Over 100 Personal Finance Tips to Kick-start Savings and Get Out of Debt

Personal finance can seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Dare I say, you could make these personal finance tips part of your life and create good money habits that will set you up for a life you have always dreamed of?

Seriously, it is possible. There is no need to continue living in debt. You can learn to make your money work for you.

100 + Personal Fiance Tips to Help You Save #personalfinance #savemoney #moneytips
100 + Personal Fiance Tips to Help You Save

Learn to be intentional with your money and make sure all of your “needs” are accounted for in your budget. Then start adding in some of those important “wants” because you have the money to pay for them.

The posts below provide over 100 personal finance tips that will kick-start your savings, help you live intentionally with your money, and learn how to “personal finance” better.

What are you waiting for? Live the financial life you have always dreamed of.


10 Clever Staycation Ideas for the Summer

Do you want a vacation this summer, but don’t have the money? Then you are going to love this guest post about staycation tips by Sumara from ExtraDoughPro.com.

10 Staycation Tips to Try With Your Family and save money! #savemoney #vacation #family
10 Staycation Tips to Try With Your Family

What do you do if you don’t have extra time or money to invest in an honest-to-goodness summer vacation? What if your family can never agree on a vacation destination? How can you keep your family happy and occupied if you stick close to home for two months in the summer?

The answer is a staycation.

Planning a staycation doesn’t mean you’re lazy and unwilling to make travel arrangements. Nor does it mean you don’t have the brainpower to come up with an interesting itinerary. On the contrary, a staycation is a thoughtful choice that more and more families are making.

First of all, a staycation saves a ton of money. There are no airplane tickets, hotel reservations, or car rentals to purchase. And there’s no need to lose sleep over what to pack! In fact, the trickiest part of a “home vacation” may be getting your family on board with the idea. To that end, here are 10 clever staycation ideas to kick off the summer.


10 Best Cheap places to travel in the US

10 Best Cheap Places to Travel in the US

Cheap Places to Travel in the US #savemoney #budgettravel
Cheap Places to Travel in the US


Are you looking to travel this summer, but don’t have the funds? There is something about summer that screams ROAD TRIP! Not to mention, if it is summertime I want to be laying by a beach reading – Not always possible with kids! ha

And although we would all love to see the world, not everyone has the budget to travel to a far off land overseas. But consider, the United States has some amazing locations that won’t break the bank. Yes, there are many cheap places to travel in the US that will leave your heart and your wallet happy this summer and leave memories that will last a lifetime.

My husband and I love to travel. People always ask us, “Do you take the kids?” The answer is yes. We love teaching our children about other cultures, geography, and history in general. However, we did take one short trip without them which is important for couples too.

It is important to note, we are also frugal. We love saving money and would rather live frugally throughout the year and spend our extra money on travel. My husband and I basically have no other hobbies except travel and coffee. (but we save money on coffee and use budget travel too.) We’ve also been known to splurge on a museum pass or two throughout the year!

The point is if you are going to spend money, experiences are a great choice over stuff. And if you like to travel, then you know you need cash to fund your wonder lust habit.

Therefore, visiting budget travel destinations can save money and will allow you to travel more often.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at my top ten Summer budget travel destination listed below.


7 Things That are Killing Your Budget You Must Stop

These spending habits are killing your budget. Find out why.

Learn how to do a diy budget and reach your financial planning success. Learn how to save money and stop these budget killers. #savemoney #moneytips #personalfinance
7 Things that are Killing Your Budget

Are you having budget problems? Many do not realize the “little things” add up and although you may think – it’s only ONE coffee – buying these “little things” can totally kill your budget.

One snack from the vending machine means $1 per day, five times per week. Yes, that is $20 per month you could have used to invest or pay down debt. Over time, these little money-wasters will put a dent in your budget and leave you wondering why you don’t have any money.


Debt Pay off Story: How One Woman Paid off 40k Worth of Debt

Are you looking to get out of debt but don’t know where to start? Then you are going to love this Debt Pay off Story guest post by Mandy from The Well Balanced Mom.

Debt Pay Off Story: Learn how one woman paid off 40K worth of debt. If you want to know how to get out of debt, check out her story. #debtfree #savemoney #personalfinances
Debt Pay Off Story

I used to think that debt was a normal part of life. Growing up, it seemed like everyone had credit cards and car payments. I didn’t think it was a big deal until the day I realized that my debt was holding me captive in a life that I didn’t want. 

But I’ll start at the beginning.

My mom encouraged me to get a credit card when I was 18. She said I should “build my credit,” so that I could finance a car and eventually buy a house. Of course, she encouraged me to be responsible with my credit card usage. And I was— mostly. I did purchase things before I had the money for them, but I also managed to pay off my credit cards regularly. 

But that’s not really when my getting-into-debt story began.


7 Steps to Completely Get Rid of Debt for Good

Are you in debt? Unfortunately, many Americans are in the same boat. With rising college cost, it is rare to meet an adult that doesn’t have expensive student loans.

Not to mention, many Americans also have car loans, house loans, and credit card bills. Your debt can leave you feeling like a boxer being hit over and over.

However, your life doesn’t have to feel like a punching bag. You too, like many others, can get rid of debt completely and learn to live a debt free life. It may take some sacrifices, but it is possible.

The most important aspect of paying off debt is to make a plan and never give up.

There are simple solutions to your debt story and by taking some easy steps you can learn to move forward.

Learn how to get rid of debt completely with these seven steps. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and instead live debt-free. #debtfree #moneytips #debt #personalfinance #credit
7 Steps to Completely Get Rid of Debt

What this post will cover:

  • how to get rid of debt completely
  • how to side hustle
  • ideas to help you take steps to become debt free

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