10 Habits of Women Who Always Have Money


Are you ready for tips on how to always have money as a women? If so, check out this post and find habits to always have money and get your finances in order. #moneytips

Are you ready to get your finances in order and become a woman that always has money? Having your own money and being able to rock your finances is such a great feeling.

Yes, ladies, you can be your own personal money manager and there is no need to rely on anyone else!

According to CNN in the 1960s women could not open a bank account or a line of credit without a man to co-sign for them and if a woman wasn’t married the bank could refuse her (source CNN.com). This is a sad scenario and of course, would not happen today. But this just shows you how far we have come.

In today’s world, we can handle our own money as women. We are totally capable of being the go-getter, investor, homeowner and if you are single, YES – you can do it on your own and if you are married, of course, you can have an equal say. You’ve got this!

If you are married it is always beneficial to include both people in the money decisions and you can add SO much value to the budget and use of extra money in your house.

In fact, I know many households where the woman IS the money manager and handles the finances, budget, and bills.

If you are single, you can handle this “money thing” on your own and be ready to pay off debt and plan for financial freedom.

Women can do it all and taking control of your finances should be a top priority. Use these money tips to  help you become a woman that always has money.