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Blogging Journey

How many times have your heard someone say, there are already millions of people doing something, so you shouldn’t bother?  Blogging could fall into that category. Yet, I decided to start a blog anyway.

There is definitely a learning curve in blogging. Nonetheless, in my journey, I have grown by leaps and bounds. Yet, I have so much farther to go.

Even before I started blogging, I did my research but still didn’t realize what blogging would entail until I actually got my feet wet. I spent countless evenings reading on Pinterest while putting my sons to bed. I read about how other moms started blogs and managed.  It was interesting to learn about the mistakes and marvels of the fearless mom-bloggers before me. There are numerous inspirations and some day I hope to be one of them!

One blog that inspired me to get off the couch and start writing is Kristen’s Believe In a Budget. Seriously, a big shout out to Kristen! Moreover, this blog features tutorials on how to blog and gives you fundamental information on starting. She is also an expert on Pinterest, which is awesome if you want people to read your blog. She even emailed me back a few times when I needed help.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase, I will receive a commission at no cost to you.

After reading about so many others, I finally decided I needed to put the wheels into motion, muster up my courage and start typing.  I’ve blogged for almost three months now using Bluehost (which is really great, affordable hosting if you are thinking about starting a blog).

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Furthermore,I am realizing that I really love blogging! Writing is a great form of expression and a well thought out process. Additionally, It feels like am helping others and this gives this stay-at-home turned work-at-home mom a sense of purpose!

It can be hard to find time to write, while taking care of two little ones. Nap time and after the kid’s bed-times are the best slots in my daily schedule.  I am also continuing to read and learn about ways to improve my blog. The local library offers a great choice of blogging books. A few that have helped me are ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure IncomeBlogging For Dummies, and/or  The Digital Mom Handbook: How to Blog, Vlog, Tweet, and Facebook Your Way to a Dream Career at Home. (A book I am reading now written by other mommy bloggers.)

All things considered, I continue to love writing and I hope I am helping you, my readers!  In this great blogging journey, from time to time, I will recap my most popular post. So thank you for following along with me. I have listed below my top viewed blog posts of all time! (I mean within the last three months! LoL)

Check them out and leave me a comment!

Most Viewed Posts at Iheartfrugal!

  1. Epic Goal setting and Productivity 2017 – This is bar far, my most popular post and is gaining more popularity on Pinterest as we speak! This post will help you learn how to set goals and follow through. There are three examples including goal setting for weight loss, paying off debt and decluttering your house. Check it out!
  2. Budget Friendly Meal Planning – My second most viewed post is a two-week meal planning guide.  Meal planning is awesome because it saves you time and money! Be on the look out for an extra meal planning post next week which will include some fresh budget-friendly meal planning ideas and recipes.
  3. Yummy and Cheap Pulled Pork Slow Cooker Recipe –  This is my version of slow cooker pulled pork.  I simplified the recipe so that anyone can make it and it tastes great! Let me know if you try it and leave me a comment.
  4. 10 Awesome Ways to Reuse Christmas Cards – Why waste Christmas cards or any cards for that matter! This post offers ideas on what to do with all your tiny bursts of Christmas joy, instead of throwing them in the trash can.
  5. Budgets 2017 – New Year, New Budget – Last, but not least in my top five round-up…Need a fresh outlook on your budget?  This post is for you. Here you will find a simple budget plan and learn how to pay off debt and accumulate an emergency fund this year. Check it out!


If you missed any of these post, just click the link to read them.  I’m hoping 2017 is treating you well and wishing you all happiness and health. Thank you for following me on this frugal personal finance and blogging journey.  There will be many more post to follow! Take care! – Sarah

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Again, if you are interested in starting a blog, I highly recommend Bluehost with a WordPress blog. They make it so easy and affordable! Click below to check it out and leave me a comment with any questions. I would love to help!

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20 Comments on Best Post Recap – Three Months Blogging

  1. These are some good resources. Thanks for sharing. I’m still learning a lot about blogging, too. The biggest thing for me is that I never realized it would be quite so time-consuming.

    • You are so welcome! I know, it can be time consuming! I’m learning I can only add a few things to my daily “To Do” list and it takes time to figure everything out. Thanks for visiting! – Sarah

  2. Good for you on taking the leap. Yes, there are many people doing it, but there is a big market for it too:) Blogging is a great outlet for me too. I also started very recently(this summer) and I now have my first sponsored stay coming up and my first paid photography assignment! Ps. I love your budget posts.

  3. great round up! congrats on blogging and starting your journey. I started almost 2 years ago and never looked back!

  4. Yea I don’t really pay for anything with blogging. Don’t really work or have the funds for that, but I look up free tutorials and I use blogspot which has been really nice.

  5. Agree there are millions of bloggers out there. Everyone has something different to say and it all comes from different living experiences. Keep blogging away.

    • Thank you Candy… well said. There is room out there for all of us. Blogging has opened up my eyes to many wonderful blogs I may have never read otherwise. Thanks for the visit! Take care – Sarah

    • Thank you for the comment Teresa (my sister’s name :)…It can be tough at times but I love them both! Thanks for the visit. Take care. Sarah

  6. Sarah, just came over from Janice’s Meet and Greet. I’m glad you took the plunge! Looking forward to exploring your blog further. When I started blogging 7 years ago, I had hardly even read any blogs. Knew if I thought about it too much or prepared too long, I’d never do it; so I just jumped in. My November 3 post is about blogging: Grow Your Blog Traffic – Why I Don’t Worry About It (Much). Mostly I post my original comfort food recipes, lots of cooking tips, and occasionally tea, wine and travel. Wishing you all the best.

    • Thank you Jean! Your recipes sound great! I will check them out. Good job for taking the plunge as well. Thanks for the visit! – Sarah

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