Learn how to budget and take control of your finances and budget better.

15 Good Money Habits to Adopt Today


I’ve recently been researching some of the best money habits to help my readers and you will love what I have found. Of course, these good money habits to adopt will help you plan your finances and pay down debt if you can learn to change bad money habits.

You see, managing money isn’t easy, for most, but with some simple tweaks to your habits, you can simply retrain your brain to handle money well and become a money magnet.


Financial Tips and Update

Financial Update and Financial Tips

Financial Tips and Update


Once in a while, I like to update my readers on how I am doing.

I like to set goals for myself, including financial goals, and check in to make sure I am making progress.


7 Steps to Retire Rich and Early


7 Steps to Retire rich and early

7 Steps to Retire Rich and Early

How can I retire early?

If you live frugally and invest your extra savings, it is possible to retire early. You can calculate how much you will make off of your investments, with the average interest rate and use the benefit of compound interest to set yourself up for early retirement. 



6 Habits of Debt-Free People

Habits of Debt-Free People

Learn the habits of debt-free people so you can get out of debt and learn to stay out of debt.

Habits of debt-free people

“To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” Tony Dorsett

What is the most reliable way to pay off debt?

If you want to pay off the debt, the most reliable way to begin paying down debt is to live WAY below your means. You can use your extra money to put toward your debt.


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