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How to Save $1000 in Three Months with Printable

How to Save $1000 in Three Months with Free Printable Savings Plan Checklist

Do you need to save money? How about learning how to save $1000 in three months? If you follow this savings plan you will reach your savings goal of saving $1000.

Save $1000 in three months with free printable

Why do you need $1000?



What is Financial Discipline?

Financial discipline 

Do you have financial discipline?

Financial discipline: Do you need more discipline in your life? Financial discipline is important to creating a diy budget and sticking to it. Financial success is in your reach. #personalfinance #moneytips #savemoney
How to gain financial discipline

You may be asking, “What is financial discipline?” Regardless of whether you have heard this term before, this post will help you understand what it takes to be disciplined with money and help you on your path to a debt-free life.

I like to consider myself somewhat disciplined. Mostly with goals -but not so much with cleaning. haha


How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points

Do you need to raise your credit score by 200 points?

How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points. Are you struggling financially? Do you need to repair your credit score? This post will help you learn how to raise your credit score and get your personal finances in order. #personalfinances #creditrepair #finances #budgets
How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points

Do you have a low credit score? In fact, you may not even know your credit score number, but chances are if you haven’t been paying your bills on time your credit has been affected.

Your credit score is important, yet many ignore this number and don’t check their credit score or take advantage of their annual free credit report. Like most things in life, it is best to be knowledgable about your credit history and use this information to help raise your credit score if needed.

Therefore, it is essential to find out your credit score and improve your number. You can raise your credit score by 200 points with some simple tips and a little time.

Free Credit Repair Consultation


The One Thing I Will Spend Money on That May Surprise You

What do you spend money on?

The One Thing I Will Spend Money On - Do you spend too much money? Spending money can be a good thing if you know what to spend money on. Find out what this frugal living blogger spends money on. #savemoney #budget #personalfinance
The One Thing I Will Spend Money On

If you follow me you know I LOVE to save money! However, there are some things that are worth spending money on and I don’t mind spending money on things that are important to me and my family.

Sure we all love our stuff, but buying a bunch of knick-knacks that take up space in my home and life doesn’t appeal to me much. I like owning things I will actually use, but owning a bunch of stuff just to own it, causes clutter and confusion.

And if you are wondering what I will spend money on, if you guessed experiences, you are right!

So when my husband and I budget our money we always plan for a few vacations per year. There are also a few other things we must have in our lives I will discuss in the post.

Keep in mind, this is our “fun money.” We continue to pay down our mortgage, save for retirement/emergency fund, save for our children’s college fund, invest our money, and we have paid off our cars. So we are using Warren Buffet’s advice and spending our money only after we have saved.

Then with what is left over, we budget travel into our yearly goals and we love showing our kids the world.

In fact, we rarely go on a trip without our littles. We want them to experience life with us and we both know life is short and you have to live.

Yes, it is important to pay down debt and learn to budget, but after that is taken care of, it is time to start enjoying life.


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What is Frugal Living and is it for You?


What is Frugal Living and is it for YOU?

What is frugal living? Are you thinking about saving money this year? Learn what frugal living is and is it for you? Frugal does not mean cheap. Learn how to save more. #savemoney #personalfinances #budget
What is frugal living?

Are you looking to save money? It is true, many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and this makes it difficult to save.

According to deb.org consumer debt was approaching $14-trillion after the second quarter of 2019.

However, if you are in debt or trying to save, you can change your personal financial situation by living frugally.
Unfortunately, many have a negative association with the word frugal. Often people think of frugal as being cheap and confining. Yet, being frugal can literally change your life.
If you are able to cut back – on some things – you can build wealth and as time passes you will live your dream life. This all can be possible by learning to cut back now. By living below your means, you can build savings and have a cushion so one emergency doesn’t send you over the edge.
Did you know one of the qualities of millionaires is being frugal? After Thomas J Stanley, Ph.D. and Sarah Stanley Fallow, Ph.D. interviewed over 600 millionaires for the book “The Millionaire Next Door“, she learned that one of the traits of many millionaires is frugality. In fact, many would not be recognized as millionaires in everyday life.
Yes, if you can cut back on spending now, you will set yourself up for a better future and perhaps become one of these said millionaires.
Although you may be in the habit of spending freely without concern if you are in debt and do not have the money to support this way of living then frugal living is definitely something you want to consider.


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