Should you do your own taxes?

5 Questions to ask before doing your own taxes
Thinking of doing your own taxes? Ask yourself these five questions first.

Are you thinking about doing your own taxes this year to save money? There are some things you should think about first to make sure this is the best option for you!

Let me start this post by saying, I am not a CPA nor do I study or work on taxes for a living, but if you are thinking of doing your own taxes this year, I can give you a heads up about what you should consider.

I have done my own taxes most of my adult life, with the help of my husband since I have been married (for seven years); however, one year I did succumb to tax commercials and was very disappointed with the result.

The commercials entice me by telling me they could get more money; however, if your taxes are pretty straightforward – like mine were that year – you will get the same amount back, no matter who does your taxes. From personal experience, I was disappointed when I went in because I noticed they were using turbo tax or a similar tax software program, that I could have done on my own for WAY less money.

Here at I Heart Frugal, I am all about saving you money. So if you can save this year by doing your own taxes, why not try.