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11 Insanely Cute Frugal Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts - paint - paint brushes
11 Insanely Cute Easter Crafts for Kids

Hey All! Easter is right around the corner and we LOVE holidays in our house! My boys are little artists and they will take part in any craft I put out, let alone Easter Crafts for kids.

I find the biggest issue with crafting is you can literally spend a small fortune making all the things you see on Pinterest or the craft stores! People are SO creative and it is SO hard to resist if you are into crafting!

My goal at I Heart Frugal is always to save you money and since crafting is expensive, I’ve come up with a list of Insanely Cute Easter Crafts from my fellow blogging friends that I promise you, will not break the bank!

If you are into Easter decorations, painting, and coloring eggs, this list has something for you! Be sure to check out all the crafts listed and scroll to the bottom to find the ultimate list of Easter crafts for kids!

Start Easter anticipation a week or two before and let your kids decorate your house with these super cute projects. Sure they will be asking you all week, “When is the Easter bunny coming?” but at least they will have something else to keep them preoccupied! Give these frugal crafts for kids a try!


5 Questions to Ask Before You Do Your Own Taxes

Should you do your own taxes?

5 Questions to ask before doing your own taxes
Thinking of doing your own taxes? Ask yourself these five questions first.

Are you thinking about doing your own taxes this year to save money? There are some things you should think about first to make sure this is the best option for you!

Let me start this post by saying, I am not a CPA nor do I study or work on taxes for a living, but if you are thinking of doing your own taxes this year, I can give you a heads up about what you should consider.

I have done my own taxes most of my adult life, with the help of my husband since I have been married (for seven years); however, one year I did succumb to tax commercials and was very disappointed with the result.

The commercials entice me by telling me they could get more money; however, if your taxes are pretty straightforward – like mine were that year – you will get the same amount back, no matter who does your taxes. From personal experience, I was disappointed when I went in because I noticed they were using turbo tax or a similar tax software program, that I could have done on my own for WAY less money.

Here at I Heart Frugal, I am all about saving you money. So if you can save this year by doing your own taxes, why not try.


7 Easy Ways to Make Money

7 Easy Ways to Make Money
7 Easy Ways to Make Money


Are you in need of a little extra money? We could all use some extra spending cash to buy a little something for ourselves or help pay the bills.

Many people are looking for easy ways to make money, but do not realize it is difficult to become rich off of jobs on the Internet.

Yet, if you are looking for some simple ways to earn a little extra money here and there, then I have some ideas for you.

The best part is, most of these tips are easy to use and pay you for things you already do.

If you are looking for a fulltime job, this is not the post for you. In fact, I have another post that lists 75 side hustles that will be worth your time if you need MORE money so skip over and check it out. Otherwise, here are my favorite seven ways easy ways to earn money and put cash back in my pocket every month.



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