement in our household.

Fast forward to adulthood, I like to do the same for my kids and I try to make Christams very special and magical. Yet, my husband doesn’t really belive in buiying a lot of gifts and thinks I go overboard. He was raised differently and didn’t get gifts for birthdays (another huge one for me) or holidays. He lost his dad at a young age and they didn’t have the means to buy extra things like gifts.

Two different perspectives and neither one is right or wrong, just different. 

However, I can see his point of how Christams spending gets out of control and I don’t think children need to get every single thing they ask for. I like to buy a few bigger gifts and then wrap up a bunch of small things like bath bombs, art supplies or books that they will enjoy. I set a budget for each child and try to make gift giving fair for them. 

There is no doubt people spend a lot during the Holidays. Did you know the average American spends around $1500 on Christmas each year? Yet if you have a growing family, your Christmas budget may be shrinking and it is time to cut costs! Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way to do so without looking like the Grinch?

So if you are like me and like to give presents, this post will help you stay on budget and still have a frugal, yet magical Christmas. 

If you keep in mind it is the thougth that counts and search for the deeper meaning of Christmas, you can learn to scale back and stay out of Holiday debt.

With that in mind, here are some ways to keep up your holiday tradiations without needing to mortgage your house during the Holidays.

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#1 Shop all Year

Not a fan of last-minute shopping? Why not shop all year long? If you see an item you think your kids or family will enjoy on sale, buy it even if it is in July and find a place to stash it unitl Christmas. You can take advantage of clearance sales and forget the stress of last-minute shopping.

I like to do this with decorations too. I buy one Christams decoration each year after Christmas. I can usually still put it out for a while and enjoy it and then I have a new item to display the following year.

#2 Clip Coupons

If you use coupons you can save on many Holiday items. It is so easy to coupon nowadays with digital couponing and online coupon codes. Moreover, you don’t necesarily have to clip coupons anymore. Yet, you can also find some great coupons at and print them at home. I have an account for CVS and Walgreens and most manufactuer coupons are on their app and I simmply load them to my card before I shop.

How to Play the Drugstore Game and Save a Ton at CVS

#3 Use the Internet

Make the Interent your friend. You can compare prices and often stores will match online prices. I like shopping Target and Walmart for this very reason. I have done this in both stores and they have happily adjusted the price for me.

#4 Make a list

To save on gas, make a list of items you need to buy and different stores you need to go to and do it all at once so you aren’t wasting gas giong out to the store daily. I like to stop on my way to pick up my kids from school to save on the current high gas prices.

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#5 Thrift

Many don’t want to give second hand gifts out during the Holidays, yet often times you can find new items at Thrift stores. Try searching Facebook groups and Market Place for new items as well. Often you can find new or like new items at discounted prices.

#6 Make a gift

If you are out of ideas, try making gifts this year. This may not work with yoru kids, but if you have other extended family members you are shopping for, try making a gift instead to save moeny.

Post Coming Soon: 50 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

#7 Take advantage of Black Friday Sales

Take advantage of Black Friday sales and Cyber week. You can find discounts on pretty much everything. Yet, don’t go too crazy. Make a Black Friday Plan and stick to it. Remind yourself to only buy things you need, as advertising are out in full effect on these days.

#8 Compare Prices

Isn’t it the worst when you buy something and then see it at another store for $10 less? To avoid this, track prices and see which stores are offereing better sales or lower prices in general. 

#9 Dollar Store for Stockings

I buy most of my stocking stuffers at the Dollar Tree. I buy candy canes, bath bombs, hot wheels, socks, chapstick and other treats at the Dollar Tree. I also give the Target Dollar section a brose for items I can use as stocking stuffers or I even found some dollar Elf on the Shelf props too! 

I also buy wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree too!

Did you know you can shop Dollar Tree online and get free shipping with a $10 order? Check it out here and skip a trip to the store!

#10 Join Facebook Groups

If you are into deals, there are thousands of deal groups on Facebook. I belong to a CVS couponers and Walgreens couponers groups and they help find deals and post hauls. I am not an extreme couponer, but I love the rolling Extrabucks deals at CVS and the Walgreens Cash and Register Rewards (which I once saved to get $50 off a purchse at Walgreens.) Its more fun for me than buying an entire shelf of items. I only get a few and stock up on necessties like toothpaste, hair care, and shave. These also make great gifts for teens and college students. 

How to Save on Christams Presents Conclusion

If you are low on cash or just want to get out of spending a ton this year, try some of the tips above to save more. You can still have a magical Christams even on a budget, and no one has to know you are on a budget either when you coupon or shop sales! Merry Christmas, everyone! 

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