Super Bowl Party Appetizers

Although Winter often brings cabin fever here in Michigan, there are a few things I still look forward to! For one, we can go sledding when the windchill dies down. We also like to make use of the indoor play areas…But perhaps one of the most fun Winter activities we look forward to is watching the Super Bowl! My family loves making Super Bowl party appetizers in lieu of pizza every year!

Let me preface this by saying, I am not a huge football fan. I used to watch our team, the Detroit Lions for many years; however, after having my two boys, my t.v. time has dwindled downhill just like the Lion’s record – Ouch! I still love ya’ Lions.

Yet, I still love the hype of watching the Super Bowl. I’m not sure what it is…The funny commercials everyone will be talking about the next day, watching the tears of the winning team, the amazing halftime show (hopefully family friendly this year, Justin!), or my favorite part of any party, the food! We love having Super Bowl party appetizers.

We usually have our own Super Bowl party and make it fun by bringing out a different Super Bowl party appetizer every quarter, saving super bowl dessert for the fourth! Food is a huge part of any celebration and this year’s party will not disappoint with the recipes listed below. So whether you are hosting guests or enjoying the Super Bowl with your family, try some of these Super Bowl Foods and make it fun without breaking the bank. You have your choice of Super Bowl Dips or Super Bowl desserts. The biggest penalty will be deciding which one of these yummy appetizers to make.